Steamed Multiple Preserved Hams 腊味合蒸


Chinese Name: 腊味合蒸

English Name: Steamed Multiple Preserved Hams; Steamed with cured meat; Cured Meat Steamed

Category: Hunan cuisine湘菜

Main Ingredients: Bacon

Steamed Multiple Preserved Hams 腊味合蒸
Steamed Multiple Preserved Hams

Steamed Multiple Preserved Hams腊味合蒸 is a local traditional famous dish in Hunan, belonging to Hunan cuisine湘菜. This dish is made of cured pork, cured chicken, cured fish, chicken soup, and spices, and steamed in a pot.

Steamed Multiple Preserved Hams 腊味合蒸

It is simple to steam-cured meat together, but it is fragrant, salty, sweet, palatable, flexible, and not greasy. On September 10, 2018, “Chinese Cuisine中国菜” was officially released, and “Steamed with Preserved Meat” was rated as one of the top ten classic dishes in Hunan.

This dish comes from Hunan, which has a low terrain and a warm and humid climate. Therefore, fresh meat should not be stored, but cured meat after smoking can be preserved and stored. Gradually, people also developed a habit of eating bacon.

Steamed Multiple Preserved Hams 腊味合蒸
Delicious bacon

There is a story about this dish that spreads among the people. Long ago, Liu Qi刘七, who ran a restaurant, went into exile in other villages after bankruptcy. One day, he came to a county town to beg for food. As the New Year was coming, everyone gave him some alms, such as cured fish and bacon. Liu Qi mixed the cured fish and meat he had asked for in a steaming bowl and made a fire under the eaves of a rich man’s house.

The rich man was drinking with his guest when suddenly a fragrance overflowed the living room. The guest sniffed and said, “Brother, do you have anything good to eat? Bring it out quickly.” The rich man asked his servant to bring the dishes quickly. The servant was surprised that Mingming had brought all the dishes to the table.

Steamed Multiple Preserved Hams 腊味合蒸
Steamed Cured Meat

Then the servant went to the door and found a beggar in the corner taking a steaming bowl from the fire to eat. The smell came from here. So the servant replaced the food with twice the rice, and everyone thought it tasted good. This guest is the boss of a restaurant, so he wants Liu Qi to improve his business. The rich man asked his servant to tell Liu Qi, and Liu Qi agreed.

Liu Qi entered the Grand Restaurant, and after carefully improving his dish, he named it “Cured Meat Steamed”. This dish is really good in color, aroma, taste, and shape, attracting a large number of customers, and the business of the restaurant is very prosperous.

Steamed Multiple Preserved Hams 腊味合蒸
Sliced bacon

In fact, as early as the Han Dynasty汉代, Hunan ancestors used bacon to make delicacies. By the Qing Dynasty清朝, this kind of dish had become very famous. “Steamed with preserved ham” was one of many preserved ham dishes.

Steamed cured meat is rich in nutrition. It contains more phosphorus, potassium, sodium, fat, protein, carbohydrate, and other elements. It has the effects of appetizing, dispelling cold, and digesting food.

Steamed Multiple Preserved Hams 腊味合蒸
Cured Meat Steamed in Pumpkin Container

Due to the special production method of bacon, the salt content of bacon is high. The sodium content of 100g of bacon is nearly 800mg. Eating a lot of bacon for a long time will virtually cause excessive salt intake, which may aggravate or cause blood pressure to increase or fluctuate. Therefore, you should not eat too much.

How to make Steamed Multiple Preserved Hams?


  • 100g bacon
  • 100g cured chicken
  • 100g cured fish
  • Chop some pepper
  • A moderate amount of cooking wine
  • Moderate ginger
  • Moderate onion
  • Moderate edible oil
Steamed Multiple Preserved Hams 腊味合蒸
Attractive Steamed Cured Meat


  • Step 1, Rinse the bacon and blanch it. Slice and set aside. Wash the cured fish with warm water, cut thick slices, and put them on the plate.
  • Step 2, Chop the ginger. Place the bacon neatly on the fish fillet.
  • Step 3, Put a proper amount of chopped pepper in the bowl, add ginger, cooking wine, chicken powder made of cured chicken and cooking oil, and mix well.
  • Step 4, Pour the chopped pepper on the bacon and steam it for 15 minutes in a boiling water pot. After steaming, take out the vegetables and sprinkle with scallions.


  • The cured fish tastes salty, so it is not advisable to add salt for seasoning when making steamed cured meat, so as to prevent the finished dishes from being too salty and bitter.
  • Before steaming the cured meat, remove the bones of the cured fish to avoid the fish bones getting stuck in the throat when eating.
  • The thinner preserved pork with streaks should be selected to avoid the greasy and hard to eat dishes.

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