Shu Yu Ci 漱玉词

Graceful style and the best works commensurate with the talent of the poetess


Chinese Name: 漱玉词

English Name: Shu Yu Ci

Author: Li Qingzhao 李清照

Originally Published: AD 1084—1155 (Southern song 南宋)

Genre: Literature, Poem

Shu Yu Ci 漱玉词
Shu Yu Ci 漱玉词

Brief Introduction of Shu Yu Ci

Shu Yu Ci 漱玉词 is a collection of Ci 词 written by Li Qingzhao, a graceful poetess of the Southern Song. It is called Shu Yu Ci because there is a Shu Yu Spring in Li Qingzhao’s former residence. Shuyu Spring 漱玉泉 is one of the seventy-two springs in Jinan 济南. It is based on the poetess’life experience and the style is graceful, clear and smooth, flexible and natural, and also the best works commensurate with the talent of the poetess. The book includes the Ci written by Li Qingzhao and the appendix “Jin Shi Lu” 金石录.

According to the author’s life experience, Shu Yu Ci can be divided into the early stage and the late stage. Most of the poems in the early stage describe the author’s life in the boudoir when she was a girl or a young woman, such as “Ru Meng Ling” 如梦令, “Zui Hua Yin” 醉花阴 and other famous works. From the early works, we can get a glimpse of the author’s lively and interesting boudoir life.

Shu Yu Ci 漱玉词
Li Qingzhao strayed into a lotus pond and startled a flock of gull herons 李清照误入荷塘,惊起一群鸥鹭

The later works mainly describe the weakness of the Southern Song court after the Bian Jing 汴京 was conquered by the Jin 金, the poet’s resentment towards the court, and the sadness and sadness of being alone in her old age after suffering setbacks in her emotional life. The main representative works of this period include “Yu Jia Ao”渔家傲 and “Sheng Sheng Man”声声慢.

Shu Yu Ci 漱玉词
Appreciate the famous Ci of Shu Yu Ci 漱玉词(名篇如梦令欣赏) ——Ru Meng Ling 欣赏漱玉词的名篇——《如梦令》

Shu Yu Ci not only shows the outstanding talent of Li Qingzhao, the first female poetess in Ancient China, but also has important reference significance for the study of the history of the Song Dynasty 宋朝.

Shu Yu Ci 漱玉词
Li Qingzhao looked out of the window of the Wu Tong and Ba Jiao drink to relieve sorrow李清照望着窗外的梧桐和芭蕉喝酒消愁

Author of Shu Yu Ci

Li Qingzhao (1084-1155), also known as Yi ‘an Jusi 易安居士, was a poetess of the Song Dynasty 宋朝 and an outstanding representative of the Wan Yue Pai 婉约派. She was born in Zhang Qiu 章丘, Shan Dong Province 山东省. She was known as the first female poetess in Chinese history.

Her father Li Gefei 李格非 had a rich collection of books. Li Qingzhao had laid a solid literary foundation in the family environment full of literary atmosphere since childhood, and her life in the prosperous Bian Jing also inspired her passion for creation. he wrote “Ru Meng Ling” when she was young and became famous.

Shu Yu Ci 漱玉词
Li Qingzhao 李清照

Li Qingzhao not only had amazing talent, but also has a cool personality. She married Zhao Mingcheng 赵明诚 at the age of 18. The boudoir interest of the couple, who fought poems and bet books at ordinary times, was passed down as a story. They also worked together to collect and arrange calligraphy and painting epigraph. After the Jin troops captured Bian Jing, Li Qingzhao and her husband fled to the South and lived a hard life.

Later, there happened the “Jingkang incident” 靖康之变, and all the books she took were destroyed. Her husband died of illness on his way to Hu Zhou 湖州. In the first half of her life, Li Qingzhao lived a prosperous life. But in the second half of her life, she suffered from drifting and breaking up her country. In 1155, she died in loneliness with endless yearning for her dead relatives and infinite disappointment that she could not return to her native land.

Excerpts From Shu Yu Ci


I am afraid that a boat as small as a grasshopper could not carry my heavy sorrow!


Who said this scene is not sad, bursts of autumn wind rolled up the curtain, boudoir than the chrysanthemum even thin.

兴尽晚回舟,误入藕花深处,争渡, 争渡,惊起一滩鸥鹭。

Outside play enough, when it was dark back boating, not careful row into the lotus pond depths.
Row, row, startled beach water birds, all fly up.

Evaluation of The Shu Yu Poem Sets

Li Qingzhao was great. She destroyed the former grammar, the grammar of classical poetry into colloquial grammar form. She used banana to express the implicit feelings of women.

Jiang Xun 蒋勋

Li Qingzhao was a literary woman of the Song Dynasty. Her literary fame began in her youth, and her Ci were even more popular. She is the best at the vernacular.

Hu Shih 胡适

Song people fill in words. Li Qingzhao is also known as the crown.

Yang Shen 杨慎

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