Shijiazhuang 石家庄


Chinese Name: 石家庄

English Name: Shijiazhuang;Shihkiachwang;Shimen

Other Name: Shimen 石门

Abbreviation: 石 Shi

Zip Code: 13 01 00

Population: 11.205 million

Shijiazhuang 石家庄
Shijiazhuang 石家庄

Brief Introduction

Shijiazhuang 石家庄 is a prefecture-level city and provincial capital of Hebei Province 河北省. It is one of the critical central cities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region of China approved by The State Council.

Shijiazhuang is located in north China, central and southern Hebei Province, and Bohai Bay Economic Zone 环渤海湾经济区. It is the political, economic, scientific and technological, financial, cultural, and information center of Hebei Province, and the headquarters of army organs of the Central Theater Command. It is a city-approved by The State Council to implement a coastal opening-up policy and financial opening-up. It is also an important commodity distribution center in China, an important commercial port in north China, one of the national trade and exhibition center cities, and the permanent venue of the China International Digital Economy Expo中国国际数字经济博览会, and a part of China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

By 2020, the city has 8 districts, 11 counties, and 3 county-level cities under its jurisdiction, with a total administrative area of 13,504 square kilometers, and a built-up area of 338.16 square kilometers. By the end of 2021, Shijiazhuang’s permanent resident population was 11.205 million.

Famous Attractions in Shijiazhuang

Shijiazhuang is rich in tourism resources, with many scenic spots and historic sites, including 18 state-level critical cultural relics protection units, 98 provincial-level cultural relics protection units, 9 state-level 4A scenic spots, 5 state-level 3A scenic spots, and 4 state-level 2A scenic spots. Shijiazhuang was rated as “China’s Excellent Tourist City” in 1999.

Shijiazhuang 石家庄

List of tourist attractions in Shijiazhuang

  • Xibaipo西柏坡
  • The ancient city of positive definite正定古城
  • Zhaozhou Bridge赵州桥
  • Many dissenting Confucian trail秦皇古道
  • Yue village五岳寨
  • Ailian rock嶂石岩
  • Camel beam驼梁
  • White Deer Hot Spring白鹿温泉
  • Tian Gui Mountain 天桂山
  • The Berlin temple 柏林禅寺
  • Cang rock 苍岩山
  • Pilu temple 毗卢寺
  • Bao du village 抱犊寨
  • Seal Longshan 封龙山
  • Zhao Yun temple 赵云庙
  • Longxing Temple 隆兴寺
  • TianShanHai world 天山海世界

Famous Universities in Shijiazhuang

By the end of 2021, Shijiazhuang have 48 colleges and universities (including 43 regular colleges and 5 adult colleges and universities), enrolls 261,800 people, enrolls 771,100 students, and graduates 217,000 people. The enrollment of graduate students is 39,400, with 24,900 students and 60,100 graduates. Undergraduate and junior colleges recruit 190,000 students, 609,300 students, and 148,000 graduates.

Shijiazhuang 石家庄
Hebei Medical University 河北医科大学

List of universities and colleges in Shijiazhuang

  • The Chinese people’s liberation army (PLA) national defense university, institute of joint operations 中国人民解放军国防大学联合作战学院
  • PLA Army Engineering University 中国人民解放军陆军工程大学
  • PLA Army Infantry College 中国人民解放军陆军步兵学院
  • Shijiazhuang Flight College of PLA Air Force 中国人民解放军空军石家庄飞行学院
  • Hebei Normal University 河北师范大学
  • Shijiazhuang Tiedao University 石家庄铁道大学
  • Hebei Medical University 河北医科大学
  • Hebei University of Science and Technology 河北科技大学
  • Hebei University of Economics and Business 河北经贸大学
  • Hebei GEO University 河北地质大学
  • Hebei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 河北中医学院
  • Hebei Institute of Physical Education 河北体育学院
  • Shijiazhuang University 石家庄学院
  • The Hebei University of Media 河北传媒学院
  • Hebei Academy of Fine Arts 河北美术学院
  • Hebei Institute of Engineering and Technology 河北工程技术学院
  • Hebei Foreign Languages University 河北外国语学院

Diet of Shijiazhuang

Shijiazhuang’s food culture is vibrant, belonging to the home-cooked dishes in central and Southern Hebei 冀中南家常菜; Hebei cuisine 冀菜 is an important part of Chinese cuisine. Hebei cuisine is divided into three categories: home-cooked dishes in central and Southern Hebei, coastal dishes in Eastern Hebei冀东沿海菜, and palace dishes outside the great wall of Chengde 承德塞外宫廷菜.

It is mainly characterized by heavy color and heavy soup. It pays attention to bright oil and thickens, flourishing oil, and exploding juice. It is simple and delicious and has a strong home flavor. Hebei cuisine knife is exquisite at flower knives, especially the swing knife method 甩刀法, machete method 砍刀法, and continuous method 连片法 of cutting shredded meat, which is very unique and can be called three wonders.

Shijiazhuang 石家庄
Zhaozhou snow pear 赵州雪花梨

List of Specialty dishes in Shijiazhuang

  • The bull’s head feast 正定牛头宴
  • Zhaozhou snow pear 赵州雪花梨
  • Zhao Fu crisp fish 赵府酥鱼
  • Zhang Guolao donkey meat 张果老驴肉
  • Jinfeng reasonable 金凤扒鸡
  • Chaff city palace 藁城宫面
  • Zanhuang golden jujube 赞皇金丝大枣
  • Hele noodles 无极饸饹
  • Yin cun donkey meat 因村驴肉
  • Xitang jujube 行唐大枣

Transportation in Shijiazhuang

Aviation: There is one airport in Shijiazhuang. Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport is located in Xinchengpu Town, Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. It is a national 4E trunk airport with a fire rating of 8. It is also the main diversion and alternate airport of Beijing Capital International Airport.

Railway: Shijiazhuang railway station is one of the top-grade stations in China. It mainly undertakes the tasks of passenger transportation, goods arrival, departure and transit, train compilation, and operation organization of the three trunk lines of Beijing Guangzhou 京广线, Shide 石德线, and Shijiazhuang Taiyuan石太线.

Subway: Shijiazhuang Metro is an urban rail transit serving Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China. It is the first city in Hebei Province and the third city in North China with a Metro. It is also the first city in China to initially open two lines. Shijiazhuang Metro has three operating lines, including phase I and II of line 1, phase I and II of line 2, and phase I, and phase II of line 3, with a mileage of 78.2km and a total of 60 stations.

Shijiazhuang – An aerial photography

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