Shennongjia Scenic Area 神农架风景区


Chinese Name: 神农架风景区

English Name: Shennongjia Scenic Area

Location: Hubei Province

Type: Natural landscape

Rating Level: AAAAA (5A)

Shennongjia Scenic Area 神农架风景区
Shennongjia Scenic Area -神农架风景区

Brief Introduction

Shennongjia Scenic Area 神农架风景区is a tall mountain in the western part of Hubei Province with towering peaks. It spans between the Yangtze River长河 and the Han River汉水, with a radius of 3,250 square kilometers. The peaks of the scenic spot are all above 3010 meters above sea level, which can be called the “Roof of Central China华中屋脊”. It is a forest eco-tourism area with the theme of green sub-alpine natural scenery, diverse animal and plant species, and the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

Shennongjia Scenic Area 神农架风景区
Ancestor Xia Hua-祖始夏华

Its mountains and ravines群山万壑, peaks and peaks are green峰峦迭翠; canyons are carved in the sky峡谷天雕, strange caves are formed奇洞天成; dangerous cliffs and waterfalls fly险崖瀑飞, Jinshi streams锦石溪流; deep mountains and old forests深山老林, clouds and mists云流雾绕, alpine plains高山平原, blue sea and long sky碧海长天, constitute a landscape painting scroll, one after another. A poetry gallery. With its strong charm, it has attracted countless Chinese and foreign tourists and has become a unique tourist attraction.

Shennongjia Scenic Area 神农架风景区
Shennongjia Scenic Area -神农架风景区.

Shennongjia Scenic Area is a world geological park, a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction, a national geological park国家地质公园, a national forest park国家森林公园, a national wetland park国家湿地公园, a national nature reserve, and one of the top ten most beautiful forest parks in China中国最美十大森林公园. It was selected by the World Biosphere Conservation Network.

On July 17, 2016, at the 40th World Heritage Conference held in Istanbul, Turkey, Shennongjia, Hubei, China was included in the World Heritage List世界遗产名录, bringing the number of China’s World Heritage projects to 50.

What is worth to visit and see?

Main Attractions

The main scenic spots in Shennongjia include Shennongding神农顶, Scenic Ya, slate板壁岩, watchtower, Xiaolongtan, Dalongtan, Jinhouling, etc. They are famous for their primitiveness and mystery. charming. The unique natural environment and human history have created extremely rich and precious natural and human landscapes, and also nurtured a pleasant and beautiful tourism environment, known as “Shen Nong Tian Yuan”.

Shennongding has an area of ​​about 2 square kilometers and an altitude of 3106.2 meters. It is a “pyramid”-shaped peak, where firs, alpine rhododendrons, arrow bamboos, etc. grow; golden monkeys, white bears, and Sumen antelopes appear. The average annual temperature is 7.9 degrees, and the extremely high temperature in August is 20 degrees. It is 113 kilometers away from Songbai Town and 28 kilometers away from Muyu Town.

Shennongjia Scenic Area 神农架风景区

The slate is five kilometers away from the watchtower了望塔 in the west, with an altitude of 2160 meters. It is famous because it is known as the “Stone Forest石林” and “The Haunting of Savages野人的出没地”.

The arrow bamboo forests up and down the slate are all over the mountains and fields, which are natural barriers. It is said that there are often Shennongjia savages神农架野人 in this area, and traces of savages are often found in the arrow bamboo forests, such as hair, feces and bamboo nests. The footprint is 24.5 cm long and walks 2.68 meters. After research, the cellular structure of this hair is better than that of higher primates灵长类动物.

Shennongjia Scenic Area 神农架风景区

Geomorphic landscape

There are mainly Hongshigou红石沟, Changyanwu长岩屋, Honghuaying红花营, Shennongding, Shennong Valley, Yinyuhe Grand Canyon, Shennongjia Group Shicaohe Formation Geological Wonders, Dazhaiwan Grand Canyon, Swiftlet Cave金丝燕洞 and other landscapes.

Shennongjia Scenic Area 神农架风景区

Hydrological landscape

Shennongjia Scenic Area is a huge reservoir with tall mountains and dense vegetation. The mountain streams are densely covered with various valleys, and the deep pools, rapids and waterfalls show a different water landscape. There are mainly Pinggu Reservoir坪堑水库, Maxianping Reservoir麻线坪水库, Dalongtan大龙潭, Shicao River石槽河, Jiuchong River九冲河, Jinhouling金猴岭, Sanlian Waterfall and other landscapes.

Shennongjia Scenic Area 神农架风景区
Golden Monkey Ridge-金猴岭

Jinhouling is the main activity area of ​​golden monkeys in Shennongding Scenic Spot, and it is also a typical representative of hundreds of thousands of acres of virgin forest in the Shennongjia Scenic Area. Standing in the primeval forest of Jinhouling, watching these big trees tragically live and die tragically, you can hear nature’s struggle and strangulation for the survival of the fittest, and the painful groans due to struggle and strangulation.

It is 3019 meters above sea level and covers an area of ​​5 square kilometers. It grows Bashan pine, Huashan pine, and macaque. The mountains are gentle, the rainfall is abundant, the land is fertile, and the waterfalls are plunging.

Biological Landscape

There are mainly mysterious virgin forests原始森林, alpine meadows, arrow bamboo forests箭竹林, rhododendron forests杜鹃林, vines, ancient and famous trees, precious Chinese medicinal materials, golden monkeys, albino animals and other landscapes.

Shennongjia Scenic Area 神农架风景区
Rhododendron Forests-杜鹃林

Meteorological Landscape

There are mainly clouds, sunrise, Buddha light, winter snow and other landscapes.

Shennongjia Scenic Area 神农架风景区

CGTN Nature:Shennongjia Scenic Area |Episode 1: The Natural Wonder

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