Mount Lao 崂山


Chinese Name: 崂山 , 牢山 , 劳山

English Name: Mount Lao , Lao Mountain , Laoshan

Location: Qingdao , ShandongProvince

Type: Natural and human landscape

Rating Level: AAAAA (5A)

Mount Lao 崂山
Mount Lao-崂山

Brief Introduction

Mount Lao 崂山, located in Laoshan District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province山东省, was once called Laoshan, Laoshan, and Aoshan 鳌山in ancient times. It is the main mountain range of the Shandong Peninsula. The highest peak of Laoshan Mountain is called Jufeng 巨峰, also known as Laoding 崂顶, with an altitude of 1132.7 meters and a peak area of ​​about 1.5 square kilometers. It is the main peak of Laoshan.

Mount Lao is the highest peak on China’s coastline and is known as the “first mountain第一名山” at sea. There is an old saying in the area: “Although Mount Tai 泰山 is high in clouds, it is not as good as Laos in the East China Sea.”

Mount Lao 崂山

Mount Lao is high in the east with cliffs near the sea and gentle in the west with rolling hills. The mountainous area covers an area of ​​446 square kilometers. The mountain range is centered on Laoding and extends in all directions, especially in the northwest and southwest directions, forming four branches: Jufeng, Sanbiao, Shimen and Wushan.

The remainder of Mount Lao runs northward along the east coast to Jimo. In the east of the district, it reaches the Jiaozhou Bay in the west, and the remaining veins in the southwest extend to the urban area of ​​Qingdao, forming more than ten hills and rolling hills in the urban area.

Mount Lao 崂山
Laoshan Scenic Area-崂山风景区

What is worth to visit and see?

Twelve Views of Laoshan Mountain

  1. Jufeng Xuzhao 巨峰旭照

The giant peak is the main peak of Mount Lao, commonly known as “Laoding”. It is located among the peaks in the middle of Mount Lao, with an altitude of 1127.3 meters. “The Sea of ​​Clouds Wonder云海奇观 “, “The Wonder of Asahi Light旭照奇观 ” and “The Wonder of Color Balls彩球奇观” are the three major wonders in the Jufeng scenery. In particular, the “spectacle of Xuzhao”, which is beautiful and magnificent, is listed as the crown of the twelve scenic spots in Laoshan, and is called “Jufeng Xuzhao”.

During the Qianlong reign of the Qing Dynasty, You Shuxiao, the magistrate of Jimo County, praised a poem: “Zhenyi goes straight to the highest peak, like a fusing line. In the looming appearance. Holding the Daizong should be exceptional, the blue sky is close to the sky and the clouds are red.”

Mount Lao 崂山
Laoshan Giant Peak Asahi-崂山巨峰旭照

2. Longtan spray 龙潭喷雨

Longtan Waterfall, also known as Yulong Waterfall玉龙瀑, is located in the middle reaches of Bashui River at the southern foot of Mount Lao. The Bashui River八水河流 falls into the deep pool here. The water is like a jade dragon, spewing mist and rain, and the scenery is spectacular. Among the twelve scenes of Laoshan, it is called “Longtan Spraying Rain”.

Zhou Zhiyuan has a poem to praise: “The sky is splashing with foam 凌空乱溅沫, and it is suspected that it is a jade dragon flying疑是玉龙飞. The rainbow is hanging in white, and the green mountains are surrounded by it. The pearls are thrown and the snow is falling. The tourists are greedy for the appreciation, and the setting sun can’t bear to return.”

Mount Lao 崂山

3. Shiling Hengyun 狮岭横云

Lion Peak is located in the northeast of Taiping Palace太平宫东北. Several boulders are stacked on top of each other. It looks like a ridge from the side and a peak from the vertical. It looks like a lion. It lies in the vast clouds and mist. Under the sunlight, the scenery is very beautiful.

However, the most magnificent scenery of Lion Peak is “Watching the Sun on Lion Peak 狮峰观日”. People watch the sunrise on Lion Peak, and before the dawn fog opens, they can fully appreciate the fun of “Shiling Crossing Clouds”, so it is listed in the Laoshan Twelve scene.

Mount Lao 崂山

Huang Zongchen 黄宗臣, a literati in Jimo in the Ming Dynasty, wrote the poem “Stop Lion Peak《宿狮子峰》”: “There is turbid mash in the bottle on the stone, and the moon is high in the east of the sea. When the night comes to Qiushan Temple, it is half the sound of wind and half of the waves.”

Mountain Building

  1. Hualou Peak 华楼峰

One of the three strange rocks in Mount Lao , it was called Juxiantai in ancient times. It is a square mountain with steep walls and towering and precipitous. Legend has it that the Eight Immortals crossed the sea and passed through Mount Lao , and He Xiangu dressed in Juxiantai, also known as the “dressing building”. According to historical records, Zhang Sanfeng and other famous people have an indissoluble relationship with this peak, so it has become one of the famous mountains on the sea.

Mount Lao 崂山

2. Beijiushui 北九水

The upper reaches of the Baisha River 白沙河is named because the mountains have nine folds and the water has nine curves. With the “Jiu Shui Jieqiao” of Bei Jiu Shui Sanatorium as the boundary, the inner Jiu Shui and the outer Jiu Shui are divided. “Nine Shui Mingyi” is one of the twelve scenic spots in Mount Lao . It originates from the water at the northern foot of the giant peak and flows into the canyon. All the way, the peaks are beautiful, the trees are competing for glory, and the beautiful scenery is endless, so it has the reputation of “Jiushui Gallery九水画廊”.

Mount Lao 崂山

3. Nine Waters and Eighteen Pools 九水十八潭

One of the main tourist areas of Mount Lao , it is about 3 kilometers long and consists of many scenic spots, collectively known as the Nine Waters and Eighteen Pools九水十八潭, and has the reputation of “Nine Waters Gallery”.

The first water has the “Zhirou Pool至柔潭”, the second water has the “Jubei Pool居卑潭”, the “Weifeng Pool未封潭” and the “Wei Shi Pool未始潭”, the third water has the “Wuyu Pool无隅潭” and the “Wuji Pool无极潭”, and the fourth water has the “Self-taken Pool自取潭”, “Juhua Pool俱化潭”, “Zhongxu Pool中虚潭”, the five waters have “Youjian Pool有间潭” and “Deyu Pool得鱼潭”, the six waters have “Kaiyi Pool得意潭”, “Wuji Pool无几潭”, “Bushang Pool不滞潭”, and the Seven Waters There are “Danxia Pool餐霞潭” and “Drinking Dew Pool饮露潭”, “Qingxin Pool清心潭” in Bashui, and “Ear Washing Pool洗耳潭” and “Chaoyin Waterfall潮音瀑” in Jiushui.

There are tourist resorts and sanatoriums in the tourist area. It was once listed as one of the twelve scenic spots of Mount Lao with the reputation of “Nine Waters and Bright Ripples九水明漪”.

Mount Lao 崂山

Mount Lao China, Qingdao

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