Changbai Mountain 长白山


Chinese Name: 长白山,不咸山,太白山

English Name: Mount Changbai, Changbai Mountains, Changbaishan

Location: Antu County, Jilin Province

Type: Natural and human landscape

Rating Level: AAAAA (5A)

Changbai Mountain 长白山
Changbai Mountain-长白山

Brief Introduction

Changbai Mountain Scenic Area 长白山景区 is located in the southeast of Chibi District, Erdaobaihe Town, Antu County, Jilin Province, adjacent to North Korea 朝鲜 in the southeast. Now it is a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction.

Changbai Mountain has been the sacred territory of China since ancient times and is one of the ten famous mountains in China 中华十大名山. Changbai Mountain is called Buxian Mountain 不咸山 in “Shan Hai Jing 山海经 “, Tutai Mountain in Northern Wei Dynasty, Taibai Mountain in Tang Dynasty, and Changbai Mountain in Liao and Jin Dynasties 辽金.

Changbai Mountain 长白山

The main peak, Changbai Mountain, is named after its white pumice and snow. The scenic spot is a famous tourist destination with “sacred mountains 神山, holy waters圣水, strange forests奇林, fairy fruits仙果”, etc. It is also the birthplace of the Manchu people. It was known as a “holy place” in the Qing Dynasty. The emperor must personally appoint ministers to Jilin Wula (now Jilin City) to observe sacrifices. Changbai Mountain.

Changbai Mountain 长白山

Changbai Mountain Scenic Area belongs to the temperate continental mountain climate affected by the monsoon. The general characteristics are long and cold winters, short and cool summers, windy and dry springs, and foggy and cool autumns. The annual average temperature is between -7°C and 3°C. The main features of the climate of the main peak of Changbai Mountain are many clouds and fog, strong wind and low air pressure.

What is worth to visit and see?

Main attraction

  1. Tianchi

Tianchi is located on the top of Changbai Mountain. It is a crater lake and the source of the second Songhua River. The water surface of Tianchi Lake is 2257 meters high, with an area of ​​9.165 square kilometers and a circumference of 14.4 kilometers. The average water depth is 213.43 meters, the deepest point is 384 meters, and the water volume is 1.955 billion cubic meters.

It is the deepest lake in China. Regardless of height, area or depth, it far exceeds Tianchi in Tianshan, Xinjiang. There are no fish and no higher creatures in the water. There is a legend of the “Tianchi Monster” similar to the “Loch Ness Monster”. So it is the highest and largest alpine lake in China, and the birthplace of three major rivers in the northeast—Songhua River 松花江 , Yalu River 鸭绿江 and Tumen River 图们江 .

Changbai Mountain 长白山


Julong Spring is the hot spring with the largest water volume, the widest distribution and the highest water temperature in the hot spring group, and it can be called the first spring in Changbai Mountain. It is located about 900 meters north of Changbai Waterfall, under the rock pile in the north of Luobi Peak.

The distribution area is more than 1,000 square meters, and the Erdaobai River passes through the middle of the hot spring group. On the right side of the river, the springs are relatively concentrated, with dozens of springs, and there are 7 larger springs. Countless heat currents gushed out from the ground, like dragons spraying water, hence the name Julong Spring. There is a “Yi Shen Bath 怡神浴 ” bath in the lower part of Julong Spring.

Changbai Mountain 长白山

3.Black Air Outlet

Climbing along the north slope to Tianchi, at the junction of the Yuehua forest belt and the alpine tundra, the junction of the east end of the Bulao Peak and the viewing platform, a natural gap is formed, which is the famous Heifengkou of Changbai Mountain. At the tuyere, you can have a full view of Changbai Waterfall, where you can see the U-shaped valley. Looking up at the black wind mouth from the bottom of the U-shaped valley, the black wind mouth has become the gate of the castle. There are often flocks of white-waisted swifts on the black tuyere, and the cliff is just the swift’s nest.

Changbai Mountain 长白山

4. Changbai Waterfalls

Changbai Mountain Tianchi is surrounded by strange peaks. There is a gap between Tianwen Peak and Longmen Peak on the north side. The pool water overflows from this gap and flows northward through a cliff at 1250 meters, forming a waterfall group with a height of 68 meters. This is the Changbai Waterfall Group.

Changbai Mountain 长白山

It is the first scenic spot in Changbai Mountain and the largest waterfall group in Northeast China. It is connected to Tianchi on the top and two Baihe Rivers on the bottom, which is the source of the Songhua River.

Changbai Mountain 长白山

5. Changbai Mountain Demon World Rafting

Drifting on the water, flowing with the water, was once a primitive way of wading for human beings. Riding down the river in a rubber boat, the sky is high and the water is long, the sun is shining, surrounded by green hills, drifting, the river is crystal clear, the time is slow, gentle and wild, the depth is only one meter, and the shallow part is only ten centimeters.

Changbai Mountain 长白山

Changbai Mountain Series | Episode 2: Tianchi Lake

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