Knife-cut Noodles 刀削面


Chinese Name: 刀削面

English Name: Knife-cut Noodles; Sliced Noodles; Cutting Noodles

Category: Staple主食

Main Ingredients: Flour

Knife-cut Noodles 刀削面
Knife-cut Noodles

Knife-cut Noodles刀削面, also known as “Son-in-law Noodles驸马面”, is a characteristic traditional pasta in Shanxi Province and one of the “top ten noodles in China”. Sliced noodles are popular in Shanxi Province and its surrounding areas. It is said that it was founded by Chaishao柴绍, the son-in-law of the Tang Dynasty唐代. It is eaten with various flavors of Sao Zi臊子 and spices, of which Datong, Shanxi, is the most famous.

Knife-cut Noodles 刀削面
Delicious sliced noodles

Shanxi sliced noodles are medium thick with thin edges. They look like willow leaves. After entering, they are smooth outside and smooth inside. They are soft but not sticky. The more they chew, the more fragrant they become. Together with fried noodles in Beijing北京炸酱面, stewed noodles in Henan河南烩面, hot and dry noodles in Hubei湖北热干面 and Dandan noodles in Sichuan四川担担面, it is known as one of the five major pasta in China. It is one of the most representative business cards of Shanxi cuisine.

Knife-cut Noodles 刀削面
Handsome sliced noodles chef illustration

The key to the technology of making cutting noodles is: “The knife does not leave the face刀不离面, the face does not leave the knife面不离刀, the arm is straight and hard and the hand is flat胳膊直硬手端平, the hand and the eye are a line手眼一条线, one edge drives one edge一棱赶一棱, the flat knife is flat平刀时扁条, and the machete is three edges弯刀是三棱.” To say that eating sliced noodles is a feast for the mouth, then watching sliced noodles is a feast for the eyes.

Knife-cut Noodles 刀削面
Sharpened noodles to stimulate appetite

In 1958, when Shanxi Province held a skill contest for cutting noodles in Taiyuan, the noodles cut by the experts were about 21 cm long and 0.2-0.4 cm thick. They cut 118 knives per minute and 2500 grams of flour dough per hour. People are dazzled and full of praise.

In May 1983, when Mr. Asahara Changyuan八原昌元先生, a member of Japan Co., Ltd., made a special trip to Taiyuan to shoot a video of pasta production, he visited the technical performances of the masters of Jinyang Hotel and Taiyuan pasta restaurant and said: “the world pasta is in China, the Chinese pasta is in Shanxi, and Taiyuan is worthy of being the hometown of pasta.”

Knife-cut Noodles 刀削面
Creative pictures of sliced noodles

When making the sliced noodles, the technical requirements for the blending surface are relatively high, and the ratio of water to face shall be accurate. Generally, it is three or two water per kilogram of flour. After kneading them into the dough, cover them with a wet cloth, and knead them for half an hour until they are kneaded evenly, soft and smooth.

If you can’t knead the dough, it’s easy to stick the knife and break the strip when cutting the dough. In addition, the secret of cutting noodles mainly lies in the skill of cutting. For knives, generally do not use a kitchen knife, but a special arc cutting knife. During operation, hold the kneaded dough with your left hand and cut the noodles one by one with a knife in your right hand.

How to make Knife-cut Noodles?


  • 100g sea cucumber
  • 100g squid
  • 100g cooked chicken
  • 500g eggs
  • 50g lard
  • 50g green onions
  • A proper amount of refined salt
  • 2g pepper
  • Five cloves of garlic
  • 5g monosodium glutamate
  • 25g cooking wine
  • 50g soy sauce
  • 5g ginger powder
  • 1000g flour
  • Some water
Knife-cut Noodles 刀削面
Sliced noodles with rich ingredients


  • Step 1, Divide sea cucumber and squid into small pieces and blanch them in boiling water. Then cut the cooked chicken into small pieces and cut the green onion into sections.
  • Step 2, Heat the lard, put in the pepper and scallion, fry it in scallion oil, and then remove the scallion and pepper.
  • Step 3, Put squid slices, sea cucumber slices, and chicken slices into the pot and stir fry slightly. Add seasoning and mix evenly. Take them out for standby.
  • Step 4, Fire and put 2500 grams of bone soup into the pot. After the soup is boiled, put sea cucumber and other ingredients into the pot. Thicken with starch, break up the eggs and put them into the soup to make three fresh soup brine.
  • Step 5, Boil a pot of water, cut in the noodles one by one and cook them.
  • Step 6, Remove the cooked noodles and pour the soup brine.
Knife-cut Noodles 刀削面
Shaved noodles

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