Hot Dry Noodles 热干面


Chinese Name: 热干面

English Name: Hot-and-dry Noodles; Hot Dry Noodles; Hot and Dry Noodles

Category: Snack小吃

Main Ingredients: Noodles; Sesame paste

Hot Dry Noodles 热干面
Hot dry noodles

Hot Dry Noodles热干面 is one of the most famous snacks in Wuhan武汉. There are many methods. It uses alkali water surface and takes edible oil, sesame paste, salad oil, sesame oil, red oil, chives, garlic, diced radish, sour beans, brine juice, raw soy sauce, vinegar, and other auxiliary materials. Hot and dry noodles are yellow and oily in color and taste delicious. They can be used as a nutritious breakfast to supplement the energy required by the human body.

Hot Dry Noodles 热干面
Hot and dry noodles with exquisite shape

Wuhan hot dry noodles武汉热干面, old Beijing fried sauce noodles老北京炸酱面, Shanxi sliced noodles山西刀削面, Lanzhou ramen兰州拉面 and Sichuan Dandan noodles四川担担面 have always been called “China’s five noodles”. Hot dry noodles are a special delicious snack. Wuhan has a high temperature in summer and a long day. For a long time, people have added edible alkali to noodles to prevent deterioration, which is the predecessor of hot and dry noodles – cut noodles切面.

Hot Dry Noodles 热干面
Tempting hot and dry noodles

Hot dry noodles originated in the early 1930s and were created by Cai Mingwei, who sold noodles in soup on Changdi Street长堤街, Hankou. Cai Mingwei蔡明伟 is a Caizha man蔡榨人 in Huangpo. His noodle soup is very popular. Guests often have to wait in line for a long time to buy it. Many guests can’t wait to leave. Therefore, in order to speed up the shipment, through repeated experiments, he finally found a set of technology – that is, first cook the noodles for seven or eight years, then quickly cool down and apply oil evenly, so that the noodles can be sold quickly.

Hot Dry Noodles 热干面
Hot and dry noodles are being poured with hemp sauce

On one occasion, Cai Mingwei saw a sesame oil workshop on Changdi street. After seeing them extract sesame oil from sesame seeds, sesame paste was abandoned and smelled fragrant. Then he had an idea. Maybe he could add sesame paste to his noodles, so Cai Mingwei bought some sesame paste from the sesame oil workshop owner and went home.

After repeated tests, he felt satisfied and the people around him said it was delicious. At this time, he was confident to launch his new products and sell them on the street. Therefore, Wuhan people’s favorite snack hot and dry noodles was born. At that time, Cai Mingwei named these noodles “sesame paste noodles麻酱面”, which were not officially called “hot and dry noodles” until the industrial and commercial registration in 1950.

Hot Dry Noodles 热干面
Hot and dry noodles with beef slices on it

Hot dry noodles are the first choice for breakfast in Wuhan. There is no need to say more about the feelings of the people of Wuhan about it. When people come to Wuhan from other places, they think of Wuhan again, mostly because they think of the hot and dry noodles in Wuhan. For Wuhan people or friends who have stayed in Wuhan for some time, hot dry noodles is no longer just a snack, but a feeling.

How to make Hot Dry Noodles?


  • 30g sesame paste
  • A packet of pickled mustard
  • 5g chili oil
  • 8g cooking wine
  • 8g soy sauce
  • 10g raw soy sauce
  • 2g pepper powder
  • 5g oyster sauce
  • 1g chicken essence
  • 10g balsamic vinegar
  • 2 g salt
  • 5g sesame oil
  • A little chopped green onion
Hot Dry Noodles 热干面
Sandwiched hot and dry noodles


  • Step 1, Dice pork tenderloin and marinate with soy sauce, cooking wine and pepper for 10 minutes. Then add cold oil to the hot pot. When the oil temperature becomes hot, add pork for stir-frying, and then add a little raw soy sauce. After frying, put it out for standby.
  • Step 2, Add all kinds of condiments and reduce chicken essence and soy sauce. Chili oil is adjusted according to personal taste.
  • Step 3, Dice mustard and chives and set aside.
  • Step 4, Cook the noodles and put them out in supercooled water for standby.
  • Step 5, Add the above-prepared ingredients in turn and stir evenly.
Hot Dry Noodles 热干面
Hot dry noodles stimulate appetite

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