Janeway’s Immunobiology (9th Edition)

Name: Janeway’s Immunobiology

Edition: 9th

Author: Kenneth Murphy; Casey Weaver

Subject: Immunobiology

Language: English

Publisher: Garland Science

Janeway’s Immunobiology (9th Edition)

Brief Introduction

Janeway’s Immunobiology is intended for undergraduate and graduate courses and for medical students, but its depth and scope also make it a useful resource for trainees and practicing immunologists. Its narrative takes the host’s perspective in the struggle with the microbial world—a viewpoint distinguishing ‘immunology’ from ‘microbiology’. Other facets of immunology, such as autoimmunity, immunodeficiencies, allergy, transplant rejection, and new aspects of cancer immunotherapy are alsocovered in depth, and a companion book, Case Studies in Immunology, provides clinical examples of immunerelated disease. In Immunobiology, symbols in the margin indicate where the basic immunological concepts related to Case Studies are discussed.

The ninth edition retains the previous organization of five major sections and sixteen chapters, but reorganizes content to clarify presentation and eliminate redundancies, updating each chapter and adding over 100 new figures.

As temporary stewards of Charlie’s legacy, Janeway’s Immunobiology, we hope this ninth edition will continue to inspire—as he did—students to appreciate immunology’s beautiful subtlety. We encourage all readers to share with us their views on where we have come up short, so the next edition will further approach the asymptote.


PART I An introduction to immunobiology and innat e immunity
Chapter 1 Basic Concepts in Immunology
Chapter 2 Innate Immunity: The First Lines of Defense
Chapter 3 The Induced Response of Innate Immunity

PART II The recognition of antigen
Chapter 4 Antigen Recognition by B-cell and T-cell Receptors
Chapter 5 The Generation of Lymphocyte Antigen Receptors
Chapter 6 Antigen Presentation to T Lymphocytes

PART III The development of mat ure lymphocyte receptor repert oires
Chapter 7 Lymphocyte Receptor Signaling
Chapter 8 The Development of B and T Lymphocytes

PART IV the adaptive immune response
Chapter 9 T-cell-Mediated Immunity
Chapter 10 The Humoral Immune Response
Chapter 11 Integrated Dynamics of Innate and Adaptive Immunity
Chapter 12 The Mucosal Immune System

PART V the immune System in Healt h and Disease
Chapter 13 Failures of Host Defense Mechanisms
Chapter 14 Allergy and Allergic Diseases
Chapter 15 Autoimmunity and Transplantation
Chapter 16 Manipulation of the Immune Response

I The Immunologist’s Toolbox
II CD antigens
III Cytokines and their Receptors
IV Chemokines and their Receptors



Innate immune responses are the body’s initial defense against infection, but these work only to control pathogens that have certain molecular patterns or that induce interferons and other nonspecific defenses. To effectively fight the wide range of pathogens an individual will encounter, the lymphocytes of the adaptive immune system have evolved to recognize a great variety of different antigens from bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing organisms. An antigen is any molecule or part of a molecule that is specifically recognized by the highly specialized recognition proteins of lymphocytes. On B cells these proteins are the immunoglobulins (Igs), which these cells produce in a vast range of antigen specificities, each B cell producing immunoglobulins of a single specificity (see Section 1-12). A membrane-bound form of immunoglobulin on the B-cell surface serves as the cell’s receptor for antigen, and is known as the B-cell receptor (BCR). A secreted form of immunoglobulin of the same antigen specificity is the antibody produced by terminally differentiated B cells—plasmablasts and plasma cells. The secretion of antibodies, which bind pathogens or their toxic products in the extracellular spaces of the body (see Fig. 1.25), is the main effector function of B cells in adaptive immunity.

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