Cheng Du 成都


Chinese Name: 成都

English Name: Cheng Du; Chengtu; Ch’eng-tu

Other Name: Rongcheng 蓉城、Jingcheng锦城、Furongcheng芙蓉城

Abbreviation: Rong 蓉

Zip Code: 61 00 00

Population: 21.192 million

Cheng Du 成都
Cheng Du 成都

Brief Introduction

Cheng Du 成都 is the Sichuan provincial city, the provincial capital, deputy provincial city, megacities, Chengdu-Chongqing region Shuang Chen economic circle core city, approved by the State Council of the national important high-tech industry base, trade and logistics center, and comprehensive transport hub, an important central city of the western region.

Cheng Du 成都
Cheng Du 成都

By the end of 2021, Cheng Du had 12 municipal districts, 3 counties, and 5 county-level cities under its jurisdiction, covering a total area of 14,335 square kilometers, with a permanent population of 21.192 million, an urbanization rate of 79.48 percent, and a GDP of 1991.698 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Cheng Du

As one of the top ten ancient capitals and one of the first batches of national historical and cultural cities, Rongcheng is also one of the best tourist cities. It has many historical sites and cultural landscapes such as Wuhou Temple, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Yongling, Wangjiang Tower, Qingyang Palace, Manjusri Academy, Ming Shu King’s Mausoleum, Zhaojue Temple, and so on. In addition, Chengdu is also the Sichuan panda habitat, with a panda base.

Cheng Du 成都
Sichuan Giant Panda Habitat 四川大熊猫栖息地

List of Major tourist attractions in Cheng Du

  • Dujiangyan 都江堰
  • Temple of marquis 武侯祠
  • Mount Qingcheng 青城山
  • Du fu thatched cottage 杜甫草堂
  • Serdang snow mountain 西岭雪山
  • Wangjiang floor 望江楼
  • Wenshu monastery 文殊院
  • Tiantai Mountain 天台山
  • The qing yang palace 青羊宫
  • Bao Guang temple 宝光寺
  • Tianfu square 天府广场
  • Giant Panda Base 熊猫基地
  • Width alley 宽窄巷子
  • The three holy by Hua Xiang 三圣花乡
  • Jinsha ruins 金沙遗址
  • An Ren town 安仁古镇
  • Huanglongxi Ancient Town 黄龙溪古镇
  • Ping le town 平乐古镇

Famous Universities in Cheng Du

In 2021, Cheng Du will build or renovate 80 public primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, and add 104,000 new degrees. At present, there are 65 colleges and universities in Rongcheng, 87 secondary vocational education schools, 645 ordinary middle schools, 642 ordinary primary schools, and 2773 kindergartens.

Cheng Du 成都
Sichuan university 四川大学

List of universities and colleges in Cheng Du

  • Sichuan university 四川大学
  • University of Electronic Science and Technology of China 电子科技大学
  • Southwest Jiaotong University 西南交通大学
  • Southwestern University of Finance and Economics 西南财经大学
  • The Chengdu University of Technology 成都理工大学
  • Southwest Petroleum University 西南石油大学
  • Sichuan Agricultural University 四川农业大学
  • The Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine 成都中医药大学
  • Sichuan Normal University 四川师范大学
  • Xihua university 西华大学
  • The Chengdu University of Information Technology 成都信息工程大学
  • Chengdu Physical Education Institute 成都体育学院
  • Chengdu university 成都大学
  • Sichuan Conservatory of Music 四川音乐学院
  • Chengdu Medical College 成都医学院
  • Chengdu Normal University 成都师范学院
  • Southwest University for Nationalities 西南民族大学
  • Police College of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force 中国人民武装警察部队警官学院

Religious culture in Cheng Du

There are five religions in Rongcheng: Buddhism, Taoism 道教, Islam, Catholicism, and Christianity. During the Shun Emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhang Daoling founded the Five-dun-rice religion 五斗米教 on Heming Mountain鹤鸣山, Dayi, Rongcheng, which was the beginning of Taoism in China. Buddhism was introduced into Rongcheng at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Islam in the Ming Dynasty, Catholicism and Christianity in the 13th year of Chong Zhen’s reign (1640), and the 7th year of Guangxu’s reign (1881) respectively. Rongcheng has 178 places for religious activities and 1,509 religious personnel.

Cheng Du 成都
Sichuan Taoist temple 四川道观

Diet of Cheng Du

Chuan cuisine 川菜, dishes diversity, tastes fresh and strong, makes good use of spicy, and with its special cooking methods and full-bodied local flavor, is one of China’s four big cuisines.

The United Nations Educational, scientific, and cultural organization named “world cuisine” in Chengdu, Cheng Du Douban from PI county is known as “the soul of Sichuan cuisine, is the essential part of Sichuan food.

Cheng Du 成都
Sichuan Pixian broad bean paste 四川郫县豆瓣酱

List of some special snacks

  • Shuangliu Old mama rabbit head
  • husband and wife lung slice
  • Dan Dan noodles
  • Dragon hand
  • bell dumplings
  • Han baozi
  • Three cannons
  • Lai Tang Yuan
  • Sweet water surface
  • Sad cold noodles
  • Jun tun GuoKui
  • Fatty sausage powder

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