Zibo 淄博


Chinese Name: 淄博

English Name: Zibo;Tsibo

Other Name: 淄州 Zizhou

Abbreviation: 淄 Zi

Zip Code: 37 03 00

Population: 4.708 million

Zibo 淄博
Zibo 淄博

Brief Introduction

Zibo 淄博 is a prefecture-level city of Shandong Province, a regional central city, a modern industrial city, and an important petrochemical base of Shandong province approved by The State Council.

Zibo is located in east China and the middle part of Shandong Province, with Linyi in the south, Dongying and Binzhou in the north, Weifang in the east, and Jinan in the west. It is located at the intersection of two national strategic economic zones, the efficient Ecological Economic Zone of the Yellow River Delta 黄河三角洲and the Blue Economic Zone of Shandong Peninsula山东半岛蓝色经济区, and the Jinan metropolitan area. It is one of the core cities of the Shandong Peninsula urban agglomeration. Zibo is a famous national historical and cultural city with a long history. It is the birthplace of Qi culture齐文化 and the origin of world football.

As of 2019, the city has jurisdiction over 5 districts and 3 counties, with a total area of 5,965 square kilometers, and a built-up area of 341.9 square kilometers. In 2021, the GDP of Zibo will reach 4200.62 billion yuan, and the permanent population of Zibo is 4.708 million.

Famous Attractions in Zibo

Zibo is an excellent tourist city in China. In recent years, the tourism brand advantage of “Qi Feng Tao Yun · Ecological Zibo”齐风陶韵·生态淄博 has gradually emerged.

Zibo 淄博
Yuan Shan National Forest Park 原山国家森林公园

Some special scenic spots in Zibo

  • Yuan Shan National Forest Park 原山国家森林公园
  • Boshan Dripping Lake tourist area 博山淋漓湖旅游区
  • Gao qing Hot Spring Flower town scenic spot 高青温泉花乡景区
  • Boshan ceramic glaze Art Center 博山陶瓷琉璃艺术中心
  • Museum of Ancient Chinese cars 中国古车博物馆
  • Zibo Huaguang China Culture and Art Center 淄博华光国瓷文化艺术中心
  • Yiyuan nine days cave 沂源九天洞
  • Lushan National Forest Park 鲁山国家森林公园
  • Kaiyuan cave 开元溶洞
  • China Ancient Car Museum Taigong Lake Ecological Culture Park 中国古车博物馆·太公湖生态文化园
  • Huantai Red Lotus Lake tourist area 桓台红莲湖旅游区
  • E Zhuang Waterfall group 峨庄瀑布群
  • Yiyuan Lushan Cave Group scenic area 沂源鲁山溶洞群景区
  • Guan Zhong Memorial Hall 管仲纪念馆

Famous Universities in Zibo

By the end of 2019, there were 7 regular colleges, 188 regular middle schools, and 296 primary schools in Zibo, with 112,000 students, 261,000 and 202,000 students, 67,000 faculty and staff in various schools, and 209,000 graduates in various schools.

Zibo 淄博
The Shandong University of Technology 山东理工大学

List of universities and colleges in Zibo

  • The Shandong University of Technology 山东理工大学
  • Qilu Medical College 齐鲁医药学院
  • Zibo Ceramic Institute, Shandong Institute of Arts and Crafts 山东工艺美术学院淄博陶瓷学院
  • Zibo Teachers College 淄博师范高等专科学校
  • Zibo Vocational College 淄博职业学院
  • Shandong Vocational College of Industry 山东工业职业学院
  • Shandong Vocational College of Light Industry 山东轻工职业学院
  • Shandong Vocational College of Aluminum Industry 山东铝业职业学院
  • Shandong Vocational College of Medicine and Food 山东药品食品职业学院
  • Zibo Campus of Shandong Agricultural Engineering College 山东农业工程学院淄博校区

Diet of Zibo

Zibo not only has a long history, but its food culture is also very developed. Zibo cuisine is mainly concentrated in Boshan and Zhoucun. Boshan District of Zibo is an important birthplace of Shandong cuisine, one of the four major Chinese cuisines. Zibo is rich in products, creating good conditions for the formation of cuisines. As a representative of Zibo cuisine, Boshan cuisine not only has the characteristics of general Shandong cuisine fresh, salty, and crisp but also has a unique style.

Zibo 淄博
Mata Lake golden silk duck eggs 马踏湖金丝鸭蛋

Some specialty snacks in Zibo

  • Pu Gong wine 蒲公酒
  • Halal beef sauce 清真酱牛肉
  • Zhou Cun baked cakes 周村烧饼
  • Boiling pot 煮锅
  • Marinade lamb 卤汁羊肉
  • Xihe Jianbing 西河煎饼
  • Mata Lake golden silk duck eggs 马踏湖金丝鸭蛋
  • Palace home yam 宫家山药
  • Boshan ship cake pan 博山酥锅
  • Daokou pickles 道口咸菜
  • Yellow River rice 黄河大米
  • The king village vinegar 王村醋
  • Zichuan pork Shaoxing cake 淄川肉烧饼
  • Pour meat sausage 灌肉香肠
  • Yiyuan apple 沂源苹果

Zibo Transportation

Port: Zibo port 淄博港is an inland river shipping port in Shandong Province, an important part of the regional comprehensive transportation system, and also an important port for the external material exchange of enterprises along Xiao qing River and surrounding areas of Zibo city. It will develop into a comprehensive port mainly focused on bulk cargo and liquid chemical transportation, supplemented by container transportation.

Aviation: The center of Zibo is about 70 km away from Jinan International Airport and 210 km away from Qingdao International Airport. Zhangdian District has Luzhong City terminal building, China fortune Ceramic City terminal building, Linzi District, Zichuan district, and Zhoucun district respectively have city terminal building, airport buses to Jinan airport and Qingdao airport.

Zibo, Shandong China

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