Zhangzhou 漳州


Chinese Name: 漳州

English Name: Zhangzhou;Changchow

Other Name: Xiangcheng 芗城

Abbreviation: 漳 Zhang

Zip Code: 51 60 00

Population: 5.054 million

Zhangzhou 漳州
Zhangzhou 漳州

Brief Introduction

Zhangzhou 漳州 is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Fujian Province and one of the civil cities in southern Fujian福建. It is located in the southernmost part of Fujian, with a land area of 12,600 square kilometers and a sea area of 18,600 square kilometers.

Zhangzhou climate in south subtropical ocean monsoon climate 南亚热带海洋季风气候, there are high mountains in the north to block the invasion of cold current, there is sea adjustment in the south, located in the lower latitude. Close to the Tropic of Cancer, the climate is warm, with abundant rainfall, winter without cold, and summer without heat. Zhangbei is connected with nine expressways, Yingxia-Xiamen railway, and Xiamen-Shenzhen, Longxia-Xiamen two high-speed railways passing through, Zhangzhou port can direct to Southeast Asian countries东南亚国家, forming a three-dimensional transportation network of the railways, highways, and waterways.

By 2021, Zhangzhou has jurisdiction over 4 municipal districts, 7 counties, and the Xiangcheng Municipal Government; The permanent resident population of Zhangzhou city is 5054328 people, and the total regional GDP of Zhangzhou city is 502.44 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Zhangzhou

Zhangzhou has a World cultural heritage, national 5A scenic Nanjing Tulou; a National 4A level scenic spot, known as “Forest of Steles in Southern Fujian”, Zhu Xi named “The first mountain” cloud cave rock; Dongshan Rock, a national 4A level scenic spot, is reputed as the best stone in the world. Sanping Scenic Area is a national 4A class tourist area, and a provincial scenic spot.

Zhangzhou 漳州
Fujian Tulou 福建土楼

Some special scenic spots in Zhangzhou

  • Fujian Tulou 福建土楼
  • Tianfu Tea Museum scenic spot 天福茶博物院景区
  • Zhangzhou Longjia Ecological hot Spring Resort 漳州市龙佳生态温泉山庄
  • Zhangzhou Longwenyun Dongyan Scenic Spot 漳州市龙文云洞岩风景区
  • Zhangzhou Zhangpu Tianfu Stone Carving Garden 漳州漳浦天福石雕园
  • Zhangzhou Binhai Volcano Natural ecological Scenic Area 漳州滨海火山自然生态风景区
  • Ma Luan Bay Scenic Spot, Dongshan, Zhangzhou city 漳州市东山马銮湾景区
  • Dongshan Rock scenic area 东山风动石景区
  • Zhangzhou Southeast Flower Capital Scenic spot 漳州东南花都景区
  • Zhao An Jiuhou Mountain Scenic Spot in Zhangzhou City 漳州市诏安九侯山景区
  • Pinghe County Sanping Scenic Area 平和县三平风景区
  • Zhangzhou Jade Bay coastal resort 漳州翡翠湾滨海度假区

Famous Universities in Zhangzhou

In Zhangzhou, there are 7 regular colleges and universities, 17 secondary vocational schools, 74 regular senior high schools, 134 regular junior high schools, 827 regular primary schools, and 1 adult college.

Zhangzhou 漳州
Minnan Normal University 闽南师范大学

List of universities and colleges in Zhangzhou

  • Minnan Normal University 闽南师范大学
  • Zhangzhou Campus of Xiamen University 厦门大学漳州校区
  • Jiageng College, Xiamen University 厦门大学嘉庚学院
  • Zhangzhou Vocational and Technical College 漳州职业技术学院
  • Zhangzhou City Vocational College 漳州城市职业学院
  • Zhangzhou Health Vocational College 漳州卫生职业学院
  • Zhangzhou Polytechnic Vocational College 漳州理工职业学院
  • Zhangzhou Science and Technology Vocational College 漳州科技职业学院
  • Fujian Radio and TV University Zhangzhou Branch 福建广播电视大学漳州分校

Diet of Zhangzhou

Zhangzhou food culture is influenced by southern Fujian cuisine闽南菜, Hakka客家, and Chaoshan flavor潮汕风味, forming a unique Zhangzhou flavor. Local people light breakfast, and heavy lunch, mostly rice as the staple food. Zhangzhou residents pay attention to dishes, cooking attention to knife skills, knife skills vary with cooking methods. Condiments are various, but large dishes use less wine, vinegar, spicy condiments, fried dishes pay attention to the heat, soup is stewed, from the season, is still thick alcohol in winter, summer light.

Zhangzhou 漳州
Tianbao banana 天宝香蕉

Some specialty snacks in Zhangzhou

  • Zhangzhou Ponkan 漳州芦柑
  • Tianbao banana 天宝香蕉
  • Fujian amomum villosum 福建砂仁
  • Rock salt chicken in Yundong, Longwen District 龙文区云洞岩盐鸡
  • Whitewater gong sugar 白水贡糖
  • Jin Ding duck 金定鸭
  • Litchi in August 八月荔枝
  • Mandarin pomelo 文旦柚
  • Hawksbill oolong tea 玳瑁乌龙茶
  • Pedra Branca oysters 白礁牡蛎
  • Local squid 本港鱿鱼
  • Citronella oil 香茅油
  • Asparagus herb 龙须菜

Zhangzhou Transportation

Railway: Zhangzhou has become the railway hub of southern Fujian 闽南 and northern Guangdong粤北, with the Yingxian-Xiamen railway, Longxian-Xiamen high-speed railway, Xian-Shenzhen high-speed railway, and other railways passing; the Harbor tail branch line, Gu Lei branch line has also been in planning, construction. There are Zhangzhou Station, Zhangzhou East Station, Jiaomei Railway Station, Zhangpu Station, Nanjing Station, Nanjing Longshan Station, Yunxiao Station, Zhao An station, and other stations.

Shipping: Zhangzhou has a coastline of 715 kilometers, ranking third in the province. Zhangzhou port 漳州港 is a national first-class open port, there are four Zhangzhou port areas (Gulei, Dongshan, Yunxiao, and Zhao ‘an) and seven Xiamen Bay port areas (Zhaoyin, Houshi, and Shima) under its jurisdiction.

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