Water Boiled Beef 水煮牛肉


Chinese Name: 水煮牛肉

English Name: Water Boiled Beef; Boiled beef

Category: Sichuan cuisine川菜

Main Ingredients: Beef

Water Boiled Beef 水煮牛肉
water boiled beef

Water Boiled Beef水煮牛肉 is a special traditional dish made of thin yellow beef, belonging to Sichuan cuisine川菜. Because the beef slices in the dish are cooked in hot soup, it is called boiled beef.

Boiled beef was selected into Chinese Cuisine in 1981.

Water Boiled Beef 水煮牛肉
Delicious Boiled Beef

When making boiled beef, cut it into inches five minutes long, eight minutes wide, and one-minute thick slices, put them in a bowl, add refined salt, soy sauce, fermented glutinous rice juice, and wet starch, and mix well.

In the oil pan, put Pixian County bean paste and dry chili, stir fry them until they are brown, then add Chinese prickly ash, scallions, and lettuce slices, stir fry until fragrant, add broth to boil, put beef slices into the pan, boil until the meat slices stretch, look shiny, put them into a bowl, pour chili oil on them, and serve. This dish is spicy, tender, and palatable, with a strong fragrance, and has the flavor of Sichuan hot pot.

Water Boiled Beef 水煮牛肉
Boiled beef with tofu

This dish was created by Fan Ji’an范吉安, a famous chef in Zigong自贡, Sichuan四川. Fan Ji’an is good at summing up experience and insisting on improvement and innovation in cooking practice. For example, beef in the soup was originally boiled with water to cook beef slices, mixed with salt, soy sauce, chili, Chinese prickly ash, and other condiments dipped in water and served on a plate.

Water Boiled Beef 水煮牛肉
Homestyle Boiled Beef

In the 1930s, he improved the beef in soup into boiled beef. The raw materials and processing technology are as follows: beef slices as the main material, and cauliflower or lettuce, red and white radish as the auxiliary material; Mix the seasonings such as refined salt, soy sauce, chili, Chinese prickly ash, and starch with the beef slices, cook them with the vegetable stems or lettuce slices in the pot, add the broth and green onions, and master the fire. When the beef is cooked until it is bright, start the pot, and pour the spicy cooking oil on it.

The characteristics of boiled beef are: tender meat, delicious, oily but not greasy, hot, and hot. It is the best food with wine and rice and has become a Sichuan famous dish with a strong local flavor.

Water Boiled Beef 水煮牛肉
Attractive Boiled Beef

Boiled beef is white, red, green, and yellow, and the color is simple and fresh. The beef is very fat and tender and tastes hot and sour. The beef slices in boiled beef are not fried with oil, but boiled in hot soup, so they are called boiled beef. Because this dish is spicy, it is mostly eaten in autumn and winter.

The key to boiled beef is to cut the beef slices evenly, slide them into a hot soup pot until the color changes to white, and then leave the pot. The heating time should not be too long to prevent the meat from getting old. Boiled beef is a famous Sichuan cuisine. The cooking skills of Sichuan boiled beef are mainly cooking.

How to make Water Boiled Beef?


  • 250g beef tenderloin
  • 150g green garlic
  • 150g cabbage heart
  • 100g celery heart
  • 15g dry pepper
  • 40g Pixian bean paste,
  • 200g clear oil
  • 15g soy sauce
  • 1g chicken essence
  • 10g ginger slices
  • 15g garlic slices
  • An appropriate amount of water bean powder
Water Boiled Beef 水煮牛肉
Delicious Beef


  • Step 1, Cut beef into 5cm long and 3mm wide slices, put them into a bowl, season with soy sauce and cooking wine, and mix well with starch.
  • Step 2, Clean the garlic, cabbage, and celery and cut them into 6.5cm long sections and pieces.
  • Step 3, Heat up the oil in the pot and fry the dried chili and Chinese prickly ash until they are brownish red (do not burn them until they smell good). Remove and chop them fine. Then put garlic, cabbage, and celery in the oil and stir fry them until they are completely uncooked.
  • Step 4, The oil in the pot is hot. Add Pixian County watercress, and stir fry them until they are red. Add soup and boil a little. Remove the dregs of the watercress. Put the garlic, cabbage, and celery into the soup pot. Add soy sauce, MSG, cooking wine, pepper noodles, salt, ginger slices, and garlic slices. Burn them until they taste good. Then put them into a deep plate or lotus leaf bowl.
  • Step 5, Pour the meat slices into the slightly opened original soup pot (the soup should be slightly opened. If the soup does not boil, the starch will fall off; if the soup boils, the meat slices will age easily).
  • Step 6, Gently stir with chopsticks, pour it into the plate or bowl containing ingredients when it is just ripe, sprinkle it with dried chili powder and Chinese prickly ash, and then pour it with boiling oil to make it spicier.
Water Boiled Beef 水煮牛肉
Sliced Beef in Hot Chili Oil

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