Tang Bao 汤包


Chinese Name: 汤包

English Name: Tang Bao; Tangbao

Category: Snack小吃

Main Ingredients: Flour

Tang Bao 汤包
Tang Bao

Tang Bao汤包 is a kind of steamed stuffed bun, which is popular in central China, Jiangnan, and other regions, and is mainly characterized by soup.

Tangbao, as its name implies, is a kind of steamed stuffed bun, but it has soup in it. The difference between Xiaolongbao小笼包 and Tangbao is that Tangbao is slightly larger than Xiaolongbao and pays more attention to the taste of the soup. Some Tangbao is also made to suck the soup inside with a straw.

Tang Bao 汤包
Steamed dumplings neatly placed

The invention of Tangbao can be traced back to the Three Kingdoms Period三国时期. It is said that fishermen in Jingkou京口 (Zhenjiang City镇江市, Jiangsu Province江苏省) at that time, in order to commemorate Madame Sun, copied the story of Zhuge Liang诸葛亮‘s invention of steamed bread, and made soup bags out of crab roe stuffed with meat instead of sacrificial offerings.

Tang Bao 汤包
Soup buns with full fillings

Eating soup bags is a special custom in Xinchang新昌, Shaoxing绍兴. It is said that during the Ming Dynasty明朝, Xinchang was dry for years, and the people asked for a pardon. When the imperial envoy came to investigate, it happened that during the Dragon Boat Festival端午节, the county magistrate informed all the families to eat noodle soup for the festival, so they were granted free food and later converted into soup dumplings.

Tang Bao 汤包
Steamed Bun Stuffed with Juicy Pork

Longpao Crab Yolk Soup Bag龙袍蟹黄汤包 is a traditional delicacy in Nanjing, which enjoyed a high reputation in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Its characteristics are that the skin is as thin as paper, it can be broken by blowing bombs, the production is “unique”, the shape is “beautiful”, and the eating method is “strange”.、

The raw materials of the Longpao Crab Yolk Soup Bag are very exquisite. The fillings are crab roe and crab meat, and the soup is original chicken soup. The production process is excellent. The Longpao Crab Soup Bun Festival is held in the Liuhe District of Nanjing all year round and enjoys an unprecedented reputation at home and abroad.

Tang Bao 汤包
Delicious soup buns

Longpao crab roe soup bag has a history of 140 years. It is said that it was once a tribute to the imperial court. It originated during the reign of Qianlong乾隆 in the Qing Dynasty. It is said that when Qianlong went to the south of the Yangtze River six times, he met with the Dragon Robe. After tasting the steamed buns with crab roe, crab meat, and other fillings specially made for him by villagers, the dragon was very happy and praised “delicious, delicious”. The villagers were also flattered, so they called this kind of steamed bun “Qianlong Tangbao乾隆汤包”.

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Master Tao Ji陶戟 of Huazikou Street划子口街道 founded the “Taipingchun Restaurant太平春饭馆”, which inherited the traditional technology of Qianlong Tangbao and reprocessed the stuffing, with a variety of ingredients to make the tangbao taste better and renamed it “crab roe tangbao”.

How to make Tang Bao?


  • 500g flour
  • 100g fermented flour
  • 300g pork
  • 50g crab roe and crab meat
  • 10g onion
  • 15g ginger
  • 100g pork jelly
  • 1g alkaline powder
  • 25g soy sauce
  • 3g refined salt
  • 5g Shaoxing wine
  • 10g white sugar
  • 15g sesame oil
  • 50g cooked lard
Tang Bao 汤包
Colorful soup buns


  • Step 1, Wash the scallions and ginger, cut them in half, pat the rest loosely with a knife, and soak them in a bowl filled with cold water. Make onion and ginger water.
  • Step 2, Brush the crab and steam it until it is cool. Pry the crab cover and take out the crab roe. Take out the crab meat with a bamboo stick. Heat 10g lard in the spoon, add chopped green onion and ginger, add crab roe and crab meat, and then add 40g lard into the spoon to continue to stir fry. When the crab roe and crab meat are orange, pour them into a basin to cool.
  • Step 3, Stir the pork into the stuffing and put it in a basin with soy sauce, refined salt, Shaoxing wine, sugar, onion, and ginger water; Stir the meat jelly, pour it into the meat filling, and then add crab roe, crab meat, and sesame oil to make the filling.
  • Step 4, Mix 250g flour and 125g warm water with yeast powder, and ferment in a basin. Put 250 grams of flour in another basin, add 50 grams of boiling water, stir and cool slightly, add 50 grams of cold water to knead the dough, and then add alkali to the fermented dough.
  • Step 5, Sprinkle flour on the chopping board, roll the dough into long strips, make 40 flour noodles, roll them into the round dough, wrap the meat stuffing, pinch the top mouth into the shape of chrysanthemum top, put them into the cage, and steam them for 15 minutes out of the drawer.
Tang Bao 汤包
Crab roe soup bun

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