What is the Experience of Studying Medicine in China

A friend of mine contacted me and spoke about his experience while studying medicine in China, this really experience maybe very helpful for you who want to study MBBS in China.

1. The introduction of MBBS in China

Most institutes in China provide their medical degrees as a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). The MBBS program is a fast-track method to becoming a doctor. It lasts 5 years, meaning you can become a certified doctor way quicker than those studying medicine in the US, Canada or Europe, where it takes 7 to 8 years to become a doctor.

What is the Experience of Studying Medicine in China
Study MBBS in China

Also, medical lectures in most universities are prepared and taught in English, but it’s also demanded to study the Chinese language as a separate subject to understand the patients and explain to them the way of treatment method, which is not bad!

Also, one of the most advantages to study medicine in China is that tuition fees for medical schools in China are very low. Annually, it would cost you around US$1,000-2,000. Like other countries, China provides all the majors to study in good universities, which helps international students to achieve their dreams at less cost than other countries.

Studying medicine is one of the most curious and hard majors cause you will deal with humans simultaneously in the future.

2. How to apply for studying medicine In China

Getting admission to study medicine in China seems easier than in any other country. The requirement to gain access is so simple. After finishing high school, you need to forward it to the university where you like to start your MBBS; with your high school certificate, you have to send your passport to the office email of the university. After that, you have to wait a couple of weeks to get your admission and JW form. Just get to the website and get your admission letter. 

3. How about a bachelor’s study life in China

Three main advantages of studying in mainland China are:

  • 1) enrichment of prospective career options;
  • 2) dominating the Mandarin language;
  • 3) growth of proficiency, skillfulness, and experiences; 

Medical schools in China are world-class organizations that deliver the best teaching in the area of medical studies. Esteemed universities with high-quality education offer MBBS in China.

Also, Studying medicine in China is 70% cheaper than colleges in the US or Europe. You can study for as low as 5,500 USD for full expenses per year in Chinese medical schools. The cost of living in China is also reasonably low compared to other countries.

MBBS in China lasts 5 years, meaning you can evolve into a certified physician way faster than those studying medicine in the US, Canada, or Germany, where it takes 7 to 8 years to become a doctor. While the age limit for MBBS in China is between the age of 18 to 25 years, there are few exceptions; some universities permit students who are 30 years of age.

Similarly, there are many universities accepting students 17 years of age. Also, after finishing your study, you can work as a physician in China. Study hard and come to China for being a good doctor to achieve your dream to be a specialist and getting more chances of work after graduation and getting more chances to get a scholarship to finish your specializations.

4. How about the master’s study life in China

Every doctor will continue specialization in different majors ( surgery, gynecology, internal medicine, dermatology, pediatrics, etc.).

If the international student studies medicine in China, this will provide many advantages to his career, including practice and research experience. Chinese universities provide to teach international students the English language. also, the doctors in the affiliated hospitals can speak English very well, which helps to understand better and learn guidelines.

What is the Experience of Studying Medicine in China

A friend of mine contacted me and spoke about his experience while studying medicine at Hainan Medical University; he said the study was in the English language, and his clinical practice was very good, which helped him while doing jobs in his country, also after getting graduation in 2016.

The university offered him a partial or provincial scholarship because he was an excellent student and his attitude at the school was excellent. He chose Orthopedics surgery because he is interested in this major, while his tutor in the first affiliated hospital of Hainan medical university guided him and taught him how to perform surgery and deal with and treat patients.

Also, during his three years of study, he learns how to write and publish articles in high-quality journals, so many physicians miss this method. And because he published his article in a good journal, he applied for a Chinese government scholarship at a high-ranked university in china, one of the 100 universities worldwide.

During his bachelor’s study, the classes were in English, and he said the teachers could speak very good English and appropriately guide them on how to study hard and pass their country’s medical license exams. At the same time, during his internship in the affiliated hospital of his college, the clinical round was full of knowledge because in the early morning and before 8 am, there is a morning meeting, and the doctors and the head of the department discuss every clinical case and ask about the prognosis.

Also, during the three months at the surgery department, he joined the operations to get more experience. Applying to study medicine in China is not hard to get admission, also compared to other countries, my friend desire to study medicine in China for two reasons:

  • 1) the study language is English,
  • 2) cheap and low cost to live and study. 
What is the Experience of Studying Medicine in China

5. How about the doctorate study life in China

One more benefit to doing further study in China (master’s or doctorate) is that the study period is only three years, and after that, the student can extend his study, or if he achieves the university requirement to graduate, then he will get his graduation certificate and apply for further study or go back to his own country to work as a specialist.

The master’s study in China is divided into academic or professional studies while in academic study, the student will get classes in the first year to improve his basic knowledge and research program. After that, he will join his tutor at the hospital department to start his clinical training and research subjects.

While after finishing the second year, he must publish his article, which depends on every university requirement and at which journals he must publish.

In the third year, he will continue his clinical practice in addition to writing his graduation thesis, and of course, there will be a graduation exam to ensure his knowledge is enough to treat the patients well.

But for a professional master’s degree, your weekend will have classes, and you will spend your full three years in the hospital with the tutor, and you can get more chances and longer time to increase your experience in treating patients.

Getting into the graduation period is so easy during the master’s study because the main goal of doing a master’s is to learn how to make research and how to treat your patients.

What is the Experience of Studying Medicine in China

In comparison, Ph.D. or doctorate study is much harder all over the world, but in China, the international student will get more attention toward his practical and research and must work harder to achieve his study level.

Medicine in China is so developed because so much research related to medical knowledge is published every year, and the medical instruments available in China are not available in every country. My friend has told me that he used instruments in the operation room, which he never saw in his country, and he said his knowledge improved so much while doing his Ph.D., especially in doing and writing medical articles and his experience in the operation room improved compared with is country mates who left China after bachelor graduation.

6. Advice to junior students

From my side, I suggest everyone looking to study medicine just come to this great country (China); it’s cheap and will not cost you and your family much money. also, during your summer and winter vacation, you can do a part-time job, which is legal. (Click to know more: Can international students work in China?)

You will study in the English language, and all the teachers are full professors with enough experience to give you the right way to be an excellent physician in the near future.

In addition, to learn western medicine, you can join the classes and the department of traditional Chinese medicine; its so interesting and wonderful major to increase and get more ideas about Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture, and the teacher will allow you to do the clinical practice and teach you the method of how to insert the needles and for which reason.

Doctorate study is divided same as a master’s into academic or professional degrees. During the academic study, you must study for some credits and pass them so that you can join the hospital with your tutor; after getting into your departments, your journey of being a Ph.D. candidate will start, and the hard time will begin.

What is the Experience of Studying Medicine in China

As a doctorate student, you have to find a topic for your research, and you will be on your own with no one responsible for you except your supervisor, which helps you with hard points.

Every new start becomes hard, but after involving yourself in the study with your tutor’s guidance and you’re senior will help, you will find yourself on a high knowledge level after one year.

You will be able to finish your project and article within a short time, you will be able to do the operation by yourself with your assistance, you will be able to publish your articles in high-ranked journals, and for the persons who are always looking for a knowledge chance and job opportunities after your Ph.D. can apply for post-doctorate and start a new life with a new experience.

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