How to study in China for Free?

China is a huge and wonderful country, like other countries that like to get international students to study in the country. But the question is how to study for free. And if not free, what’s the study cost? While in this article, we will discuss how to study in China for free, and we will guide you to search for free study in China, and maybe you can get a chance to get some living expenses.

Like other countries, China provides many scholarships that help international students dream of studying the major they like, medicine, engineering, computer science, economy, management, Chinese language, law, etc. Moreover, China provides many scholarship types to all majors in many universities, which is the top-ranked university, and also provides scholarships for master’s studies and doctorates. 

How to study in China for Free?

3 main scholarships help you to study in China for free

As a huge country, China is divided into provinces, and every province provides scholarships, almost covering the tuition fee with dormitory fees with or without living expenses. But as a student always looking for a better opportunity so every university in China provides scholarships every year, also the Chinese government provides a scholarship which is called (the CSC scholarship), so the three main scholarships in China is

  • 1) China government scholarship;
  • 2) Local government scholarship which is city or province provided;
  • 3) Institute or university scholarship.

What does China government scholarship include?

While Chinese government scholarship in China is divided into type A and type B or type C.

  • An international student who is looking to study for free in China can follow the embassy in your country, which provides a type A scholarship every year.
  • In contrast, in type B, the student can search for the CSC website and apply directly to the university he wishes to study and the major he would like.
  • Type C scholarship is for the student who is already in China, not for fresh students, and it’s almost a partial scholarship.

Hence, as a fresh student, you need to apply for type A or B. for Type A scholarship: Non-University scholarships, applicants for such programs must fill in the “Agency Number,” the Agency number you can find on the university website or search on Google.

How to study in China for Free?
The website screenshot of the China Scholarship Council application center

Chinese government scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation fees, living allowances, and medical insurance fees.

Bachelor and master students can get a shared room for free or apply to the institute where they wish to live out the campus, then the university will refund the accommodation fees, while the Ph.D. student will get a single room at the university hostel or they can apply to live outside the campus. The living allowance that Chinese government scholarships provide is enough to live a happy life in China.

Bachelor students will get around 320 USD; master students will get 500 USD same as Ph.D. students. Savvy students, of course, can save some money to enjoy life at the weekend and on vacations.

How about local scholarships and Institute or university scholarship

While local scholarships (city or province) the scholarship is fewer benefits than Chinese government scholarships, which depend on every province and city and what they provide to international students.

At the same time, the university or institute scholarship will be less beneficial to international students than other types of scholarships.

What is the requirement for applying for a scholarship?

Of course, every university has different requirements to apply for a scholarship, so the students need to check every university website to prepare their documents to get a high opportunity to get a scholarship; even for a Chinese government scholarship, the university will have requirements to get admission. Some universities ask for a Chinese language certificate level 4 or 5, called HSK 4 or HSK 5, while some other institutes will ask for English language certificates (TOEFL or IELTS exams).

Chinese government and universities in China make it easier to get a scholarship for non-native English language speakers; they provide one year of Chinese language study on a scholarship. Also, the students who are in China and graduated from Chinese universities don’t ask about this point because they already have the language.

How to apply for scholarships in China?

For you, as you find the university you want to study in and the province or city where you like to live and stay for the studying period, directly go to the university’s website and check the time of scholarship applications and check your scholarship type to which you want to apply. 

How to study in China for Free?
China Scholarship Council

China Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarships – CSC scholarships are open to all global students who desire to learn and study in China. You will be asked to complete an online form and select one of the 243 Chinese universities providing CSC scholarships. 


There are lots of fake CSC websites in Google, you should choose the correct one. the official website domains are: (Study in China theme page) (Application Center)

Through the Chinese government website, you only can apply to three universities. Still, you have another choice to get provincial or local, or university scholarships, all of these details you can find on every university website. So take it easy and apply to Chinese universities because they provide a significant and wonderful life. University scholarships, directly through their website, and you can send the documents to many universities, which you can get a chance of almost 100% to get a scholarship to study your major and achieve your dream. A few steps you have to do to apply for the Chinese government or universities scholarships

  • 1- Choose your major;
  • 2- Apply now;
  • 3- China admissions review;
  • 4- Submit to the university; 
  • 5- Scholarship winners announcement;
  • 6- University Acceptance;
  • 7- Visa application;
  • 8- Welcome to China. 

Chinese government scholarships usually have an application time start between November to April every year, and it’s different between the universities, so you have to check the university website before applying so that you do not miss the chance, while other types of scholarships, like university scholarships and provincial scholarship you can apply up to September in every year, but to tell you the truth that a lot of international students are looking to study in China to its better to apply early that you get the admission early and come to China to study your dream major and enjoy a beautiful and wonderful country.

Now, it is your time to apply for a Chinese scholarship and study in China for free, if you have any other questions, just leave a message below.

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