Maoming 茂名


Chinese Name: 茂名

English Name: Mowming、Maoming

Other Name: Nanfangyoucheng 南方油城

Abbreviation: 茂 Mao

Zip Code: 525000

Population: 6.174million

Maoming 茂名
Maoming 茂名

Brief Introduction

Maoming 茂名 is a prefecture-level city in Guangdong Province. It is located at the intersection of three national economic zones: Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area粤港澳大湾区, Beibu Bay City Cluster北部湾城市群, and Hainan Free Trade Zone海南自贸区.

Maoming is located in the south China Sea, located in the southwest Guangdong Province, and back to southwest China. Maoming is an important petrochemical and energy base in China and has formed six leading industries such as petrochemical, agricultural and sideline products, mineral resources, light industry and textile, medicine and health, metal processing, and advanced equipment manufacturing. The economy of Maoming county develops steadily and ranks at the forefront of east and northwest Guangdong. Rich in products, Guangdong province is the highest agricultural output value of the prefecture-level city.

Maoming jurisdiction Maonan District, Dianbai District, in charge of Gaozhou city, Huazhou city, and Xinyi city. There are three economic functional zones: Maoming Binhai New Area, Maoming Hi-tech Zone, and Maoming Shuidongwan New Town. The total area of the city’s administrative region is 11,427.63 square kilometers. As of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Maoming is 6,174,050.

Famous Attractions in Maoming

Maoming is an “Excellent Tourist city in China” with all-terrain features. Maoming has rich coastal tourism resources and geographical conditions of the Beishan South China Sea. As of November 2021, there are 23 A-level scenic spots in The city, including 9 4A level scenic spots, 14 3A level scenic spots, and 1 national forest park. In addition, at present, 5 characteristic towns in Maoming have been selected to cultivate the characteristic towns of Guangdong Province.

Maoming 茂名
Shui Tung Bay 水东湾

Some special scenic spots in Maoming

  • Bohe Fishing Port 博贺渔港
  • Free chicken island 放鸡岛
  • Romantic coast 浪漫海岸
  • China’s First Beach 中国第一滩
  • Shui Tung Bay 水东湾
  • Gameihai Park 歌美海公园
  • Maoming Forest Park 茂名森林公园
  • Maoming Water East Bay Ocean Park 茂名水东湾海洋公园
  • Xijiang Hot Spring Resort 西江温泉度假村
  • Tianma mountain 天马山
  • Huazhou School Palace 化州学宫
  • Guangdong Longshan rural ecotourism scenic area 粤龙山乡村生态旅游风景区
  • Shigen Mountain scenic tourist area 石根山风景旅游区
  • Lotus Lake Manor Scenic spot 莲花湖庄园景区

Famous Universities in Maoming

In 2020, 81,800 students were enrolled in regular institutions of higher learning in The city, 272.7 times that in 1987, with an average annual growth of 18.5 percent. According to the results of the seventh national census in 2020, the population with education in primary schools accounted for 27.20% of the total population, 10.54 percentage points lower than the third national census in 1982. 51.32% of the population with junior and senior high school degrees, up 27.96 percentage points; The proportion of the population with a college degree or above was 8.07%, up 7.91 percentage points.

Maoming 茂名
Guangdong Institute of Petrochemical Technology 广东石油化工学院

List of universities and colleges in Maoming

  • Guangdong Institute of Petrochemical Technology 广东石油化工学院
  • Binhai Campus of Guangzhou Polytechnic University 广州科技职业技术大学滨海校区
  • Maoming Vocational and Technical College 茂名职业技术学院
  • Guangdong Maoming Health Vocational College 广东茂名健康职业学院
  • Guangdong Maoming Preschool Normal College 广东茂名幼儿师范专科学校
  • Guangdong Maoming Agriculture and Forestry Vocational College 广东茂名农林科技职业学院

Diet of Maoming

Maoming food culture is mainly Cantonese cuisine 粤菜, mixed with local cooking, especially with rigorous and authentic materials, high quality, and authentic famous, the taste is light and fresh.

Maoming 茂名
Huai Xiang chicken 怀乡鸡

Some specialty snacks in Maoming

  • Hakka whole dog 客家全狗
  • Dang Zai fish 凼仔鱼
  • Huai Xiang chicken 怀乡鸡
  • “Sea horse” congee congee “海马”瑶柱粥
  • Xinyi powder skin 信宜粉皮
  • Yellow eel porridge 黄蟮粥
  • Boiled dog meat 开煲狗肉
  • Salty-Baked Chicken 盐焗鸡
  • Huazhou sesame oil chicken 化州香油鸡
  • Hua zhou sugar water 化州糖水
  • Dianbai seafood 电白海鲜

Maoming Transportation

Railway: The total mileage of railway in Maoming is 319 kilometers. The railway mainly consists of the intersection of Hexaomao Railway, Guangzhou-Mao Railway, Maozhan Railway, Shenzhen-Mao Railway, Luohe-Zhanjiang Railway, and Bohe-Shugang Railway, which are integrated into China’s railway network.

Port: Maoming port 茂名港 is an important port along the coast of Guangdong province. It is the nearest sea passage from southwest and central China to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. It is a first-class port open to the outside world in China. Maoming Port is divided into the Shuidong Port area水东港区, the Bohe port area博贺港区, and Bohe new port area博贺新港区.

Maoming, Guangdong, China

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