Linyi 临沂


Chinese Name: 临沂

English Name: Linyi;Lini

Other Name: Langya琅琊;Yizhou沂州

Abbreviation: 沂 Yi

Zip Code: 27 60 00

Population: 9.386 million

Linyi 临沂
Linyi 临沂

Brief Introduction

Linyi 临沂 is a prefecture-level city of Shandong province, approved by The State Council as the central city of southeast Shandong, a modern industrial and trade city with waterfront characteristics and a commercial logistics center, and an important commodity grain base in Shandong Province.

Weifang is located in the west of the Shandong Peninsula 山东半岛, connected with Qingdao and Yantai in the east, adjacent to Zibo and Dongying in the west, Linyi and Rizhao in the south, and Bohai Laizhou Bay in the north. Weifang city is a north temperate monsoon area, back land surface sea. Weifang is the kite capital of the world and has been successively awarded the national Environmental protection Model City, National health City, National Garden City, national water-saving City, etc

Linyi city has jurisdiction over 3 districts and 9 counties, with a total area of 17191.2 square kilometers. By 2021, the permanent resident population of Linyi city is 1,0618,365 people, and the regional GDP of Linyi city is 546.55 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Linyi

Linyi is named after Linyi River临沂河. It is located in east China, southeast Shandong, west coast of Yellow Sea, junction point of Yangtze River Delta economic circle and Bohai Economic Circle, national key development area of East Longhai and port industrial belt of South Shandong. It is one of the logistics turnover centers and trade wholesale centers, and is honored as a “Trading city” and “Logistics Capital”物流之都. Linyi was awarded as one of the first batches of National logistics Hub, Logistics Capital of China, Food Capital of China, and One of the Top ten Ecological livable model cities of China.

Linyi 临沂
Zhenjiang jinshan 镇江金山

Some special scenic spots in Linyi

  • Yimeng Mountain Tourism area 沂蒙山旅游区
  • Glowworm Water Cave · Underground Grand Canyon Tourist Area, Linyi City, Shandong Province 山东省临沂市萤火虫水洞·地下大峡谷旅游区
  • Yishui Snow Mountain Rainbow Valley tourist area 沂水雪山彩虹谷旅游区
  • Yinan Zhuquan Village tourism resort 沂南竹泉村旅游度假区
  • Linyi Zoo and Botanical Garden tourist area 临沂动植物园旅游区
  • Cangshan Lanling National Agricultural Park 苍山兰陵国家农业公园
  • Linyi Polar Ocean World 临沂极地海洋世界
  • Chinese Ginkgo Garden 中华银杏园
  • Linyi Shu Ma Scenic Tourist Area 临沂沭马风景旅游区

Famous Universities in Linyi

Linyi has 1,695 schools of various levels and types, including 1,293 primary schools, 283 junior high schools, 51 regular high schools, 50 secondary vocational schools, 3 regular institutions of higher learning, 15 special education schools, and 2,940 kindergartens.

Linyi 临沂
Weifang Medical College 潍坊医学院

List of universities and colleges in Linyi

  • Linyi university 临沂大学
  • The Qingdao University of Technology 青岛理工大学
  • Shandong Medical College 山东医学高等专科学校
  • Linyi Vocational College 临沂职业学院
  • Linyi Technology Vocational College 临沂科技职业学院

Diet of Linyi

Linyi is one of the important representatives of Qilu flavor, the ancient Linyi area for lu, thousands of years to form a “steaming, boiling, roasting, brewing, frying, boiling, wax, salt, black beans, vinegar, sauce, wine, honey, pepper” as the framework of the Southern Shandong cuisine cooking techniques, the birth of a lot of local famous food.

Linyi 临沂
Linyi pancakes 临沂煎饼

Some specialty snacks in Linyi

  • Sa 糁
  • Yimeng Bachelor chicken 沂蒙光棍鸡
  • Linyi pancakes 临沂煎饼
  • Yipin three fresh chicken 一品三鲜鸡
  • Mashed garlic fish 蒜泥鱼
  • Eight treasure black beans 八宝豆豉
  • Diving lotus yellow tube 氽芙蓉黄管
  • Lan Ling Wine 兰陵美酒
  • Yi Shui Feng cake 沂水丰糕

Linyi Transportation

Aviation: Linyi Qiyang Airport 临沂启阳机场is located at No. 1 airport Road, Hedong District. It is the earliest civil airport built in Shandong Province and is now a national medium-sized airport and 4D level airport. Now it has 2 reservoir areas, 16 airlines, opened 42 domestic routes and 4 international routes, 33 cities, and 35 airports.

Railway: There are three main railway stations in the downtown area of Linyi: Linyi Station, Linyi North Station, and Linyi East Station. Among them, Linyi station is located in the south of the city, Linyi North station is located in Baishabu town, for the high-speed railway station, Linyi East station is located in Hedong District, mainly freight.

Linyi City, Shandong Province, China

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