Kung Fu Hustle 功夫(2004)


Chinese Name:功夫

English Name:Kung Fu Hustle

Director: Stephen Chow周星驰

Screenwriter: Stephen Chow周星驰,Huo Xin霍昕,Chan Man-keung,Tsang Kan-cheung

Starring: Stephen Chow周星驰,Danny Chan Kwok-kwan陈国坤,Yuen Wah元华,Yuen Qiu元秋,Huang Shengyi黄圣依,Bruce Leung梁小龙

Release Year:2004

Running time : 98min

Kung Fu Hustle 功夫(2004)
Kung Fu Hustle 功夫

Brief Introduction of Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle is an action comedy film directed by Stephen Chow, written by Stephen Chow, Zeng Jinchang, Huo Xin, and Chen Wenqiang, starring Stephen Chow, Huang Shengyi, Lin Zicong, Chen Guokun, Liang Xiaolong, Yuanhua, and Yuan Qiu. It was released in China on December 23, 2004.

The film tells the story of a street gangster who turns into a generation of martial artists and a kind-hearted gangster who corrects his evil ways.

Plot of Kung Fu Hustle

The story takes place somewhere in southern China in the 1930s. The Mafia Axe Gang bullied the local market and bribed the local police to escape charges.

A Xing (Stephen Chow) dreams of becoming a gangster all day, but he is not determined and does nothing. They had to pretend to be the ax gang and run to the slum of Zhulongcheng stronghold, which the gangs had no time to take care of, to extort some money. Unexpectedly, the common people of the Zhulong stronghold had unique skills, and a Xing was beaten by everyone.

Just as the ax gang passed by, the deputy leader was injured by Xing’s fake Axe Gang signal gun. A Xing blamed it on the pig cage City stronghold. The gang members went into the stronghold to fight. As a result, the ax gang was greatly discouraged by three martial arts experts of Zhulong stronghold (Wulang Bagua stick, Hongjia tie xian fist, and 12lu Tan leg). They got no benefits and retreated.

Kung Fu Hustle 功夫(2004)
Kung Fu Hustle-Still

A Xing recalled that in his childhood, he bought the lost martial arts secret collection “Tathagata divine palm” from a profiteer and began to practice martial arts. One day, he saw a girl who couldn’t speak bullied by many people and wanted to help her out, but they knocked her down and even peed on a Xing. The dumb girl wanted to give the wave board candy in her hand to a Xing, but Xing felt deeply insulted and left crying, so she planned to be a bad man when she grew up.

The ax gang leader then invited two well-known experts on the killer list to eradicate the three guys. They used their zither to pop up concealed weapons (shock wave) and killed them in the pig cage City stronghold. In the end, the charterer and the charterer in Zhulongcheng village couldn’t bear it. They exposed their long-hidden Kung Fu (Taijiquan and lion roar), beat the two killers down, lost all their martial arts, and avenged the three neighbors.

Kung Fu Hustle 功夫(2004)
Kung Fu Hustle-Still-2

The ax gang can’t stand it. Using Xing’s skill of unlocking, From the “abnormal human research center” (mental hospital), it released the “Huoyun evil god” (Liang Xiaolong), which is known as the No. 1 expert in Wulin, hoping to deal with the landlord couple with high martial arts in zhulongcheng village. As expected, the evil god of Huoyun lived up to the expectations of the ax gang and conquered the charterer. At a critical time, a Xing defected from the ax gang and helped the charterer, but unfortunately, he fell into the hands of the fire cloud evil god.

The evil god of Huoyun almost killed a Xing. In the chaos, he not only hurt the charterer and the charterer but also killed the leader of the ax gang. And became the new ax gang leader. But I didn’t expect that a Xing’s Ren Du pulse was opened up by the fist of the Huoyun evil god. In addition, Xing practiced the “Tathagata God palm” when he was young. A Xing suddenly had shocking martial arts. Finally, the fire cloud evil god took the ax to help the people go to the pig cage City stronghold to duel with a Xing.

A Xing used the “Tathagata palm” to break the “toad skill” of the fire cloud evil god and defeat the fire cloud evil god. The last concealed weapon of the fire cloud evil god, “Lotus poison arrow”, was also cracked by a Xing, so that the fire cloud evil god surrendered to a Xing.

After everything was calm, a Xing and the dumb girl met again.

Accolades of Kung Fu Hustle

Amsterdam Fantastic Film FestivalWon
Critics’ Choice Movie AwardsBest Foreign-Language FilmWon
Florida Film Critics CircleBest Foreign FilmWon
Golden Horse AwardsBest FilmWon
Best Make Up & Costume DesignWon
Best DirectorWon
Best Supporting ActressWon
Best Visual EffectWon
Hong Kong Film Awards Best Film EditingWon
Best PictureWon
Best Sound EffectsWon
Best Supporting ActorWon
Best Visual EffectsWon
Hong Kong Film Critics Society AwardsFilm of MeritWon

Film Review of Kung Fu Hustle

The mayhem and anarchy that Chow serves up are pretty atypical and pretty pathological, but it’s exuberant, exhilarating entertainment.

The Guardian

Veering like a drunken driver between naïve sweetness and startling cruelty, Kung Fu Hustle is infuriatingly erratic, very, very funny and occasionally just flat-out insane.


If Hero was stupidly beautiful, this is beautifully stupid.


Kung Fu Hustle Full Movie HD

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