When will allow international students back to China fully?

Hi, My name is Gloria and I am a student at Hainan Medical University. I spent about 4 years in the current coronavirus situation, and extending my stay for 4 years was really a big struggle, So I understand the struggle for you out there while waiting to come back to China. Exactly like you all guys struggling to come back to continue your studies we suffered a lot.

With good news for all international students is that you can come back to China,

Trust me, that’s True,

and it’s legit news now the wait is over!!!  

Hope everyone is having a wonderful time with family, you know what, I am a victim who is waiting to see my family, let me tell you why, Because I am one of the students who came to China to study on September 21, 2019. It was a wonderful beginning of my career, You can say that it was my dream to study abroad specially in China, I was a fresh student with a great positive vibe and ambition to peruse my Dream to become a doctor. China is a wonderful country I was astonished by the technology and advancement. It was a melodious journey for the first time in my life, I was abroad full of security and independence in the air of China. No Doubt China is one of the safest and law regulatory countries where every domestic and foreigner is safe here.

Unpleasant calamity pauses life

As everything was going smoothly, unfortunately, a natural calamity badly hit China-Coronavirus. this virus was the saddest part not in my life but in everyone’s life, the daily hustle and bustle of life the cheering of birds the joyful moments of kids young and old suddenly stop, this virus spread so fast, it turn into a global emergency, A lot of people lost their dear who was affected and lost the battle of their life. Life suddenly stopped, due to this impact a lot of foreigners moved back to their countries and some stayed here in China.

When will allow international students back to China fully?

And fought this battle against the virus with bravery and survived, this also impacted on student life those who went back to their lives and normal off-campus studies got a pause. they were switched to online academic courses because China was in a serious emergency situation to eliminate this risk and bring life to normal.

When will allow international students back to China?

After 3 years of all striving and effort. Finally, here is good news the government of China and educational departments work together effortlessly to bring students back to campus and regulate their normal studies.

Currently, the Chinese border as partially open. X1 visa applications are open for international students to apply to Chinese student visas. However, not every student has been contacted yet. Even though visa applications are open, universities will only permit students to return in small groups or batches. Therefore, some students have not been given permission to return as the universities pursue a gradual opening plan. You will be contacted eventually, but please maintain patience as the border opening is gradual.

When will allow international students back to China fully?
Student who returning to China undergo health checks at Pudong Port

However, the process will not be immediate. In some cases, senior students are being called back first and first-year/part-time students will be the last. Flights back to China remain limited, and the high prices of flights and quarantine could still be a barrier to some students.

In order to the safe return of international students, the Government of China with the association of regulatory bodies decided to call students back to continue their education on campus step after step they are updating on their official website, you can visit your website according to your country.

List of Countries that have good news to back to China

Here is the list of countries that have already sent students back to China or have posted visa notices on their embassy website:

United KingdomIrelandRwandaSingaporeNepalMyanmarLiberiaCanadaThailand, Russia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Solomon Islands, South Korea, Nicaragua, MalaysiaMexicoIndonesiaZambiaSouth AfricaTanzaniaMoroccoIndiaUSALebanonGhanaHungaryFrance, PeruPanamaTajikistanQatarBahrainMontenegroMaltaPalestineAlgeriaSwedenTurkeyLatviaEstoniaGreeceNorth MacedoniaCzech RepublicHungaryIsraelJordanOman.

Where to find the latest NEWS about back to China

The first authoritative and reliable source, of course, is from the embassy website in your country, you should pay attention to the change in the sites.

And there are some other updated resources that may be helpful:

1, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Spokesperson will press the news at Regular Press Conference


2, China Admission updates weekly about returning to China


3, And the China International Student Union on Twitter always shares the latest information

4, You can also search the hashtag #takeUsBackToChina on Twitter or Facebook

5, The WentChina have created a group to share the news and experience about returning to China


Student’s guidelines for returning process.

So, the first step is needed to contact your university and find out if your university fall in the category to start on-campus studies of your program or not. In order to maintain the safety of all the students who are willing to travel back, and to avoid the risk of any other progression of COVID virus the ministry has decided to call back students in different badges and groups. if your university is already in the category so, you need to ask them for the No Objection Certificate (NOC).

Then after getting NOC from the university, you need to ask them to mail your name

To the corresponding embassy working in your country for China visa processing

After then that of successful visa process moves to the next step. entry to China.

Given below is a sample of NOC from one of the Chinese universities.

When will allow international students back to China fully?
NOC (No objection certificate currently release from Hainan medical university)

Before departure need to be ready for!

Before departure student must have all their valid documents, including their legit vaccine card, Travel documents and a series of Nucleic acid tests with all negative results this is mandatory.

On arrival at the airport, the passenger must have 24 hrs. negative nucleic acid test report. a pre-active GREEN TRAVEL CODE, later on when you are done and ready to onboard your flight next step fly and arrive in China. remember to make your mind ready to enter the next step to safely arrive in China to follow all Rules and regulations including on-arrival examination and quarantine management. it is the Foremost duty of passengers to implement all the rules which are prescribed by the government for the safe arrival of students and to start normal life without the progression of any risk factor.

Arrival to China quarantine policy.

After student arrive to the designated city province on the airport the quarantine team give a follow-up Process and take students toward their designated quarantine area (already designated quarantine areas hotels etc.), during the whole process series of test will be monitored

And they will make sure health, you are wondering how many days need to quarantine? right

So, when you arrive in China there are actually two phases minimum is 7 days of quarantine at your first destination after that when you fly towards your university, every university has its own regulations some are doing 7 days some are doing 10 days it depends on their strategies.

Students frequent ask questions FAQ

1, Can we travel without informing our university administration?

No, you can’t actually it is a centralized system so you need to follow all rules and regulations released by the government of China and the Strategies made by your university. So it is mandatory from the beginning to your final destination to stay in contact with regulatory bodies.

2, Can we reduce our quarantine days and can travel freely?

No, you cannot you are bound to some rules while coming back to avoid any Difficulty and for a smooth process need to stick with terms and conditions

3, Can we choose our own hotels for quarantine when we enter China?

No, you cannot need to follow management they already designated a special Quarantine area for the travelers.

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