18 Tips from a Senior Who Studied in China for 4+ Years

There are many foreign students want to study in China, but it is difficult to find a real way to understand China. We looked for students who have already studied in China to share their experiences and give advice. This time,let‘s listen tips from a senior who studied in china for more than 4 years.

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Hi there, I am currently studying in China at the Hainan Medical University, I am a 4th-year medical student and I’ve been in China for more than 4 years now, I would love to talk about the things that you need to know before you come to China to study.

First, let’s talk about some of the challenges you must face when thinking about studying in China.

1, Choosing the right university

Choosing the right university is crucial and the first step that you need to put into consideration before making the next decision.

The name of my university is Hainan Medical University 海南医学院 is on an island named HAINAN 海南岛.

The Campus view of Hainan Medical University

China is one of the world’s most populated countries and the most densely populated.

This indicates that China has a huge number of universities, which makes the student sometimes confused. You will always need to research all available universities and the majors and study programs they offer.

Also, another way to overcome this difficulty is to check out the number of international students the university accepts (along of course with finding out if they offer the subject area you are looking to study). For example, Peking University has 95% acceptance rate of international students if you meet all the admission requirements. 

Make sure also to specify the language study you are researching. Some universities may offer programs in English, but some may not. And unless you are fluent in the Mandarin language, check if the university you are looking into offers courses in the language, you’re proficient in.

2, Facing the language barrier

The language is the most common challenge among students who want to study in China or anywhere. Studying in China makes you face the challenge of the Chinese language, which is among the most difficult languages in the world. I have faced difficulty in fact I still do feel difficulty, especially when talking with the locals, but it has become a lot better as my Chinese has improved a lot than before.

This will allow you to face difficulties like communicating with Chinese students and talking to Chinese people in daily dealings. To overcome the language challenge, be sure to take courses in the Chinese language and learn. Also, make friends with Chinese students, and stay in touch. This way you will develop your language skills.

3, Adapt to diversity culture

The culture differs from one country to another. We know that. China has huge cultural diversity since it has the largest population of the world. This also means the presence of many and diverse cultures.

The advantage of Chinese culture is that it merges a mixture of many cultures. A wonderful experience to say the least. It is for you to familiarize yourself with customs and to take an initial look at the characteristics of Chinese society.

4, Cost of living and accommodation

The challenge of finding suitable student accommodation is one of the most common problems facing any student. Like any international student, you must prepare well for a university study trip to China.

18 Tips from a Senior Who Studied in China for 4+ Years
Accommondation for students in Hainan Medical Univerity

One of the main things is to have suitable accommodation in China. Please contact the university that has your registration. All information should be taken care of, including your housing options, from your admission office.

5, Choose the right city!

One of the things that students most wonder about is what is the right city to study in China. This alone has an answer to the challenges faced by students in China. I live in Hainan Haikou, and I can tell you one thing its hot in summer, but I like it that way because it has a lot of beaches and I like living on an island if you are someone from a middle eastern country or from Pakistan like me, you’re going to love it.

If you like, you can watch this video and feel the beauty.

As a student, the most important thing is to find a city that is right to the proper costs of studying, living, and advantages in China.

6, Working during studies

Recently, international students are allowed to work during their school years in China to cover specific parts of their living and study costs. Usually, universities can arrange for students to find part-time jobs, so this is the first place to go if you plan to work during your studies in China. 

However, some universities don’t allow you to work so you should put this into consideration before you choose to come and choose the right university.

Moreover, there are many scholarships in China that contribute to full or partial sponsorship. Whether it is a government scholarship or a scholarship funded by private organizations, you should get enough funding to cover a big part of your study without worrying about finances. 

Now let’s talk about some other facts

7, Do I need a student visa?

For international students studying abroad in China, F Visas are required for students who plan to study in China for less than six months, while X visas are required to studying China for over six months. Even though China is a closed country, obtaining a visa to study abroad is a fairly simple process for international students studying abroad in China, which most programs will help guide you through. Just be sure to allow yourself plenty of time, consult your specific program provider, and check out details about the visa policy specific to your home country.

8, What are the pros and cons of studying abroad in China in summer vs. other times?


  • A shorter program means a lower cost, so study abroad China summer programs can be more financially affordable for students on a tight budget.
  • Fun excursions are almost always included in summer study abroad programs in China, and if they aren’t, you can always travel before or after!
  • Studying abroad in China in the summer means you will earn academic credits during a shorter time than taking a class during the regular semester, and it won’t seem like you are even taking any credits half the time.
  • Spending the summer traveling and taking classes abroad is a great way to satisfy your itch for travel in a way that keeps Mom and Dad happy, as you will continue to work toward your educational or career goals.


  • Chinese summers can be exceptionally hot and muggy in the big cities, so plan accordingly!
  • While you might be left wondering why they still drink boiling-hot tea during the summer months, the list of super-fun activities for your summer in China exceeds the number of Chinese characters that exist.

9, Most common classes in China

What are popular classes for students studying abroad in China?

Common academic areas of study in China include math, economics, engineering, political science, urban development, medicine and Mandarin. Programs available in major Chinese cities usually combine academic study with a variety of intensive language lessons and culturally immersive opportunities.

18 Tips from a Senior Who Studied in China for 4+ Years
Hainan Medical University Students in the Class

If you are worried about being taught in the local language, fear not! There are plenty of ways that you can study in China in English, even though we recommend taking some basic, entry-level language classes to help with everyday communication, not to mention the chance to learn more about their vastly rich culture. We have a feeling that no matter your major, you can knock out a considerable number of credits while studying in China thanks to its excellent universities and relative popularity amongst American students studying abroad.

and now, Let us talk about some tips:

10, The food is different

I love their food. It is phenomenally varied, with each region having its own kitchen. None of it, however, is anything like what you would eat back home. If you want to eat that, then you must go to special restaurants and then often you will get their interpretation of what western food is.

There is a list of Chinese food if you like.

11, Travel!!

China is a vast and huge country and is the world’s most populated country with 1,370 million people, accounting for about 18.9% of the world’s population living in this lively and exciting country home. If you go explore this huge country, you will discover many areas of China will astound you with colorful rural beauty, stunning sceneries, and traditional lifestyles and cultures, while all major metropolitan cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou are likely to make your head spin with their sparkling bright lights and truly world-class city excitement.

And there is a list of Chinese attractions if you like.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to navigate China. You can plan your travel plans with friends. There are instructions and information available on tourist sites and places. China is well-networked, and the train system is fantastic, and you can rely on it.

Apps like Amap etc. can make navigation easier.

By then, Some other topics I wanted to discuss before you come to China

12, Exchanging money

Besides withdrawing money with a debit card, it is, of course, also possible to bring cash into euros/dollars and exchange them in China for Chinese currency. You can exchange immediately at the airport, usually in the same halls where you can also find the ATMs. Besides, in hotels where many foreign guests stay, it is also generally possible to exchange money. Some people find it a more certain feeling to have real money with them, but of course, you arrive in China with a lot of money in your pocket.

13, Documents apply for student’s visa

  • An admission ticket (plus copy) of the school.
  • A JW201 or a JW202 form (plus copy) sent to you by the school.
  • A printout of your plane tickets both to and over from China. The escape does not have to be back to your own country but can also go to another country.
  • Admission letter

14, Most people do not speak English on the streets

It seems logical in the countryside, but even in big cities and in places like hotel receptions or at the airport there is a higher probability of finding an English-speaking staff. on campuses, many Chinese students speak English and its easier to make friends

15, Keep your masks on

Mainly because of covid you must make sure you always have a mask on

16, Respect the elderly and teachers

Respect old people and your teachers. Compared with foreigners, Chinese people should show respect to old people or teachers. It is unnecessary to bow to them, which is an etiquette of the Japanese, but you have to pay attention to these things:

  • 1)when you answer questions from a teacher in class, you should stand up;
  • 2)if an old man stands beside you on the bus and you have a seat, you should offer your seat to him;
  • 3)if you go to the home of a friend and if his parents cook for you, it’s your obligation to chat with his parents and answer their questions even if the questions you feel are a little offensive to your privacy, you should understand the old generation of Chinese have less conception about privacy.

Appropriate clothing – If you are arriving in winter then absolutely pack some warm clothes, especially if you are heading anywhere but the south. It can be -10c in places like Beijing for much of the winter. If you are arriving in Summer, then be prepared for that. The sun might not be so strong, but it is very humid in most regions through the summer.

17, Translate app

Get the translation downloaded on your phone and then also download the Chinese – English translation pack from within the app. This will let you translate phrases when you arrive without needing to connect to any internet (most public Wi-Fi in China requires a Chinese phone number). you can download any other app if u want.

There are some apps you can choose: Useful tools in China

18, Learn Chinese Langauge

Try to have a base of Chinese language before you come, otherwise, you will struggle with language. and if you have passed the HSK exam will be great, you can get better universities and scholarships.

18 Tips from a Senior Who Studied in China for 4+ Years
Hainan Medical University in the Class

Okay, that is what I want to share with you, not all are great tips, but if 1 tip helps you that will be worth it, wish you a good trip to study in China.

and if you have any other questions, just feel free to leave your comments.

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