Huai‘an 淮安


Chinese Name: 淮安

English Name: Huai‘an;Hwaian; Huai-an

Other Name: 淮阴 Huaiyin

Abbreviation: 淮 Huai

Zip Code: 22 30 00

Population: 4.556 million

Huai‘an 淮安
Huai’an 淮安

Brief Introduction

Huai’an 淮安, subordinate to Jiangsu Province, is an important central city in the north of Jiangsu Province, a closely enclosed city in the metropolitan circle of Nanjing, and the first leading city in the Huaihe River Ecological Economic Belt 淮河生态经济带.

Huai ‘an is located in the middle and north of Jiangsu province, east of the Jianghuai Plain. Huai ‘an is located in the Yangtze River Delta region, at the intersection of the ancient Huai River and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and on the Qinling-Huai River line 秦岭淮河线, the dividing line between North and south China. It has Hongze Lake 洪泽湖, the fourth largest freshwater lake in China; It is a national civilized city, a national historical and cultural city, a national health city, a national garden city, a national model city for environmental protection, a national low-carbon pilot city, and an excellent tourist city in China.

According to the seventh population census, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Huai’an is 4.556 million. In 2021, Huaian’s GDP will reach 455.013 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Huai‘an

In 2015, there were 41 national A-level scenic spots in Huai ‘an, among which Zhou Enlai Guili scenic Spot in Huai ‘an was approved as a national 5A level scenic spot and 12 4A level scenic spots. There are 41 provincial star-rated rural tourism areas, 3 provincial self-drive travel bases, 2 provincial tourism resorts, and 2 provincial ecological tourism areas. Huai’an city has more than 100 cultural relics protection units at all levels, with more than 40,000 cultural relics in the collection, and more than 50 scenic spots and scenic spots have been developed or are under development.

Huai‘an 淮安
Hongze lake 洪泽湖

Some special scenic spots in Huai‘an

  • First Mountain National Forest Park 第一山国家森林公园
  • Tieshan Temple National Forest Park 铁山寺国家森林公园
  • ChuXiuYuan 楚秀园
  • Ancient Huaihe Cultural ecological scenic spot 古淮河文化生态景区
  • Hongze lake 洪泽湖
  • Qing YanYuan 清晏园
  • Spoon lake 勺湖
  • Golden Lake Water Forest Park 金湖水上森林公园
  • Former residence of Zhou Enlai 周恩来故居
  • Former residence of Wu Cheng ‘en 吴承恩故居
  • Han Xin home 韩信故里
  • Ming ZuLing 明祖陵
  • Under the river town 河下古镇
  • Qingjiang Pu floor 清江浦楼
  • Miao tong tower 妙通塔

Famous Universities in Huai‘an

In 2016, There were 424 kindergartens, 252 primary schools, 157 junior high schools, 31 senior high schools, 20 secondary vocational schools, 7 colleges and universities, and 7 special education schools.

Huai‘an 淮安
Huaiyin Institute of Technology 淮阴工学院

List of universities and colleges in Huai‘an

  • Nanjing Forestry University (Huai’an Campus) 南京林业大学(淮安校区)
  • Huaiyin Normal University 淮阴师范学院
  • Huaiyin Institute of Technology 淮阴工学院
  • Jiangsu Electronic Information Vocational College 江苏电子信息职业学院
  • Yan Huang Vocational and Technical College 炎黄职业技术学院
  • Jiangsu Food and Drug Vocational Technical College 江苏食品药品职业技术学院
  • Jiangsu College of Finance and Economics 江苏财经职业技术学院
  • Jiangsu Nursing Vocational College 江苏护理职业学院

Diet of Huai‘an

Huaian and Yangzhou are the main birthplaces of Huaiyang cuisine淮扬菜, which together with Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, and Guangdong cuisine are called the four major cuisines of China. Huaiyang Cuisine is the general name of the local cuisine of Huaian, Yangzhou, and Zhenjiang. Huai cuisine is one of the four classical cuisines in The Sui and Tang Dynasties 隋唐朝代. Huai Cuisine is the region of Huai River represented by Huai ‘an.

Huai‘an 淮安
Huaian ChaSan 淮安茶馓

Some specialty snacks in Huai‘an

  • Huaian ChaSan 淮安茶馓
  • Soft pocket long fish 软兜长鱼
  • Wenlou soup bag 文楼汤包
  • Kaiyang braised cattail dishes 开洋扒蒲菜
  • PingQiao tofu 平桥豆腐
  • Qin Gong pork round 钦工肉圆
  • Hongze Lake live fish pot stickers 洪泽湖活鱼锅贴
  • Sour soup fish circle 酸汤鱼圆
  • Big burning saddle bridge 大烧马鞍桥
  • Gao Gou Kun Ti 高沟捆蹄
  • Huai dumpling 淮饺

Huai‘an Transportation

Shipping: Huaian city is crisscrossed by water transport channels. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal 京杭大运河 runs through the city from north to south and is supported by the salt River channel, Huaihe River channel to the sea, river channel, and other channels, which make the water transport network of Huaian reach the sea and realize the transformation of Huaian from the traditional “canal economy”运河经济 to “Haihe economy”海河经济.

Aviation: Huai’an City has built Huai’an Lianshui International Airport淮安涟水国际机场, which is a national first-class open airport, further consolidating Huai’an’s position as a transportation hub.

Huai’an City Jiangsu Province China

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