Hefei 合肥


Chinese Name: 合肥

English Name: Hefei

Other Name: Luzhou 庐州; Luyang 庐阳; Hezhou合州;

Abbreviation: Lu 庐、He合

Zip Code: 23 00 00

Population: 9.370 million

Hefei 合肥
Hefei 合肥

Brief Introduction

Hefei 合肥, the capital of Anhui Province is located in east China and central Anhui. It is an ancient city in China with a history of more than two thousand years.

Hefei is wan Jiang city belt core city, G60 Science and Innovation Corridor Central City G60科创中心城市, “One Belt And One Road”一带一路 strategic two-node city and the Yangtze River economic belt, comprehensive national science center, world cities alliance member of science and technology, China’s integrated circuit industry center city, national science, and technology innovation pilot city, one of China’s four big science and education base.

Hefei 合肥
Hefei nocturne合肥夜景

He Fei 合肥 is the sub-central city of China’s Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration 中国长三角城市群, an important national scientific research and education base, a modern manufacturing base, and a comprehensive transportation hub. By November 2020, The city has 4 districts, 4 counties, and 1 county-level city under its jurisdiction, with a total area of 11,445 square kilometers, including 528.5 square kilometers of built-up area. The permanent population of the city is 9,369,900 and the urbanization rate is 82.28%. In 2021, Hefei’s GDP reached 144.128 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Hefei

He Fei 合肥 is an excellent tourist city in China, and Sanhe Ancient Town is a national AAAAA tourist attraction. As of 2015, Hefei had 6 national key cultural relics protected units, 36 under provincial protection, and 54 under municipal protection. In 2015, there were 157 A-level scenic spots in the city, among which 23 were above the 4A level.

Hefei 合肥
Hefei Sanhe Ancient Town map合肥三河古镇图

List of Major tourist attractions in Hefei

  • Sanhe Ancient Town
  • Hefei City God Temple
  • Longquan Ancient Temple
  • Changing Town
  • Hui Garden
  • Ming Dynasty Tombs
  • Longyun Temple
  • Lotus Temple
  • Daguan Yin Temple
  • Ma Zheng Temple
  • Crouching Mountain
  • Yuantong Mountain
  • Four Top Mountain
  • Zhou Gong Mountain
  • Big Shu Mountain National forest park
  • Double Phoenix Lake tourism resort
  • Wolong Mountain
  • Hefei Binhu National Forest Park
  • Bao Ancestral hall
  • Xiaoyao Jin
  • Zhou Yu Tomb
  • Yuan Shu Ancient Mound Tomb
  • Three Kingdoms New City Site Park

Famous Universities in Hefei

Hefei has all kinds of colleges and universities 60, with 628600 students in school; Among them, there are 50 regular colleges and universities with 545,500 students. Hefei has two university towns, Hefei University Town and Modian University Town. On September 7, 2021, it was identified by the Ministry of Education as the second batch of pilot units for the construction of artificial intelligence boosting teacher team.

Hefei 合肥
The Hefei University of Technology 合肥工业大学

List of universities and colleges in Hefei

University of Science and Technology of China中国科学技术大学
The Hefei University of Technology合肥工业大学
Anhui university安徽大学
Anhui Agricultural University安徽农业大学
Anhui Medical University安徽医科大学
Anhui Jianzhu University安徽建筑大学
Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine安徽中医药大学
Hefei college合肥学院
Hefei Normal University合肥师范学院
Anhui University of Arts安徽艺术学院
Anhui medical university clinical medical school安徽医科大学临床医学院
Anhui Xinhua University安徽新华学院
Anhui University of Foreign Languages安徽外国语学院
Hefei University of Economics合肥经济学院

Diet in Hefei

Hefei is famous for Luzhou cuisine and Jianghuai cuisine. He Fei cuisine, also known as Luzhou cuisine, is one of the five representative dishes of Anhui cuisine.

The representative dishes of Hefei cuisine are smelly dry-fried thousand pieces, Luzhou roast duck, Bao Gong fish, Free and easy chicken, Sanhe rice dumplings, Feixi old mother chicken soup, Wushan Goose, and so on.

Hefei 合肥
Hefei cuisine Luzhou roast duck 合肥美食之庐州烤鸭

Opera of Hefei

Hefei is the birthplace of Luju opera, Luju opera used to be called “Inverted seven Operas”, commonly known as “xiao xi”, “Prayer and sacrifice Opera”, and “Xiaoman Opera”, is one of the main local operas in Anhui Province, popular in the middle of Anhui, west Anhui, large areas along the River and some areas of Jiangnan. Luju opera was developed on the basis of the folk songs of the Da Bei Mountains and the Hua Deng dances and dances of the Huaihe River by absorbing the singing tones of Luo gu shu (Gate Song), Duan gong Opera, and Hi Zi Opera.

Hefei 合肥
Hefei luju opera performance 合肥庐剧表演

Religious of Hefei

There are five major religions in Hefei, namely Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, and Christianity. The city’s religious organizations include The Buddhist Association of Hefei, the Catholic Patriotic Association of Hefei, the Three-self Patriotic Movement Committee of Hefei, and the Christian Association of Hefei.

Hefei Tourism Guide

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