Guilinggao 龟苓膏


Chinese Name: 龟苓膏

English Name: Guilinggao; Tortoise Jelly; Guiling Jelly; Guiling Paste; Guiling cream; Guiling Ointment

Category: Snack小吃

Main Ingredients: Guiling cream powder

Guilinggao 龟苓膏
Delicious Guilinggao

Guilinggao龟苓膏 is a traditional medicated diet with a long history. It is said that it was originally a precious medicine for the emperor in the Qing palace. It is mainly made of precious chick-billed turtle鹰嘴龟 and tuckahoe as raw materials土茯苓, combined with raw land and other drugs. The food is suitable for all ages. It has the effects of moistening the intestines, defecating, beautifying, and refreshing. Therefore, it is loved by people and sells well at home and abroad.

Guilinggao 龟苓膏
Guiling cream in a pink container

According to the survey, the origin of Guiling ointment is in Wuzhou梧州, which was called Cangwu County苍梧郡 in ancient times. During the Three Kingdoms period三国时期, when Liu Bei, the emperor of Shu Han蜀汉, just died, some southerners took the opportunity to start a rebellion, and Zhuge Liang诸葛亮 personally went out to calm the chaos, which is probably related to the story of “seven capture of Meng Huo七擒孟获” in the romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Guilinggao 龟苓膏
Guiling cream with watermelon

It is said that Zhuge Liang stationed troops in Cangwu county during his southern expedition. At that time, most of the soldiers were from the north. When they first arrived in the south, they were acclimatized. Most of the soldiers vomited up and down, seriously affecting their combat effectiveness.

Zhuge Liang was very anxious and hurried to ask the local people to find out. Local people say that Wuzhou has a humid, hot, and foggy climate, so they offer a recipe and drink it in soup with local specialty tortoise and Tu Fu土茯. Then Zhuge Liang ordered the sergeant to try. Sure enough, the soup worked like a God, and most of the soldiers recovered.

Guilinggao 龟苓膏
Delicious Guiling cream

The above allusions are not recorded in the official history and should be fabricated. However, it is true that Wuzhou has a humid, hot, and foggy climate. It is also a fact that Guiling ointment is a folk traditional medicinal diet in Wuzhou. As early as the early 1940s, Wuzhou had the production and operation of Guiling ointment.

Guilinggao 龟苓膏
Attractive Guiling cream

The production of Guiling ointment must be soaked and refined for a long time to extract the effective components of tortoiseshell and its traditional Chinese medicine, so the food presents dark brown. The taste of Guiling cream is slightly bitter. It will taste sweet after eating. Guiling cream tastes smooth and tender, easy to melt in the mouth, sweet and delicious.

How to make Guilinggao?


  • 30g Guiling cream powder
  • A proper amount of water
  • 2 Yellow Gardenia黄栀子
Guilinggao 龟苓膏


  • Step 1, Pour 30g Guiling cream powder and 750ml clear water into a small pot and fully stir with an egg beater to melt.
  • Step 2, Fire and stir slowly while cooking (to avoid deposition).
  • Step 3, When the water boils, turn off the fire. After turning off the fire, there is no need to stir again.
  • Step 4, The cooked Guiling cream can be directly put into the pot to cool, or you can change the container to cool. After cooling, you can cut it into pieces for consumption (if you don’t eat it, for the time being, you can cut it into pieces and put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration, so that you can eat it later).
  • Step 5, Prepare a bowl of Gardenia water (this Gardenia water can clear the fire and is also very effective for the oral ulcer and gum inflammation. You can also drink it in water at ordinary times. If you don’t like Gardenia flavor, you can match it with other desserts).
  • Step 6, Add a spoonful of honey and it’s done.
Guilinggao 龟苓膏
Guiling paste


  • When mixing the Guiling cream powder into a paste, you can let it stand for a while and then stir it. It will be easier to stir and reduce the pimples.

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