Fuqi Feipian 夫妻肺片


Chinese Name: 夫妻肺片

English Name: Fuqi Ox Lung Slice; Husband and Wife Lung Tablets; Husband and Wife Lung Piece

Category: Sichuan Cuisine川菜

Main Ingredients: Ox head skin; Tripe; Beef tongue

Fuqi Feipian 夫妻肺片
Fuqi Feipian

Fuqi Feipian夫妻肺片 is a traditional famous dish in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, belonging to the Sichuan cuisine川菜. The dish was created by Guo Chaohua郭朝华 and Zhang Tianzheng张田政. It is usually made of the beef scalp, beef heart, beef tongue, beef tripe and beef. Fuqi Feipian is marinated and then sliced. Then add chili oil, pepper noodles and other auxiliary materials to make red oil and pour it on it. It has the advantages of fine production, beautiful color, tender quality, fresh taste, spicy and strong fragrance, and is very palatable.

Fuqi Feipian 夫妻肺片
Giant pandas are eating husband and wife lung tablets

In the 1930s, Guo Chaohua and his wife Zhang Tianzheng sold cold lung slices. They made them by themselves, walked around the streets and hawked baskets. At first, they chose leftovers from beef shops as ingredients, which were cheap and delicious, and were very popular. Later, they found that the taste of cow lung was not good, so they canceled it.

Fuqi Feipian 夫妻肺片
Delicious husband and wife lung tablets

In 1933, Mr. and Mrs. Guo opened a shop near Chengdu Banbianqiao半边桥 (now it is on the right side of the back door of the people’s park). The name of the shop was officially named “Fuqi Feipian”, and the plaque was written in gold and black, which was written by calligrapher Zhao Yunyu赵蕴玉.

Fuqi Feipian 夫妻肺片
Husband and wife lung slices clamped with chopsticks

After the founding of the people’s Republic of China中华人民共和国, during the period of Public-private partnership公私合营, the Fuqi Feipian shop of Guo and his wife, like other traditional famous restaurants, was incorporated into the State-owned unit国营单位. Later, through the efforts of several generations, Fuqi Feipian became a famous cooked food product at home and abroad.

Fuqi Feipian 夫妻肺片
Hand-painted husband and wife lung slices

In May 2017, GQ magazine published the latest “2017 American catering ranking list” released by brettmartin, a master of catering products. The signature cold dish “Fuqi Feipian” of peppertwins Sichuan restaurant in Houston topped the list and was selected as the “appetizer of the year年度开胃菜”.

How to make Fuqi Feipian?


  • 200g ox head skin tripe
  • 150g beef heart
  • 200g ox tongue
  • One ox bone
  • 100g parsley
  • 15g star anise
  • 15g cinnamon
  • 15g grass fruit
  • 15g fragrant leaves
  • 15g fennel
  • 15g cardamom
  • 15g ginger
  • 15g salt
  • 10ml cooking wine
Fuqi Feipian 夫妻肺片


  • Step 1, Blanch the processed tripe, beef bone, beef tongue and beef heart for brine, put them into the pot in cold water, boil until boiling, remove them, put them into purified water, wash off the foam and set them aside.
  • Step 2, Prepare the brine. This dish uses white brine. The spices are mainly pepper, fennel, grass fruit, star anise, cinnamon and fragrant leaves. And Put these into the bag.
  • Step 3, After the water in the brine pot is boiled, add spice bags, ginger and beef bones, add salt and cooking wine and cook for half an hour to spread the fragrance. Then you can put tripe, beef, tongue, heart and head skin in.
  • Step 4, After the fire boils, turn it into a small fire, and turn it over with chopsticks from time to time to prevent sticking to the pot. We usually buy ox head skins that are cooked, so we need to take them out after stewing for about 20 minutes. Other materials can be taken out and cooled after stewing for about an hour.
  • Step 5, While waiting to cool down, let’s mix the spicy mixture: put a little salt, sugar, pepper powder, soy sauce and red pepper in the bowl and stir evenly.
  • Step 6, Take out the ingredients that are thoroughly cooled and slice them one by one. Leave only one tablespoon of oil, cook wine with medium-hot fragrant ginger slices and mushrooms; Add soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, add meatballs to color, then add chicken soup and mushroom water; After boiling, cook for about 2 to 3 minutes. Then Take out the meatballs and put them on the plate.
  • Step 7, Put the ingredients into the mixing bowl, add the parsley section, pour in the spicy mixture, and mix well.
  • Step 8, Drizzle a little red oil, sprinkle a little cooked sesame and broken peanuts, and decorate with a few celery leaves.
  • Step 9, A spicy and delicious husband and wife lung slice is finished.
Fuqi Feipian 夫妻肺片
Attractive husband and wife lung tablets

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