Dying to Survive 我不是药神

The most interesting thing about “Dying to Survive,” a new Chinese drama about one man’s struggle to profit and then preach about healthcare reform, is its familiarity.


Chinese Name:我不是药神

English Name:Dying to Survive

Other Names:Drug Dealer

Director: Muye Wen文牧野

Screenwriter: Jianv Han,Muye Wen,Wei Zhong

Starring: Xu Zheng徐峥,Yiwei Zhou,Chuan-jun Wang

Release Year:2018

Running time :1h 57m

Dying to Survive 我不是药神
Dying to Survive 我不是药神

Brief Introduction of Dying to Survive

Dying to Survive is directed by Wen Muye, CO produced by Ning Hao and Xu Zheng and starred by Xu Zheng, Zhou Yiwei, Wang Chuanjun, Tan Zhuo, Zhang Yu and Yang Xinming. The film was released in China on July 5, 2018.

The film tells the story of Cheng Yong, the owner of an Indian Oil shop, who became the exclusive agent of the Indian generic drug “Lenin” from a male health care product vendor who couldn’t pay the rent.

On March 12, 2020, Dying to Survive released a Japanese poster with the title translated as “God of medicine”. It is determined that it will be released in Japan from May 1.

Plot of Dying to Survive

Cheng Yong(Xu Zhen), the owner of the Indian Oil shop, has a poor life. There is little business in the shop. His father is critically ill and the operating expenses are not fully raised. His ex-wife conceived a child with a rich man and took away the custody of his son.

Dying to Survive 我不是药神
Xu Zhen in Dying to Survive

One day, a patient with leukemia came to the store and begged him to bring back a batch of imitation special drugs from India, so that patients who can’t afford to buy genuine drugs at sky-high prices can keep a glimmer of life. Cheng Yong, who was unwilling to do anything but had no way out, got a fortune overnight and saved countless people with affordable special drugs, which made him known as the “God of medicine” by patients. However, with the interests, it was a multi-party tug of war that put his life and the lives of poor patients in crisis.

Dying to Survive 我不是药神
Dying to Survive -Still

Accolades of Dying to Survive

201855th Golden Horse AwardsBest Feature FilmNominated
Best Leading ActorWon
Best Supporting Actor Nominated
Best New DirectorWon
Best Original ScreenplayWon
Best Makeup & Costume Design Nominated
Best Film Editing Nominated
42nd Montreal World Film FestivalBest ScreenplayWon
5th Silk Road International Film FestivalBest Feature FilmWon
38th Hong Kong Film AwardsBest Film from Mainland and TaiwanWon

Film Review of Dying to Survive

Combined with partial reality, with great written and brilliant acting, one of the best films I’ve ever seen in recent years.


The most interesting thing about “Dying to Survive,” a new Chinese drama about one man’s struggle to profit and then preach about healthcare reform, is its familiarity.

Roger Ebert

Wen Muye’s record-breaking social drama ‘Dying to Survive,’ based on a real-life story, lauds a Chinese businessman for circumventing big pharma and illegally importing cheap generic medicine.

The Hollywood Reporter

Behind the scenes

The film is adapted from real events, but the specific characters have certain fictional and recreated plots.
In order to better present the different personalities of the characters, the stars have specially experienced life: Wang Chuanjun once lived with the patients in the ward of the hematology department; Zhou Yiwei once went to experience the working state of the police; Yang Xinming went to church to do many interviews, visit patients and so on.

In order to show the character’s weakness, Wang Chuanjun completed 8000 rope skipping every day and lost more than 20 kg. He stayed up for two days in order to show the feeling that the whole person collapsed in front of the camera.

Tan Zhuo practiced for a month and a half for a pole dance play with less than 20 seconds. There are bruises on the legs and damage to the soft tissue of the knee.

Yang Xinming, who can’t speak English at all, needs to recite a lot of English lines word by word.

Dying to Survive 2018 full movie with Subs

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