Dongying 东营


Chinese Name: 东营

English Name: Dongying

Other Name: Youcheng 油城

Abbreviation: Dong 东

Zip Code: 25 70 00

Population: 2.981 million

Dongying 东营
Dongying 东营

Brief Introduction

Dongying 东营, a prefectural city in Shandong province, is approved by The State Council as the central city of the Yellow River Delta in China and an important petroleum base in China.

Dongying is located in the East China area, Shandong province in the northeast China, the delta of the Yellow River estuary, east is near Bohai sea, with Japan, South Korea across the sea, the Beijing-Tianjin tang economic zone in the north, south of Shandong peninsula blue economic zone, to the west radiation vast inland areas, is an important node of the Bohai sea economic zone, an important part of Shandong peninsula urban agglomerations, It is located at the junction of central Plains economic zone and northeast economic zone, Beijing, Tianjin, and Tang economic zone and Jiaodong Peninsula economic zone. Dongying city is a warm temperate continental monsoon climate.

As of 2019, Dongying has jurisdiction over 3 districts and 2 counties. The total area is 8,243 square kilometers. According to the seventh census data, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Dongying is 2,193,518, and the annual GDP of Dongying is 344,172 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Dongying

Dongying city is located in the Yellow River Delta area in the north of Shandong Province, bordering the Bohai Sea in the east and north, Binzhou city in the west, and Zibo city and Weifang city in the south. Swans spread their wings here, you can go to swan Lake to enjoy the lake’s light sky, swans flying. Yellow River here into the sea, you can go to China’s largest delta where the magnificent and vibrant. You can also visit Guangrao, a small town rich in natural resources, to experience ecotourism.

Dongying 东营
Dong Yong park 董永公园

Some special scenic spots in Dongying

  • The Mouth of the Yellow River 黄河入海口
  • Gu Dong seawall 孤东海堤
  • Sun wu temple 孙武祠
  • Fairy river town 仙河镇
  • Sunrise at the mouth of Yellow River 黄河入海口日出
  • New Oil City 新兴石油城
  • Shengli Yellow River Bridge 胜利黄河大桥
  • Central city moisture-proof dike 中心城防潮大堤
  • Yellow River Water Monument 黄河水体纪念碑
  • Shengli Oilfield Science and technology Exhibition Center 胜利油田科技展览中心
  • Qingfeng Lake Park 清风湖公园
  • Dongying History Museum 东营历史博物馆

Famous Universities in Dongying

In 2020, there were 401 kindergartens, 103 primary schools, and 90 junior high schools in the city. There are 43 junior middle schools and 16 regular high schools in the city, one more than last year. There are 3 special education schools and 9 secondary vocational education schools (including technician colleges) in the city.

Dongying 东营
Shandong Shengli Vocational College 山东胜利职业学院

List of universities and colleges in Dongying

  • Shandong Shengli Vocational College 山东胜利职业学院
  • Dongying Yinghua Yuan School 东营英华园学校
  • Shandong King Vocational College 山东大王职业学院
  • Dongying Vocational College 东营职业学院
  • Ningxia Judicial Police Vocational College Shandong campus 宁夏司法警官职业学院山东校区
  • Shandong Blue Sea Vocational School 山东蓝海职业学校
  • Dongying Technician College 东营市技师学院

Diet of Dongying

Dongying 东营
Ma wan watermelon 麻湾西瓜

Some specialty snacks in Dongying

  • Ma wan watermelon 麻湾西瓜
  • Yellow River knife fish 黄河口刀鱼
  • Yellow River Mouth peach 黄河口蜜桃
  • Guanggrao Donkey meat 广饶肴驴肉
  • Steps of the estuary 河口冬枣
  • Wharf steller’s chicken 码头虎头鸡
  • Oriental prawns 东方对虾
  • Green state palace lace 青州府花边
  • Herba Leonuri 益母草
  • Lijin fried bag 利津水煎包
  • Shi Kou roast chicken 史口烧鸡

Dongying Transportation

Railways: Bohai sea inter-city railway through the estuary, Kenley, along the ruler in the central city, south to Jinan – Binzhou – Dongying inter-city rail reserved channel confluence and lines, arrived in Dongying south railway station, and yellow big railway interchange, again by the king, the king turned Qingdao south direction, in the ruler its northeast dimness intersection and the train station is equipped with two intercity tracking station, Transfer with the highway passenger terminal and Huangda Railway respectively.

Aviation: Dongying Shengli Airport 东营胜利机场for the domestic branch 4D level airport. To build the core airport in the Yellow River Delta and become a regional international aviation hub between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and Jiaodong Peninsula. Flights are available to nine cities: Beijing, Shanghai (Pudong), Chongqing, Dalian, Haikou, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Harbin, and Zhengzhou.

Dongying, China

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