Ching Bo Leung 清补凉


Chinese Name: 清补凉

English Name: Ching Bo Leung; Sam bo luong; Qingbu Liang; Clear and Cool

Category: Snack小吃

Main Ingredients: Mung bean

Ching Bo Leung 清补凉
Ching Bo Leung

Ching Bo Leung清补凉 is a special snack that originated in Hainan. Ching Bo Leung mostly appears in the form of sugar water or old soup. Different regions have their unique flavor and therapeutic effect. After improvement, in addition to the original sugar water, there are different ways to eat coconut water, coconut milk, smoothie, and ice cream. Later, Ching bo Leung was popular in Hainan, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, Guangxi, and other regions of China.

Ching Bo Leung 清补凉
Delicious refreshing and cooling

The materials for clearing and cooling are not uniform. The ingredients usually include mung bean, red bean, huaishan淮山, lotus seed, cishi茨实, job’s tears, sago, lily, red jujube, and apricot. Watermelon, pineapple, longan, and other fruits are added to make sugar water. There is also old soup with astragalus membranaceus黄芪, codonopsis pilosula党参, Huaishan, lotus seed, Ophiopogon japonicus麦冬, Yunling云苓, blue jujube, non-flower fruit, and pig tendon meat. However, different stores in different regions often have their own characteristic ingredients according to different people.

Qingbu Liang is known as “the coolness on the tip of the tongue舌尖上的清凉”, and Su Shi苏轼 once praised it as “picking nectar on the coconut tree and holding a bowl of white jade fragrance椰树之上采琼浆,捧来一碗白玉香”.

Ching Bo Leung 清补凉
Propaganda picture of clearing and cooling

It is said that after the unification of the seven countries, Qin Shihuang秦始皇 began to prepare to calm the Lingnan region岭南地区. In 219 BC, Qin Shihuang appointed Tu Sui屠睢 as the main general and Zhao Tuo赵佗 as the deputy general. The two generals led 500000 troops to pacify Lingnan and marched to Lingnan.

Because Lingnan belongs to the East Asian monsoon climate zone and has the characteristics of tropical and subtropical monsoon marine climate, the soldiers in the central plains do not adapt to the humid climate in the south, get sick one after another, greatly reducing the combat effectiveness of the army and lose many wars.

Ching Bo Leung 清补凉
Tempting Qingbu Liang

When the soldiers were helpless, the doctor with the army developed a kind of porridge for both medicine and food, which was made of lotus seeds, lily, sand ginseng, cishi, jade bamboo, huaishan, and job’s tears. After processing, it was ground into a slurry for consumption. After taking this food, you will feel calm and energetic, and the army will fight bravely again.

Ching Bo Leung 清补凉
Delicious Qingbu Liang

Later, Zhao Tuo said with emotion that eating this food can clear away heat and replenish vitality. It can be called “Ching Bo Leung”. In order to ensure combat effectiveness, Zhao Tuo ordered his subordinates to eat a bowl of qingbu Liang after getting up every morning.

After the fall of the Qin Dynasty秦朝, Zhao Tuo set up troops to annex Guilin county桂林郡 and Xiang County象郡, and established the state of Nanyue南越国 in the Lingnan area, calling himself “King Wu of Nanyue南越武王”. The capital of Panyu番禺 is now Guangzhou. He has been in power for 66 years and is truly a “longevity man长寿翁”.

Ching Bo Leung 清补凉
Ching Bo Leung with watermelon cubes

Chinese medicinal diet has a long history and is widely spread from the palace to the people. According to the statistics of relevant scholars, there have been more than 300 works on medicinal diet from the beginning of the Han Dynasty汉朝 to the end of the Ming Dynasty明朝.

Nowadays, the works on diet and medicated diet are colorful and widely used, so some special medicated diet restaurants have appeared. In people’s life, the medicated diet has been popularized and enjoys a high reputation abroad. Medicated diet is an important part of the Chinese traditional diet and traditional medicine.

How to make Ching Bo Leung?


  • 250g lean meat
  • 10g job’s tears薏米
  • 5g lotus seeds
  • 5g lily
  • 10g Huaishan淮山
  • 5g jade bamboo
  • 5g cishi茨实
Ching Bo Leung 清补凉
Clear and cool ingredients


  • Step 1, Boil the lean meat in boiling water for 5 minutes, then take it out and wash it.
  • Step 2, Wash all the ingredients that are clear and cool.
  • Step 3, After boiling an appropriate amount of water, add all the materials, cook for 3 hours, and then add salt and soy sauce to suit the taste.
Ching Bo Leung 清补凉
Qingbu Liang

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