Braised Chicken Rice 黄焖鸡米饭


Chinese Name: 黄焖鸡米饭

English Name: Braised Chicken Rice; Braised chicken

Category: Shandong cuisine鲁菜

Main Ingredients: Chicken

Braised Chicken Rice 黄焖鸡米饭
Braised Chicken Rice

Braised Chicken Rice黄焖鸡米饭, also known as fragrant chicken pot香鸡煲 and thick sauce chicken pot rice浓汁鸡煲饭, is a family dish of Shandong cuisine鲁菜 and originated in Jinan济南, Shandong Province山东省. The main ingredient is chicken leg meat, braised with green pepper, potatoes, mushrooms, etc. It tastes delicious and has the characteristics of fresh, tender, and smooth meat.

Braised Chicken Rice 黄焖鸡米饭
Attractive Braised Chicken

Stewed chicken rice originated from Jilingyuan吉玲园, a famous restaurant in Jinan, and is one of the traditional famous dishes with Jinan characteristics. In 1927, Jilingyuan, a famous restaurant of Shandong cuisine in Jinan, became very popular because of the gathering of famous chefs and the emergence of delicious food.

Braised Chicken Rice 黄焖鸡米饭
Braised chicken with beautiful color

“Jilingyuan吉玲园”, together with the “Huiquan Building汇泉楼” and “Jufengde聚丰德” at that time, was called the three famous stores in the provincial capital. Its signature dish, “Braised Chicken with Yellow Herbs百草黄焖鸡”, was deeply loved by Han Fuju韩复榘, the chairman of Shandong Province at that time. Han Fuju once rewarded 30 yuan for this, and praised that “this chicken has unique craftsmanship, is the top grade, and should be a unique one”.

Braised Chicken Rice 黄焖鸡米饭
Braised chicken

Braised chicken has three unique qualities: grade soup, which is red and bright in color, tastes delicious, mellow, oily but not greasy, and has an endless aftertaste; Second-grade meat, beautiful and tender; Three grade rice, with strong aroma and tenacity.

Braised chicken is also very nutritious. Chicken is one of the meats with the highest protein and belongs to the food with high protein and low fat. The content of potassium sulfate amino acid is also very rich, so it can make up for the shortage of cattle and pork. At the same time, the vitamin A content of chicken is much higher than that of other meats.

Braised Chicken Rice 黄焖鸡米饭
Steamed Chicken

Braised chicken is a kind of mild food with high-calorie content, which is suitable for all ages. The chicken juice of yellow braised chicken has its own unique flavor through a unique cooking method. It is delicious and appetizing. The yellow braised chicken stresses the word braising, and it is also very important to master the temperature.

In this dish, the shiitake mushroom plays an absolute role in improving the taste, which should not be omitted. When the fried chicken is colored, it needs to be stewed until it tastes good, so the chicken should not be cut too small to prevent it from finally being boiled to pieces. The meat quality can also be done with slightly fatter hens, native chickens, or simply buy chicken legs. In short, the more the chicken is stewed, the more fragrant the meat is, and the more delicious the soup is. This is the best.

How to make Braised Chicken Rice?


  • Half or one green pepper
  • Three slices of ginger
  • 30 grams of crystal sugar
  • 1 tablespoon cooking wine
  • 1 tablespoon light soy sauce
  • Half a tablespoon of soy sauce
  • A moderate amount of salt
  • The proper amount of water
  • The appropriate amount of edible oil
  • Half an onion
  • A three-yellow chicken
  • A little star anise leaves and cinnamon
  • Carrots and potatoes
Braised Chicken Rice 黄焖鸡米饭
Delicious Chicken


  • Step 1, Prepare the ingredients: onion, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, anise, green pepper, carrots, and onions. If you like potatoes, you can prepare some potatoes.
  • Step 2, Wash the chicken nuggets with bleeding water and drain the water.
  • Step 3, Heat the oil in the pan, add the bean paste and sweet flour paste to stir fry until fragrant. Then add fried or blanched chicken pieces and stir well. Add three spoonfuls of soy sauce and one spoonful of pepper, add water to cover the chicken, and simmer over high heat.
  • Step 4, After boiling, add carrots, onions (or black fungus, potatoes, mushrooms), and other side dishes, and then harvest the juice over a high fire.
  • Step 5, Finally, add a little salt and green pepper to taste. Put a little red pepper on hot food.
Braised Chicken Rice 黄焖鸡米饭
Delicious Braised Chicken

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