Anthology of Yue Zhang 乐章集

Elegant yet popular, intelligent and romantic


Chinese Name: 乐章集

English Name: Anthology of Yue Zhang

Author: Liu Yong 柳永

Originally Published: A.D. 1368-1644

Genre: Literature, Ci 词

Anthology of Yue Zhang 乐章集
Anthology of Yue Zhang 乐章集

Brief Introduction of Anthology of Yue Zhang

Anthology of Yue Zhang 乐章集, a poem collection of elegance and vulgarity, which shows talent and romantic feelings. It was written by Liu Yong, a graceful poet of the Northern Song 北宋. The book consists of three volumes, arranged in palace tones. It does not only reflect Liu Yong’s talent and social style at that time, but also shows Liu Yong’s innovation of Ci 词, which has a very important position in the history of Ci.

The book is rich in content and has a wide range, which can be divided into three main themes. The first is about love between men and women of the civil class. The heroine of the word, most is the unfortunate woman who falls into a brothel. Anthology of Yue Zhang not only shows the bold and vigorous love consciousness of secular women, but also writes the bitter aspirations of abandoned or lovelorn civilian women. In the history of Ci, this is the first time to write about the inner world of ordinary women, and to tell their anguish and sorrow.

Anthology of Yue Zhang 乐章集
Liu Yong and his lover bid farewell at the dock 柳永和恋人在码头惜别

Second, the Anthology of Yue Zhang shows city life and market scenery. Living in the city for a long time, the author has a rich experience of urban life. He painted the prosperous scene of the city and the recreation scene of the citizens in Bianjing 汴京, Luoyang 洛阳, Jinling 金陵 and Hangzhou 杭州 at that time, showing the prosperous and rich urban life and colorful market customs of the Northern Song in many aspects.

Anthology of Yue Zhang 乐章集
View the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou depicted in the Wang Hai Chao 望海潮中描绘的杭州美景

Third, it reflects the hardships of living far away from home for a long time. Liu Yong is good at writing this kind of Ci, and there are more than 60 Ci in the”Anthology of Yue Zhang”, which comprehensively show the complex mentality of Liu Yong in his life, such as pursuit, frustration, depression, bitterness and frustration.

Anthology of Yue Zhang 乐章集
Part of the first volume of the “Anthology of Yue Zhang” 乐章集第一卷的部分内容

Author of Anthology of Yue Zhang

The Anthology of Yue Zhang was written by Liu Yong.

Anthology of Yue Zhang 乐章集
Liu Yong 柳永

Liu Yong (984 — 1053) was first called Liu Sanbian 柳三变 and later changed to Liu Yong. He was a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty 北宋 and a representative of the euphemism 婉约派. Because he was the seventh in the family, also known as Liu Qi 柳七. Born in an official family, Liu Yong studied poetry when he was young and had great ambitions to serve the country. In 1002, Liu Yong left his hometown to wander around the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou and Suzhou 苏州, indulging in a romantic life of listening to music and laughing.

In 1008, Liu Yong entered Bianjing city for the imperial examination, but failed in many attempts. After failing the exam for the fourth time, he concentrated on writing Ci. AD 1034, Liu Yong became a minor official in his later years. In 1053, Liu Yong died.

He was the first poet to carry out a comprehensive reform of Song Ci 宋词, and also the poet who created the most melody in Song Ci circles. He transplanted the writing method of making Fu 赋 to writing Ci, and made full use of slang words and common sayings in writing Ci, which had a profound influence on the development of Song Ci. At that time, the folk spread “wherever the well water, all can song Liu Ci” 凡有井水处,皆能歌柳词 beautiful talk, wrote “Anthology of Yue Zhang ” handed down to later generations.

Excerpts From Anthology of Yue Zhang

烟柳画桥, 风帘翠幕, 参差十万人家。

The mist-shrouded willows, the ornate Bridges, the windscreen curtains, the turquoise tents, the high and low pavilions, about a hundred thousand homes..

重湖叠巘清嘉, 有三秋桂子, 十里荷花。

In the lake, outside the lake and overlapping mountains are very beautiful, osman thus fragrance in autumn, in summer there are ten miles of lotus.

衣带渐宽终不悔, 为伊消得人憔悴。

Even though I am thin and gaunt because OF missing you, and the clothes I used to wear now look big on my body, I am willing to do it without complaint or regret.

Evaluation of Anthology of Yue Zhang

Anthology of Yue Zhang embodies Liu Yong’s reform of the old Ci, which has a very important influence on later generations.

Li Qingzhao 李清照

The words and phrases of the scenery in “Anthology of Yue Zhang ” are extremely exquisite, and the words and phrases are natural without any traces of artificial carving.

Xia Jingguan 夏敬观

There are more than one hundred tunes in “Anthology of Yue Zhang”, which were first found in Liu Yong’s Ci poems, and the number of creative tunes in it is unmatched in the two Song Dynasties.

Wu Xionghe 吴熊和

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