A Fire in Winter 冬天里的一把火

A song Ignited a fire for Hong Kong and Taiwan pop songs to enter the mainland


Chinese Name: 冬天里的一把火

English Name: A Fire in Winter, Dong Tian Li De Yi Ba Huo

Composer: Solan Sister

Lyricist: Zhuang Nu 庄奴

Original Singer: Gao Lingfeng 高凌风

A Fire in Winter 冬天里的一把火

A Fire in Winter

A Fire in Winter is a song by Taiwanese singer Gao Lingfeng 高凌风, with lyrics written by Zhuang Nu 庄奴 and music composed by Solan Sister. It was released in 1982. The song comes from The 1980 song “Sexy Music” by Solan Sister. In 1982, Taiwan singer Gao Lingfeng covered the song “A Fire in Winter”.

Story Of A Fire in Winter

In 1987, Fei Xiang 费翔 sang it on the evening of Spring Festival, which became popular across the country and became the representative program of the Spring Festival Gala that year. As a result, after a long period, many people think that it is his songs, but also lit afire for Hong Kong and Taiwan pop songs officially entering the mainland.

A Fire in Winter 冬天里的一把火
Fei Xiang on the Spring Festival in 1987

In fact, “A Fire in Winter” was originally sung by Taiwanese singer Gao Lingfeng in 1982, based on The 1980 dance classic “Sexy Music” by Irish family group Solan Sister. It was a pure sister band that quickly became one of the leading DISCO dance groups of the mid-1970s. Now listen to the original song, we can still see Fei Xiang’s energetic red tuxedo, which is the youth of many people.

The 1987 CCTV Spring Festival Gala was still the only group entertainment for many Chinese on New Year’s Eve. When Fei Xiang, with his long hair and beautiful eyes, dressed in a red badge jacket, took the microphone, the song became the collective memory of a generation of Chinese.

A Fire in Winter 冬天里的一把火
Fei Xiang

With a passionate expression of love, “A Fire in Winter” catered to the love of countless young fans at that time, because the song lit the flame of their youthful enthusiasm for the first time, and also made the work become a memory of the whole era.

This foreign song has been changed into a popular Chinese song through the lyrics of the leading Zhuang Nu. It has been popular all over China since Fei Xiang’s singing in 1987.

A Fire in Winter 冬天里的一把火
Fei Xiang on the Spring Festival in 1987

Hong Kong and Taiwan have not passed the era of seclusion so they have long covered a large number of famous European and American songs with “bringing doctrine”. After the Chinese mainland’s reform and opening up, it is imported into the interior, so that people think that they are the original ones.

A Fire in Winter 冬天里的一把火
Zhuang Nu

This kind of cover song still needs characteristics, which should be appropriate to the original music and express the original feeling. Zhuang Nu is well versed in lyrics skills, such as “you are like that fire, the bear can warm me” and “your big eyes are bright and twinkling, like the stars in the sky, the brightest one” in the middle.

On October 11, 2016, Zhuang Nu passed away. Zhuang’s lyrics do not pursue dazzling skills or use flowery words or mysterious words. They are plain, simple, and easy to understand. However, because they are full of true feelings and can strike a chord with the audience, they have been sung for decades and become eternal classics.e, Malaysian, and Indonesian listeners as well.

Lyrics of A Fire in Winter

Chinese Lyrics





你的大眼睛 明亮又闪烁









English Translation

You are like a fire in winter.

I feel your fire inside me.

Eachtime you come to me quietly.

You light up my life.

Your big eyes are bright and twincle.

They looks like the brightest stars on the sky.

You are like a fire.

I feel your fire inside me./ Your love keeps me warm.

You are like a fire.

You light up my life.

I like you but never tell you.

I also know you really love me.

A Fire in Winter Fei Xiang 费翔

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