Friends 朋友

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Chinese Name: 朋友

English Name: Friends, Peng You

Composer: Liu Zhihong 刘志宏

Lyricist: Liu Siming 刘思铭

Original Singer: Emil Wakin Chau/Zhou Huajian 周华健

Friends 朋友

Friends 朋友

The “Friends”朋友 is the representative work of Chinese pop singer Zhou Huajian 周华健, written by Liu Siming 刘思铭, composed by Liu Zhihong 刘志宏, and arranged by Hong Jingyao 洪敬尧. It was included in Zhou Huajian’s self-titled album “Friends” released by Rolling Stone records on April 16, 1997.

In 1997, the song won the fourth Chinese Chart Channel, Chinese Top 20 chart Top song.

Story Of Friends

At first, it was just a spontaneous creation by Liu Zhihong and Liu Siming without any special singers. In less than 100 words, they combined simple tunes to express the feeling that friendship is precious because of the fluctuating life pattern of music workers. Zhou Huanjian worked with them for many years and grew up together on the music road. They are able to overcome the barriers of time and space and still maintain a lasting friendship.

Friends 朋友
Liu Zhihong 刘志宏

The song “Friends” by Zhou Huajian expresses people’s desire for friendship and their search for the true meaning of friendship.

This song integrates the care for friends and the reluctance to part. Add zhou Huajian’s mellow voice, and work full of emotion is born. In his own words: “Without a friend, there is no John Chow. Music has helped me make so many valuable friends, and more importantly, these friends have enriched my music, no, not my music, but every friend’s music. They stimulate me and keep me never alone.”

Friends 朋友
Liu Siming 刘思铭

Although there aren‘t gorgeous lyrics or too much modification of the tune, this song never goes out of style. The lyrics are simple and concise, the melody has a sense of change brought by the passage of time, reminiscent of college graduates when they had a farewell party, the class sang this song together, from the beginning of the first sentence, some students choked up.

Friends 朋友
Zhou Huajian 周华健

Born in poverty, Zhou Huajian did not do well in school, so he had to sing in a bar. It was Jonathan Lee 李宗盛 who found him and brought him into Rolling Stone. Qi Yu 齐豫 took him to sing jingles thus more famous, anyhow in his tortuous dark road with the help of a lot of friends, the two Liu(Li Hongzhi and Li Siming) who created this song are also in his most critical time to support him. These emotional experiences were sublimated after accumulation, so Hua Jian wanted to express them in songs.

Life on the road, although there are ups and downs, to believe that: we always have one or several truly treat your friends, in support and help us. With the support and companionship of friends, the road will always be full of sunshine.

Friends 朋友
Raise a glass to friendship

Lyrics of Friends

Chinese Lyrics

这些年 一个人

风也过 雨也走

有过泪 有过错


真爱过 才会懂

会寂寞 会回首

终有梦 终有你 在心中

朋友 一生一起走

那些日子 不再有

一句话 一辈子

一声朋友 你会懂

还有伤 还有痛

还要走 还有我

朋友 一生一起走

那些日子 不再有

一句话 一辈子

一生情 一杯酒

朋友 不曾孤单过

一声朋友 你会懂

还有伤 还有痛

还要走 还有我

English Translation

All these years, me alone

Been through wind and walk through rain

Had tears. had mistakes

When had I insist something?

Only the one who had loved will understand

Will be lonely, will regret

Still have dream and you in my heart

Friends walk together

All lifetime these days won’t come back

One sentence, one lifetime

One love, one cup of wine

Friends are never lonely

One word ” friend”, you will understand

Still have wounds, still have pain

Stll need to walk, you still have me

Friends Zhou Huajian 周华健

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