My Future isn’t a Dream 我的未来不是梦

One of the representative works of the new generation Zhang Yusheng in 1970‘s’


Chinese Name: 我的未来不是梦

English Name: My Future isn’t a Dream, Wo De Wei Lai Bu Shi Meng

Composer: Weng Xiaoliang 翁孝良

Lyricist: Chen Jiali 陈家丽

Singer: Tom Chang/Chang Yu-sheng/Zhang Yusheng 张雨生

My Future isn't a Dream 我的未来不是梦

My Future isn’t a Dream

“My future isn’t a dream” is an inspirational song sung by Zhang Yusheng 张雨生, written by Chen Jiali 陈家丽 and composed by Weng Xiaoliang翁孝良. This song is one of Zhang Yusheng’s representative works and was included in UFO Records’ ensemble album Six Friends released in 1988

Composition Story Of My Future isn’t a Dream

In April 1988, a beverage company in Taiwan province invited Zhang Yusheng to sing its theme song, and the jingle was “My Future isn’t a Dream”. It is because of this song, Zhang Yusheng got in Taiwan entertainment has a “little brother” said Fei Yuqing recognition, Fei Yuqing was very surprised that this has a jewel-like voice of the teenager.

My Future isn't a Dream 我的未来不是梦
Xin Xin Ren Lei 新新人类

Zhang is one of Taiwan’s so-called “Xin Xin Ren Lei 新新人类“, a generation born around the 1970s. They have a totally different way of life and values from the previous generation.” Although they were born in peacetime and lead a good life, they do not want to rely on their parents to enjoy life. They are more eager to prove the value of their existence through their own labor. According to this background, the songwriter created this song, in which he created an image of a new and struggling human being: although he has hesitated, he is full of hope for the future, so he lives seriously and does not waste his time.

“My future isn’t a dream” is an inspirational work with a bright rhythm. Through this song, Zhang Yusheng sings many young people’s pursuit of dreams and unremitting efforts, reflecting the spirit of indomitable struggle. This song can inspire confidence in people in the midst of confusion. “My future isn’t a dream” is not only about the vision of the future but also about the sadness of the past. This song is suitable for people standing at the crossroads of life to listen to and sing.

My Future isn't a Dream 我的未来不是梦

Zhang Yusheng

Zhang Yusheng’s clear, transparent and pure singing not only makes the declaration song “My future is not a dream” full of sincerity, but also makes this song has a unique pure youth; Zhang Yusheng’s singing let this inspirational song can not only blood but also pure and romantic. After many years, the song that inspired countless young people is still charming. It is not only an unforgettable classic of a generation but also a powerful and touching force in the new era, affecting generations of young people to pursue their dreams.

Weng Xiaoliang is a famous songwriter and music producer in Asia, which finds the discovery and cultivation of Zhang Yusheng’s music talent.

My Future isn't a Dream 我的未来不是梦
Weng Xiaoliang

“My Future isn’t a Dream”, Zhang Yusheng’s representative work, was selected as one of the “30 songs of the past 30 years” at the 2010 Chinese Golden Melody Awards.

Zhang Died in a car accident on his way in 1997 at the age of 31. Zhang’s life can be said to be very short, from 1988 to 1997, only ten years, although life is short, art is eternal. In ten years, he left behind a legend that is hard to replicate in the Chinese music world and many songs that are still sung today.

My Future isn't a Dream 我的未来不是梦

Zhang Yusheng

Lyrics of My Future isn’t a Dream

Chinese Lyrics





















English Translation

Do you bow your head in the sun like me

Hard working quietly in streaming sweat

Do you like me, even being treated indifferently

Still don’t want to give up your desire life

Do you busy whole day like me to pursuit,

pursuit a tenderness that you can’t think of

Do you ever adrift like mehover at crossroads again and again 

Because I don’t care what people say

I have never forgotten mypromise to myself,

my attachment to love 

I know, my future isn’t a dream

I seriously live every minuteMy future isn’t a dream

My heart beats with hope,

My future isn’t a dream

I seriously live every minute

My future isn’t a dream

My heart beats with hope

Beats with hope

My Future isn’t a Dream Tom Zhang 张雨生

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