World University Ranking 2022-2023, Released by CWUR

World University Ranking 2022-2023, Released by CWUR.

The 2022-2023 global top 2000 universities list by the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) has been released. The center ranked 19,788 institutions across the globe and the top 2000 made the Global 2000 list.

World University Ranking 2022-2023, Released by CWUR

World University Ranking 2022-2023: Top 100 universities globally

Havard maintained the top ranking, followed by MIT and Stanford at number 2 and 3 respectively.

Cambridge took number 4, while Oxford placed 5th. In the top ten, 8 of the universities were from the United States of America and 2 from the United Kingdom.

Below is a list of top 100 universities globally.

World RankInstitutionLocationNational RankScore
1Harvard University
Education: A+; Employability: A+; Faculty: A+; Research: A+
2Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyEducation: A+; Employability: A+; Faculty: A+; Research: A+USA296.7
3Stanford UniversityEducation: A+; Employability: A+; Faculty: A+; Research: A+USA395.1
4University of CambridgeEducation: A+; Employability: A; Faculty: A+; Research: A+United Kingdom194.1
5University of OxfordEducation: A+; Employability: A; Faculty: A+; Research: A+United Kingdom293.3
6Princeton UniversityEducation: A+; Employability: A; Faculty: A+; Research: AUSA492.6
7University of ChicagoEducation: A+; Employability: A; Faculty: A; Research: AUSA592.0
8Columbia UniversityEducation: A+; Employability: A; Faculty: A+; Research: AUSA691.5
9University of PennsylvaniaEducation: A; Employability: A+; Faculty: A; Research: A+USA791.1
10California Institute of TechnologyEducation: A+; Employability: A; Faculty: A+; Research: AUSA890.7
11Yale UniversityEducation: A+; Employability: A; Faculty: A+; Research: AUSA990.4
12University of California, BerkeleyEducation: A+; Employability: A; Faculty: A+; Research: AUSA1090.1
13University of TokyoJapan189.8
14Cornell UniversityUSA1189.5
15University of Michigan, Ann ArborUSA1289.2
16Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA1389.0
17Northwestern UniversityUSA1488.8
18University of California, Los AngelesUSA1588.6
19PSL UniversityFrance188.4
20Duke UniversityUSA1688.2
21University College LondonUnited Kingdom388.0
22University of Illinois at Urbana–ChampaignUSA1787.8
23New York UniversityUSA1887.6
24University of TorontoCanada187.5
25University of WashingtonUSA1987.3
26Kyoto UniversityJapan287.2
27University of Wisconsin–MadisonUSA2087.0
28McGill UniversityCanada286.9
29ETH ZurichSwitzerland186.8
30Imperial College LondonUnited Kingdom486.6
31Seoul National UniversitySouth Korea186.5
32Paris-Saclay UniversityFrance286.4
33University of Texas at AustinUSA2186.3
34University of California, San DiegoUSA2286.1
35University of California, San FranciscoUSA2386.0
36University of CopenhagenDenmark185.9
37Karolinska InstituteSweden185.8
38Sorbonne UniversityFrance385.7
39University of North Carolina at Chapel HillUSA2485.6
40King’s College LondonUnited Kingdom585.5
41Dartmouth CollegeUSA2585.4
42Paris City UniversityFrance485.3
43Institut Polytechnique de ParisFrance585.2
44Ludwig Maximilian University of MunichGermany185.1
45University of EdinburghUnited Kingdom685.0
46Washington University in St. LouisUSA2685.0
47Tsinghua UniversityChina184.9
48University of Minnesota – Twin CitiesUSA2784.8
49University of British ColumbiaCanada384.7
50University of Southern CaliforniaUSA2884.6
51Peking UniversityChina284.5
52Vanderbilt UniversityUSA2984.5
53Pennsylvania State UniversityUSA3084.4
54University of California, DavisUSA3184.3
55Rockefeller UniversityUSA3284.2
56Free University of BerlinGermany284.2
57Rutgers UniversityUSA3384.1
58University of MelbourneAustralia184.0
59Ohio State UniversityUSA3484.0
60University of ManchesterUnited Kingdom783.9
61Humboldt University of BerlinGermany383.8
62Texas A&M University, College StationUSA3583.8
63University of Chinese Academy of SciencesChina383.7
64University of ZurichSwitzerland283.6
65Purdue UniversityUSA3683.6
66Brown UniversityUSA3783.5
67Hebrew University of JerusalemIsrael183.4
68Georgia Institute of TechnologyUSA3883.4
69University of Colorado BoulderUSA3983.3
70Heidelberg UniversityGermany483.3
71University of VirginiaUSA4083.2
72University of Texas Southwestern Medical CenterUSA4183.1
73Utrecht UniversityNetherlands183.1
74Weizmann Institute of ScienceIsrael283.0
75University of PittsburghUSA4283.0
76University of Maryland, College ParkUSA4382.9
77University of AlbertaCanada482.9
78University of OsloNorway182.8
79Technical University of MunichGermany582.8
80Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityChina482.7
81University of California, IrvineUSA4482.6
82University of BirminghamUnited Kingdom882.6
83University of AmsterdamNetherlands282.5
84University of FloridaUSA4582.5
85National University of SingaporeSingapore182.4
86Carnegie Mellon UniversityUSA4682.4
87Leiden UniversityNetherlands382.3
88Uppsala UniversitySweden282.3
89University of GöttingenGermany682.2
90University of California, Santa BarbaraUSA4782.2
91University of RochesterUSA4882.2
92Osaka UniversityJapan382.1
93University of ArizonaUSA4982.1
94University of BristolUnited Kingdom982.0
95Erasmus University RotterdamNetherlands482.0
96National Taiwan UniversityTaiwan181.9
97Zhejiang UniversityChina581.9
98University of SydneyAustralia281.8
99Boston UniversityUSA5081.8
100Keio UniversityJapan481.8

World University Ranking 2022-2023: Top 100 universities in China

China’s top university, Tsinghua, ranked 47 on the global list, while the national second, Peking University, ranked 51. The national’s top third, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was placed 63 in the global ranking. 

World University Ranking 2022-2023, Released by CWUR
Wuhan University 武汉大学

Below is a top 100 university rankings in China.

World RankInstitutionLocationNational RankScore
47Tsinghua UniversityChina184.9
51Peking UniversityChina284.5
63University of Chinese Academy of SciencesChina383.7
80Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityChina482.7
97Zhejiang UniversityChina581.9
102Fudan UniversityChina681.7
128University of Science and Technology of ChinaChina780.7
130Sun Yat-sen UniversityChina880.6
137Huazhong University of Science and TechnologyChina980.4
154Nanjing UniversityChina1079.9
163University of Hong KongChina1179.6
177Chinese University of Hong KongChina1279.2
180Xi’an Jiaotong UniversityChina1379.1
183Wuhan UniversityChina1479.1
194Tianjin UniversityChina1578.8
195Harbin Institute of TechnologyChina1678.8
197Xiamen UniversityChina1778.7
206Shandong UniversityChina1878.5
208Sichuan UniversityChina1978.5
216Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyChina2078.3
219Tongji UniversityChina2178.2
220South China University of TechnologyChina2278.2
223Jilin UniversityChina2378.2
226Central South UniversityChina2478.1
228Nankai UniversityChina2578.0
244Southeast UniversityChina2677.7
248Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityChina2777.6
250Soochow University, ChinaChina2877.6
259City University of Hong KongChina2977.4
269Beihang UniversityChina3077.3
279China Europe International Business SchoolChina3177.1
282Dalian University of TechnologyChina3277.0
311Beijing Normal UniversityChina3376.5
313Beijing Institute of TechnologyChina3476.5
317Hunan UniversityChina3576.5
319University of Electronic Science and Technology of ChinaChina3676.4
330Zhengzhou UniversityChina3776.3
332Chongqing UniversityChina3876.2
335China Agricultural UniversityChina3976.2
342Lanzhou UniversityChina4076.1
358Shenzhen UniversityChina4175.8
367Northwestern Polytechnical UniversityChina4275.7
369East China Normal UniversityChina4375.7
370Peking Union Medical CollegeChina4475.7
380Capital Medical UniversityChina4575.5
388East China University of Science and TechnologyChina4675.4
389University of Science and Technology BeijingChina4775.4
422Nanjing Agricultural UniversityChina4875.0
430Shanghai UniversityChina4974.9
438Nanjing Medical UniversityChina5074.8
439Beijing University of Chemical TechnologyChina5174.8
440Nanjing University of Science and TechnologyChina5274.8
447Northwest A&F UniversityChina5374.7
449Huazhong Agricultural UniversityChina5474.7
460Jinan UniversityChina5574.6
463Wuhan University of TechnologyChina5674.5
471Nanjing University of Aeronautics and AstronauticsChina5774.4
480Xidian UniversityChina5874.3
485Northeastern University, ChinaChina5974.3
487Southern University of Science and TechnologyChina6074.3
498Fuzhou UniversityChina6174.1
508Jiangsu UniversityChina6274.0
520Southwest UniversityChina6373.9
533Nanjing Tech UniversityChina6473.8
544Southern Medical UniversityChina6573.7
546Nanjing University of Information Science and TechnologyChina6673.7
549Jiangnan UniversityChina6773.6
557Beijing Jiaotong UniversityChina6873.6
565Ocean University of ChinaChina6973.5
569China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)China7073.4
573Central China Normal UniversityChina7173.4
577North China Electric Power UniversityChina7273.4
588Nanjing Normal UniversityChina7373.3
594Hefei University of TechnologyChina7473.2
597University of MacauChina7573.2
601Renmin University of ChinaChina7673.1
603Zhejiang University of TechnologyChina7773.1
604Donghua UniversityChina7873.1
609Qingdao UniversityChina7973.1
611Nanchang UniversityChina8073.0
617Yangzhou UniversityChina8173.0
623Guangdong University of TechnologyChina8272.9
627Second Military Medical UniversityChina8372.9
631Southwest Jiaotong UniversityChina8472.9
633Tianjin Medical UniversityChina8572.9
651South China Normal UniversityChina8672.7
654China University of Mining and Technology (Xuzhou)China8772.7
655National University of Defense TechnologyChina8872.7
658China University of Geosciences, BeijingChina8972.6
666Beijing University of TechnologyChina9072.6
669South China Agricultural UniversityChina9172.5
674Hong Kong Baptist UniversityChina9272.5
678Guangzhou Medical UniversityChina9372.5
684Hohai UniversityChina9472.4
686Northeast Normal UniversityChina9572.4
691Northwest University, Xi’anChina9672.4
702Shaanxi Normal UniversityChina9772.3
712Army Medical UniversityChina9872.2
715Beijing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsChina9972.2
721Central Party School of the Communist Party of ChinaChina10072.1

World University Ranking 2022-2023: What is CWUR?

The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) has been publishing the  only academic ranking of global universities that assesses the quality of education, alumni employment, quality of faculty, and research performance without relying on surveys and university data submissions. 

It started out as a project in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with the aim of rating the top 100 world universities. It was quickly reported worldwide by universities and the media and many requests were received to expand it. 

In 2019, the ranking expanded to list the top 2000 out of nearly twenty thousand universities worldwide, making it the largest academic ranking of global universities.

Since 2016, the Center for World University Rankings is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates.

Source: CWUR

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