Best Chance to Study in Hainan Medical University year 2023

Best Chance to Study in Hainan Medical University year 2023
Hainan Medical University

The best chance to Study in Hainan Medical University in year 2023. So let’s make it: why it is so precious an opportunity to Study in Hainan Medical University.

1. Why China

2. Why Hainan

3. Why Hainan Medical University

Hainan Medical University is located in Haikou, the provincial capital of Hainan Province which has been running for over 70years. It is the only public medical institution of higher learning in the Hainan Free Trade Port. It shoulders the mission of training high-level medical and health talents for national strategies of the region and South China Sea.

The Chengxi main campus covers an area of 606.21 mu,Guilinyang Branch Campus covers an area of 787.04mu. HMU has 4 affiliated hospitals with over 7800 open beds.It also offers level education of doctoral,master and program, international education,as well as the general undergraduate education, higher vocational, adult education and other multi-level education.

There are first-tier discipline doctorate degree authorization for clinical medicine, and other 5 first-tier disciplines master degree authorization of basic medicine, clinical medicine, pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine, biology.

Besides still other 5 professional master degree of clinical medicine, public health, nursing, pharmacy and stomatology. The university has vigorously promoted the internationalization of education by recruiting international students from more than 30 countries along the “Belt and Road”.

It has established good cooperative relations with many internationally renowned universities such as the University of Nebraska in the United States and the University of the West of England in the United Kingdom.By the end of December 2020,The total enrollment currently is 13627 full-time students, among with 660 international undergraduates,29 international postgraduate students.

The present full-time teachers of HMU are 685,among them,417 senior professional titles, 596 with master’s degree or above, 245 with doctor’s degree, 7 flexible introduction for talents.

More data:

3 Yangtze River Scholars,

30 experts with special allowance from State Council,

1 expert from the National Overseas High-level Talent Introduction Program,6 candidates for the National Project of Millions of Talents,

3 national outstanding teachers,

1 famous teacher in traditional Chinese medicine universities around the country,1 chairperson for Chinese Medical Association Emergency Medicine Branch,

4 selected for New Century Talent Project and 6 selected as the Excellent Talent of Hainan Province,

6 high-level outstanding talents in Hainan Province,

14 second-level professors,and 6 provincial-level teaching teachers.

In 2018,the first-level discipline of clinical medicine of the university became the first discipline in Hainan Province to be ranked in the top 1% of ESI global rankings.In 2019,the School of Clinical Medicine,Pharmacy and Nursing was approved as the national first-class undergraduate majors.

The university has 2 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education,1 key laboratory of the National Health Commission,1 out-of-hospital innovation unit of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences,9 provincial key laboratories,3 provincial clinical medical research centers and 3 provincial engineering research centers;

There are 8 academician workstations and 2 post-doctoral research workstations in Hainan Province;1 laboratory of the National Drug Preclinical Safety Evaluation Agency and 1 access institution of the Ministry of Health for human assisted reproductive technology;It has a number of national certified majors, provincial characteristic key disciplines, provincial characteristic majors, provincial teaching teams and provincial excellent course.

It is the national water emergency education and training base and the leading unit of the National Emergency Medical Rescue Team (Hainan) project;It is also the first batch of universities to pilot the national excellent doctor education and training program, the first group of undergraduate universities to pilot the comprehensive reform of majors under the Ministry of Education, and the first group of educational informatization pilot units.

The school library covers an area of 33000 square meters,with a rich collection of 11096paper books,a complete modern e-book system and computer network service system.Among the six journals sponsored by the school,Asia Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine(English version)and Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine”(English version) have entered all world famous search databases,including SCI,and Journal of Acute Diseases has been enlisted in the ESCI.

Best Chance to Study in Hainan Medical University year 2023
Logo of Hainan Medical University

More than 70 years history, the school motto of “Virtue, Rigor, Erudite, Harmony” and the spirit of “hardwork, teamwork and enthusiasm” have become the core values of the school culture.

General Secretary Xi Jinping himself has planned,deployed,and promoted Hainan to implement national strategy of comprehensive opening up.The construction of Hainan Free Trade Port is accelerating.

The university is facing with a rarely historical opportunity and bright prospects.Standing at a new starting point,the university will fully implement the Party’s education policy,adhere to moral education,closely around the national major development strategy and the construction of Hainan free trade port needs,focusing on the construction of new medical science,striving to create“double first-class”major,to create a tropical characteristics of the disciplines,to consolidate undergraduate teaching,vigorously developing postgraduate program,improving the quality of personnel training and school level, and making new and greater contributions to the Hainan Free Trade Port.

4. Life and Study in Hainan Medical University

5. Application documents

Passport: information page, and blank page.

Academic documents: high school academic documents. For post graduate applicants, you need to prepare bachelor degree certificate, and bachelor transcripts.

Physical exam results: Click to download the form.

Admission application form: self support student form, scholarship student form

Study plan/research proposal

2 recommendation letters

Police report

Personal picture

Scholarship application statement

6. Fees of studying at Hainan Medical University:

1) before joining mbbs, there will be 1 semester of Chinese language study, with total fees of 8,900 rmb. Students will have to pass hsk 3 first, then join mbbs.

2) after joining mbbs, there will be yearly school fees only totally 25,300 rmb.
mbbs tuition: 20,500 rmb
hostel: 2,800 rmb
other fees like registration (400), insurance (800), visa (400), physical (400), totally about 2,000 rmb.

totally duration 6.5 years.

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