A story of a Pakistani student at Tsinghua University, the best university in China

Editor’s note: A story of a Pakistani student at Tsinghua University

What would a student from Pakistan witness and discover in his journey across China? 

Muhammad Wasim Asim here told his story, where he has rediscovered and explored China as well as himself in the past years. Let’s hear his depiction of this adventure across cultures.

A story of a Pakistani student at Tsinghua University, the best university in China

Wasim receiving his award at “Your China Story: China and Me, Five Years from Now” competition held by China Daily

Pakistani student at Tsinghua University: How I got the chance to come to China

Younger students always have yearned for higher education which not only broadens their creative ability, but also gives rise to a passion for contributing to the world’s growth and our social development, so younger students hunt for the platforms where they can step onto the stairs which can lead them to their destination.

A lot of things happen in our life unplanned and prove fruitful in leading us to achieve our life goals. I also had yearned for higher studies after receiving my undergraduate degree from a prestigious school in my home country.

Journey to Tsinghua

Attending top universities rich in educational knowledge, culture and civilization will always help us to build influential networks that encourages us to dive into a sea of opportunities. Top universities provide us with chances of socialization with other elite students.

After my graduation, I was continuously in search of an opportunity to proceed with my higher education in one of the world’s top-ranking universities, where I could see diversity of culture and education.

Finally, the time came when opportunity knocked at my door and I left behind other things and came to Tsinghua University, the university of my dream. Being a student of Tsinghua University, my dream was becoming true, that was hard to believe for me, but it finally came true.

A story of a Pakistani student at Tsinghua University, the best university in China
Wasim in Qinhuangdao

How China and Tsinghua changed my life

Growing up in the neighbouring country to China and a country which has the friendliest relations with China, I wanted to broaden my horizons about Chinese culture, society and customs, and experience Chinese culture more deeply.

Culture is shared, learned and integrated and it builds a person with values and beliefs, and also helps in building societies and a good nation. China has more diversity in its culture from North to South and from East to West.

While staying at Tsinghua, I experienced the diversity of Chinese culture, society and customs, and also multinational cultural values and different kind of social, sports and educational activities which built a stronger person inside myself. I always maintain the rules of diligence and harmony which I also learnt from Tsinghua.

My social experience within China

I always have had a keen interest in learning new things about different cultures and values. I took part in different cultural activities in Tsinghua. Beyond the educational subjects, I also always put myself in the front line for social work contribution; I believe where I stay is like my home and I should put all my efforts towards the welfare and development of that society, no matter whether my contribution is big or small.

At Tsinghua I joined the Tsinghua Red Cross Society where I work together with Chinese students and contribute towards my Tsinghua family; these are opportunities which provide a source of happiness and always make me a livelier person.

A story of a Pakistani student at Tsinghua University, the best university in China
Wasim at a blood donation activity held by the Tsinghua Red Cross

China’s current growth in my eyes

Before coming to China, I just may dream about China’s development and how developed China is. After coming to China, I could see the real developing China and everything here witnessed the development of China.

It was my first experience of a foreign country and also here the world was quite different from my country. Skyscrapers, world-class megacities connected by highways, and the world’s largest and fastest railway network made me astonished and I could not stop myself from praising the efforts of Chinese leaders who make impossible things possible within a short period of time.

China’s future speed of growth

China’s investment in new and better technology, new machinery and infrastructure helped the country to reinforce its economic status in the whole world. China’s open-door policy has spurred foreign investment and this is most effective way to link China with international markets.

How China built a prosperous nation is a unique example for the whole world and the world should learn from China. China is a fast-growing economy and will be a world IT and economic hub.

A story of a Pakistani student at Tsinghua University, the best university in China
Wasim planting trees in Xiong’an New District

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