2024 North China Institute of Science and Technology International Students Enrollment Guide

2024 North China Institute of Science and Technology International Students Enrollment Guide

2024 North China Institute of Science and Technology International Students Enrollment Guide

2024 North China Institute of Science and Technology International Students Enrollment Guide

North China Institute of Science and Technology

I. An Overview of North China Institute of Science and Technology (NCIST)

NCIST is accountable to the Ministry of Emergency Management, formerly known as the cadre school of the central Ministry of fuel industry founded in 1950. In 2002, it was upgraded to a regular undergraduate university. The institute has 15 schools and 1 departments. Over 17,000 full-time students are currently attending various academic or vocational courses at the institute. It offers 60 undergraduate programs, covering eight disciplinary fields: engineering, science, liberal arts, law, economics, management, education and arts, etc. Currently, The school has 3 national characteristic specialty, 5 high-quality course, 3 pilot programs of Ministry of Education “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program”, 7 provincial key subjects, key developing subjects and Brand Specialty. In 2011, The school obtained Master of Engineering (safety engineering) professional degree postgraduate training qualification. In 2018, it was under the Ministry of Emergency Management; The preparation work for the establishment of the Emergency Management University will be launched in 2021.

NCIST began its international student education in 1999, when it received 21 Indonesian students to study Chinese for a year. Since 2003, the number of international students has exceeded 100. Since then, it has entered a period of steady development, with nearly 200 students at the top. In 2014, the school was rated as the “advanced collective of International Education Exchange in Hebei Province”. So far, our school has trained students from the United States, Canada, Russia, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Kenya, Mali, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Serbia, Ecuador, Ukraine Armenia, Cuba, Argentina, Colombia, Norway, the Philippines, Brazil, Switzerland and other 31 countries, nearly 1000 foreign students of various types, of which the number of academic students accounts for more than 70%.

The school adheres to open education, continuously improves its internationalization level, and strives to build an international education and academic exchange platform and jointly trained professionals in various forms with more than 50 universities (Institutions) in more than 20 countries, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy and Latvia. The school employs more than 40 foreign teachers and various foreign experts throughout the year, and has trained nearly 1000 foreign students. China Latvia one belt, one road academic exchange center is established in the school to carry out communication and scientific research cooperation between teacher and student.

The school attaches great importance to the education of international students, strives to create an international atmosphere on the campus, improves the awareness and level of foreign exchanges between teachers and students, expands the international popularity of the school, and is committed to preparing for the establishment of a high-level Emergency Management University with distinctive characteristics.

The school is located in Yanjiao, the National-level High-Technology Industrial Development Zone, adjacent to Beijing Sub Center. The school covers a total area of 800 mu, and has a further building area of 450,000㎡. The library has a collection of 1.48 million paper books, 1.46 million e-books, and 39 databases in various Chinese and foreign languages. The school has complete teaching facilities, rich teaching resources and comfortable living environment, so it provides a convenient and comfortable learning and living condition for international students.

We sincerely welcome you to study at North China Institute of Science and Technology!

2024 North China Institute of Science and Technology International Students Enrollment Guide

North China Institute of Science and Technology

II.North China Institute of Science and Technology General Language Course


Spring term: every February to June

Autumn term: every September to January


AIf you are a complete starter

BIf you are planning to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree


After you complete all required credit hours and pass exams, a certificate will be awarded.


Monday to Friday8:00-11:50, 20 classes per week, 50 minutes per class.

Main Courses

Intensive Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing, etc.



New Year’s party; Sports meeting, Chinese culture experience activity etc.

Language courses can be undertaken over 10 students.

III:North China Institute of Science and Technology Degree Education

Course Type


Specialty Classification

The school time

Certificates Offered

Bachelor’s Degree

4 years

60 undergraduate programs


Diploma and Bachelor’s degree

Master’s Degree

3 years

Master of safety engineering


Diploma and Master’s degree

Undergraduate programs are listed below:


School & Department

Undergraduate Program


School of Emergency Technology and Management

Emergency Technology and Management

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Science and Engineering



School of Mining Safety

Mining Engineering

Production Safety Supervision

Mineral   Processing Engineering



School of Safety


Safety Engineering

Geologic Engineering

City Underground Space


Occupational Health Engineering

Safety Engineering (Occupational safety and public health)



School of  

Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Material Science and Engineering

Applied Chemistry

Environmental Science


School of

Emergency Equipment


Engineering and Automation


Design Manufacturing and Automation

Material Shaping and Control Engineering



Emergency Equipment Technology and Engineering


School of


And Information


Electronics and Information




Communication Engineering

Building Electric and Automation

Information Engineering


School of

Computer Science

Computer Science and Technology

Network Engineering


Management and System



Engineering  of Internet of Things

Cyberspace Security


School of

Economic and Management

Sales and


International Economics and Trade

Industrial and Commercial Management


Electronic Commerce

Public Utilities Management

Supply Chain Management


School of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering



Building Environment and Equipment Engineering

Surveying and Mapping Engineering

Real Estate


and Management

Geographic Information Science


School of Law and Humanities

Chinese Language and Literature

Teaching Chinese as a Foreign LanguageTCFL


New Media and Web Design

Secretary Education



School of Foreign Languages





School of Science

Information and Computational Science

Applied Statistics

Data Science and Big Data Technology



School of Art and Design

Art Design






Department of Physical Education

Social Physical Education


Graduate Program: 3 years, registration from September (Master of Engineering in Safety Engineering)

IV:North China Institute of Science and Technology Charge Standard

Tuition Fees

Course Type


Instruction Language

Certificates Offered

Language Course

13,000 RMB/year


Certificate of graduation

Bachelor’s Degree

14,000 RMB/year


Diploma and Bachelor’s degree

Master’s Degree

15,000 RMB/year


Diploma and Master’s degree

North China Institute of Science and Technology Accommodations Fees


Inside the equipment


Double room

KitchenLiving roomBathroomTelevisionAir conditioner, etc.

4,000 RMB/year

5,000 RMB/year

Single room

KitchenLiving roomBathroomTelevisionAir conditioner, etc.

7,000 RMB/year

Other Fees: The total cost of insurance, textbooks, resident permit fee, physical examination and other expenses amounts. The cost of living is carried by oneself.

Notes: 1. International students must register with the local public security departments for temporary stay within 24 hours of his/her entry. Otherwise, he/she will be unable to go through the visa formalities and will be fined according to relevant Chinese law.

2. HSK 4-level Certificate for Chinese language proficiency are required for students who want to attend Bachelor’s Program.

3. All the fees need to be paid in RMB. Transportation expenses during visa and physical examination are at students own cost.

V.North China Institute of Science and Technology Application

Course Type


Materials to be submitted

Language Course

formal schooling at high school level or higher

final schooling certificate

1. application form of the school;

2. copy of passport (photo page);

3. final schooling certificate and transcripts;

4. physical examination records;

5. resume;

6. banking statement (no less than 20,000 RMB);

7. no criminal record;

8. insurance record;

9. electronic photo (1-inch white background)

Bachelor’s Degree

formal schooling at high school level or higher

final schooling certificate

Master’s Degree

Bachelor’s degree

Diploma and degree certificate

Applicants can contact the International Students Office to get an application form or download it from website https://gjc.The school.edu.cn/docs/2021-12/a8c17b60004c4ac58358ff3b7ba4ad9f.doc

Please send the completed application form together with other materials to the contacts e-mail.

Address: International Students Office (Administration Building 420), North China Institute of Science and Technology, Xue Yuan Street 467, Yanjiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hebei Province, 065201


E-mail:  [email protected], [email protected]

Contact: Ms Cui, Ms Xi

2024 North China Institute of Science and Technology International Students Enrollment Guide

North China Institute of Science and Technology

VI.North China Institute of Science and Technology Frequent Asked Questions

Q1. What language is used in Chinese class?  

A: Chinese is used in the classroom.

Q2. How is the learning time of preparatory Chinese course arranged?  

A: From Monday to Friday (8:00-11:50), each class is 50 minutes, 20 classes per week.  

Q3. How to pay the tuition and other fees?  

A: All fees are charged in RMB only. Fees can be paid to the school finance office in cash, by card, by Wechat or by Alibay after arriving at the school.  

Q4. How much do you need to bring?  

A: The school will inform the tuition and accommodation fee before entering the school. Other living expenses are about 2000-3000 yuan/month. Please change RMB before entering the country or exchange foreign currency in the Bank of China after entering the country. If you carry travelers checks, you need to cash them in the Bank of China.  

Q5. What are the configurations of international student apartments?  

A: It is equipped with basic household appliances: tables and chairs, wardrobe, air conditioning, TV, Internet, etc. It is also equipped with kitchen, bathroom and shower.  

Q6. What clothes do you need to bring?  

A: The school is located in four distinct seasons, with warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn and cold winter. The minimum temperature in winter is about -10 ℃ and the maximum temperature in summer is about 30 ℃.



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