Nankai University 南开大学

Nankai University 南开大学


Chinese Name: 南开大学

English Name: Nankai University

Abbreviation: 南开(Nankai); NKU

Established: 1919

Location: Tianjin


Nankai University 南开大学
Nankai University

Brief introduction of Nankai University

Nankai University was founded in 1919 by the famous patriotic educators Zhang Boling张伯苓 and Yan Xiu严修.

In August 1923, Nankai University officially moved to the new site of Balitai八里台. In addition to the four departments of arts, science, commerce, and mining, the school has added preparatory departments, and Nankai University has begun to take shape.

Nankai University 南开大学
Nankai University campus view

In July 1937, Nankai University, which was in its mature stage of development, was tragically bombed by the Japanese invaders, with two-thirds of the school buildings destroyed.  In August of the same year, Nankai University, Peking University北京大学, and Tsinghua University清华大学 jointly established Changsha Temporary University长沙临时大学.  

After the victory of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression抗日战争, Nankai University demobilized and returned to the North. In 1946, Nankai University moved back to Tianjin天津 and became a national university.

In January 1949, Tianjin was liberated and Nankai University began a new course.

Nankai University 南开大学
Nankai University campus view

Since the reform and opening up改革开放, Nankai University has been full of youth and vitality.  After 1980, in order to meet the needs of socialist modernization, Nankai University established a number of new majors and research institutes by taking advantage of the good foundation of the old majors.  On the basis of this, the College of Economics was restored in 1983. On the basis of this, the college of Science added interdisciplinary, marginal, and high-tech majors.  By the middle and late 1980s, Nankai University had developed into a comprehensive university with multiple disciplines including humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, technical sciences, life sciences, management sciences, and arts.  

Education Achivements and Rankings

Nankai University is one of the comprehensive research universities with a complete range of disciplines in China. In the long run, Nankai University has formed the characteristics of attaching equal importance to liberal arts and science, laying emphasis on foundation, broad-minding, and highlighting application and innovation. It has 26 professional colleges and disciplines covering literature, history, philosophy, economics, management, law, science, industry, agriculture, medicine, education, and arts.

Nankai University 南开大学
Nankai University campus view

The university actively builds and develops a discipline system that meets the needs of economic and social development and talent training in the 21st century, with 93 undergraduate majors (including 18 national-level specialties), 11 first-level disciplines authorized by master’s degrees, 27 authorized points for master’s degrees, 31 first-level disciplines authorized for doctoral degrees, 1 second-level doctoral program that is not covered by first-level disciplines, and 28 postdoctoral research mobile stations.

Nankai University 南开大学
Nankai University campus view

As of 2021, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranked Nankai University 56th in Asia and 20th in China with its teaching and research performance.

Academic Ranking of World Universities, also known as the “Shanghai Ranking”, placed Nankai University 20th in China.

Nankai University 南开大学
Nankai University campus view

In terms of natural sciences, the number of SCI papers in the school ranks among the top universities in the country, among which some research achievements in the fields of organic chemistry, pesticide chemistry, basic mathematics, applied mathematics, and optics have reached the international advanced level, and a number of cutting-edge high-tech research and development such as thin-film optoelectronics have made contributions to China’s modernization construction. Between 2003 and 2011, Nankai University won nine-second prizes in the National Natural Science Award.

Duan Feng段峰, associate professor at the School of Computer and Control Engineering, Nankai University, and his team have successfully developed a brain-controlled car, which is the first time in China to realize the connection between brain driving and EEG signals and the car system, which is expected to completely change the driving mode of hands and feet and make the dream of driving for people with physical disabilities possible.

The Origin of the School Badge校徽

On September 22, 1917, the Tianjin South Canal broke through. That night, floodwaters flooded into Tianjin Nankai Middle School. In October, under the personal command of Zhang Pengchun张彭春, the whole school moved to Hebei Political Science and Law School. To distinguish them from other school students, each student wears a temporary purple and white school badge made of paper on his chest.

Purple and white is the color of Nankai school (purple means “The Purple Air comes from the east紫气东来”), and it is this purple and white school emblem that makes students never forget that they are Nankai people. Since then, every year on the evening of September 23, the school will hold a “flood commemoration meeting” in the dining room. All the students sat at the dinner table to drink porridge to commemorate, and all wore purple and white cards printed with the word “Nankai” on their chests, just like the one in the past, but a line of small characters was printed below: “Commemoration of the Six-Year Flood Disaster of the Republic of China民国六年水灾纪念”.

Famous Alumni

Nankai university adheres to the “can allow fair, changing” the school motto, carry forward the “patriotism, dedication, innovation, music group of” tradition and “wen to rule with great power, and companies in rich countries” concept, to “know China, China’s service” for the purpose, a model for distinguished alumni Zhou Enlai周恩来, Shiing-Shen Chern陈省身 as academic prosperity and power development, inheriting civilization, and strive to build a world-class university. 

Nankai University 南开大学
Nankai University campus view

Nankai University has a team of teachers who are both professional and professional and energetic.

Nankai University 南开大学
Zhou Enlai周恩来
Nankai University 南开大学
Shiing-Shen Chern陈省身

Nankai University – Introduction of the School

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