My Chinese Heart 我的中国心

The surging Chinese heart sings the voice of the global Chinese.


Chinese Name: 我的中国心

English Name: My Chinese Heart, Wo De Zhong Guo Xin

Composer: Wang Fuling 王福龄

Lyricist: Huang Zhan 黄霑

Original Singer: Zhang Mingmin 张明敏

My Chinese Heart 我的中国心
the album of My Chinese Heart

My Chinese Heart is a Mandarin song published by Zhang Mingmin 张明敏 in 1983. It was composed by Wang Fuling 王福龄 and written by Huang Zhan 黄霑. It is included in the album “My Chinese Heart”.

Story Of My Chinese Heart

In 1982, Japan tampered with the history of Japan’s invasion of China during World War II in its textbooks for primary and secondary schools, which made countless Chinese angry. Famous Hong Kong lyricist Huang Zhan was also indignant with it, and immediately picked up the pen and wrote the lyrics: “Western-style clothes on my body, My heart is still Chinese.” The whole lyrics were completed in a few minutes.

My Chinese Heart 我的中国心
Huang Zhan黄霑

Huang Zhan brought the lyrics he created to the popular Hong Kong singers, but they were not taken seriously, because the song did not match the mainstream music in Hong Kong at that time, and secondly, they could not sing Mandarin well.

Finally, Huang Zhan found a technician who can sing in an electronic watch factory.Born in Hong Kong in 1956, Zhang Mingmin 张明敏 was a school worker in an electronic watch factory in Kowloon. He likes to sing since childhood and has always wanted to be a singer, and he has worked hard for it. But apart from winning a Hong Kong Amateur Singing Contest at the age of 22, he has almost no experience.

My Chinese Heart 我的中国心
My Chinese Heart

In 1982, by chance, Zhang Mingmin appeared on the stage as a folk singer, but he mainly made a living by working in an electronic watch factory. When a staff member approached Zhang Mingmin to record a patriotic song called My Chinese Heart, he agreed without hesitation, and fell in love with the song as soon as he sang it.

Even more incidentally, when the driver played this song in a taxi on the streets of Shenzhen, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala staff in the car were instantly shocked. This is the format of the program they want to invite people from the literary and art circles across the country to participate. .

The program team who had obtained the treasure quickly found the staff of the Hong Kong branch of Xinhua News Agency and conducted various communication, and they finally found the original singer Zhang Mingmin.

My Chinese Heart 我的中国心
Zhang Mingmin张明敏

When Zhang Mingmin sang “Yangtze River, Great Wall; Mt.Huangshan, Yellow River, weight thousand pounds in my mind”, countless Chinese audiences were wet with mixed feelings.

Since then, My Chinese Heart has become a song engraved in the hearts of Chinese people all over the world. Zhang Mingmin also became a popular singer in the mainland overnight.

In 2009, My Chinese Heart was selected as one of the 100 patriotic songs recommended by the Central Propaganda Department.

My Chinese Heart 我的中国心
My Chinese Heart

Lyrics of My Chinese Heart

Chinese Lyrics








长江 长城 黄山 黄河


无论何时 无论何地





长江 长城 黄山 黄河


无论何时 无论何地





English Translation

Country lingers in my dream

I’ve been away from motherland for years

However nothing may change

My Chinese heart

Western-style clothes on my body

My heart is still Chinese

My ancestors branded me long ago

With the Chinese marking

Yangtze River, Great Wall

Mt.Huangshan, Yellow River

Weight thousand pounds in my mind.

Whensoever and wheresoever

My heart’s always intimate with them

The blood running in me

Surges the sound of China

Though I was born in strange land

Nothing may change my Chinese heart

My Chinese Heart 1984 CCTV Spring Festival Gala 1984年央视春晚

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