Dedication of Love 爱的奉献

A song filled with the most beautiful warmth in the world


Chinese Name: 爱的奉献

English Name: Dedication of Love, Ai De Feng Xian

Composer: Liu Shizhao 刘诗召

Lyricist: Huang Qishi 黄奇石

Singer: Wei Wei 韦唯

Dedication of Love 爱的奉献
The album of Dedication of Love

Dedication of Love 爱的奉献 is a song sung by Wei Wei 韦唯, written by Huang Qishi 黄奇石 and composed by Liu Shizhao 刘诗召. Included in Wei Wei’s 1989 album Endless Love. In 1989, Wei Wei sang this song at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

Story Of Dedication of Love

In 1988, Liu Ruiqin 刘瑞琴, director of CCTV’s literary and art department, invited some songwriters such as Huang Qishi and Liu Shizhao to make ending songs for those touching stories in a TV column.

Huang Qishi read a story about a middle school student who suffered from severe kidney disease and needed surgery, but the middle school student’s family couldn’t afford the surgery. After the student’s classmates found out, the whole school donated to him. After the incident was reported by the “Beijing Evening News”, it aroused extensive participation from all walks of life. Everyone has a common wish: hope that the child’s illness can be cured as soon as possible.

Dedication of Love 爱的奉献
Spread your love

After watching these stories of the show, Huang Qishi was very moved. He picked up the pen, “There is a call in despair, this is the offering of love. It’s the breeze of the spring, it’s the spring of the life” These lyrics were written fluently.

After receiving Huang Qishi’s lyrics, Liu Shizhao, a professional composer of the Cultural Troupe, was deeply touched by the magnificent atmosphere, soft artistic conception, romantic mood and touching warmth in the lyrics.

Dedication of Love 爱的奉献
composer of dedication of love 刘诗召

The ups and downs of music turned people’s desire for love and warmth into a strong call, moved many loving listeners, and shocked many loving hearts.

In 1989, at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, when the host Ju Ping 鞠萍 emotionally introduced a story full of love and dedication, this song sounded.

Dedication of Love 爱的奉献
Wei Wei at 1989 GALA

Singer Wei Wei interprets Dedication of Love emotionally and heroically with his deep and full singing style. The song touched the nerves of the audience, mobilized the audience’s emotions, and aroused strong social repercussions.

Neither the lyricist nor the songwriter thought that this song would be featured in the Spring Festival Gala, nor did they expect to cause such a big shock. And the singer Wei Wei also sang the whole country with Dedication of Love, and has since been successfully promoted to one of the heavyweights in the Chinese pop music scene.

That Spring Festival, because of the singing of Dedication of Love flowing in the streets and alleys, it seems that this Spring Festival is much better than previous years. As Liu Shizhao said: “The world without love is a desert, and the world with love must be A beautiful paradise on earth.”

Dedication of Love 爱的奉献
Wei Wei 韦唯

The success of this song is due to the profound ideological value and the warm feeling of life endowed by the songwriter to the work, as well as people’s desire to awaken and convey love. The success of this song also stems from the era of change. In those days, people’s maddening pursuit of material things began to make some people uneasy. The fear of money worship has triggered people’s inner call for morality and love. The success of this song stems from the “a tiny bit of love” that everyone has in their hearts. It is this “a tiny bit of love” in everyone’s heart that resonates with the chords of the song, so that everyone can recognize the goodness of human nature.

Dedication of Love is filled with the most beautiful warmth in the world and exudes a timeless fragrance. When the country and people need warmth and touching, the melody of this song will always sound on time.

Dedication of Love 爱的奉献
Dedication of Love

Lyrics of Dedication of Love

Chinese Lyrics









啊 只要人人都献出一点爱


啊 只要人人都献出一点爱


English Translation

There is a call in despair
This is the offering of love
It’s the breeze of the spring
It’s the spring of the life

There will be no desert of heart
There will be no wasteland of love
Death will hold his steps in fear
Joyful face will bloom everywhere

Aha,if everyone gave a tiny bit of love
The world would become a beautiful heaven

Dedication of Love Wei Wei (Toronto 2006) (Mandarin)春晚

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