Liu Che 汉武帝刘彻

A brilliant monarch in a prosperous age


Chinese Name: 刘彻

English Name: Liu Che

Other Names: Emperor Wu of Han汉武帝(Han Wudi), Qiu Feng Ke秋风客

Born: 156 BCE

Died: The 29th day of the 3rd lunar month, 87 BCE


Reform the legal system,

Respect Confucianism,

Exploit the boundary,

The first emperor in Chinese history to have a collection of essays.

Main Works:

Qiu Feng Ci秋风辞(Autumn Wind Rhyme),

Tribute to Mrs. Li悼李夫人赋

Liu Che 汉武帝刘彻
Han Wudi汉武帝刘彻

Brief Biography of Liu Che

Liu Che, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, was the seventh emperor of the Western Han Dynasty (141-87 BCE), an outstanding politician and writer. The son of Liu Qi, Emperor Jing of the Han Dynasty(汉景帝刘启). and his mother is the queen Wang(王皇后).

At the beginning, Liu Che was named king of Jiaodong. At the age of seven, he was named crown prince. At the age of 16, he inherited the throne. He had been in the emperor position for 54 years and made many achievements.

Liu Che is superstitious about immortals and is keen on Zen worship and suburban worship. He has traveled around for many times and is extravagant. In his later years in office, social contradictions became increasingly acute, with 2 million refugees in Kanto and frequent peasant uprisings. “The curse of witches and insects” occurred in the court, which led to the suicide of crown prince Liu Ju刘据. Two years later (87 BC), Liu Che died at the age of 70. Before his death, he made his youngest son Liu Fuling crown prince. Buried in Maoling.

Respect Confucianism alone and depose other thoughts

In 136 BC, Liu Che set up the five classics to reaffirm his respect for Confucianism. In 134 B.C., Liu Che cited virtuous literature for the second time. Prime Minister Tian Jue “deposed Huang Lao and punished hundreds of scholars” and enrolled hundreds of Confucianism. Later, Confucian scholar Gongsun Hong became prime minister to lead students all over the world to learn Confucianism. In the process of respecting Confucianism, Liu Che paid the most attention to the spring and autumn Gongyang School represented by Gongsun Hong and Dong Zhongshu董仲舒.

Liu Che 汉武帝刘彻

Dong Zhongshu suggested that Liu Che, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, ” Respect Confucianism alone and depose other thoughts 独尊儒术,罢黜百家”.

Liu Che 汉武帝刘彻
Dong Zhongshu 董仲舒

This is not only the feudal ideological ruling policy implemented by Liu Che, but also the symbol of the dominant position of Confucianism in Chinese culture.

Emperor Han Wudi – Ancient China’s Greatest Conqueror

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