Laozi 老子

The founder and chief representative of the Taoism


Chinese Name: 老子

English Name: Laozi,Lao Tzu

Other Names: Lier 李耳;Laodan 老聃

Born:Not known

Died: Not known


Laozi wrote the Tao te Ching

Laozi is the founder and chief representative of the Taoism.

Laozi 老子
Laozi 老子

Brief Biography of Laozi

Laozi老子,also called Lao Tzu, was born in the Late Spring and Autumn Period春秋末期. Ancient Chinese thinkers, philosophers, writers and historians, founders and main representatives of the Taoist道教, and Zhuangzi庄子 are called “Lao Zhuang老庄”. Later, he was honored as the ancestor of Taoism and called “Tai Shang Lao Jun太上老君”. It has been listed as one of the world’s cultural celebrities and one of the world’s 100 historical celebrities.

in 571 BC, Laozi was born in Kuxian county, the state of Chen in 571 BC.

In 551 BC, Laozi worked as an official in Zhou. Before he was recommended to join the Zhou, Laozi learned from Chang Zongzi 常枞子 .

In 535 BC, Laozi was fired by the Duke of Gan Jian甘简公 . He traveled to Lu..In Lu Guoxiang Party鲁国巷党 Laozi hosted the funeral of his friend, Confucius assisted burial. Confucius studied from Laozi at the age of 17.

In 530 BC, he was recalled by Gan Pinggong甘平公 and remains the position.

Laozi 老子
Laozi 老子

516 BC, Laozi was removed from his post job and returned to his native land. After that, he went to the Qin.

501 BC, Confucius went to Laozi’s home to learn from him.

471 BC, Laozi died in Qin at the age of one hundred and one.

666 AD, Laozi was named as Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty太上玄元皇帝.1013 ad, Laozi had the plus sign, the emperor, and the German Emperor太上老君混元上德皇帝。

The Interesting Story of Tao Te Ching

In 485 BC, Laozi seeing the Zhou Dynasty in decline, left his native land and prepared to travel. When he arrived at Hangu Pass函谷关, he met Yin Xi尹喜, the officer in charge of Hangu Pass. Yin Xi admired Laozi very much and was very happy to hear that Laozi has come to Hangu Pass. But when he knew that Laozi was going to travel. Yin Xi felt very sad. He tried to keep Laozi.

So Yin Xi said to Laozi. “Sir, if you want to get out of the pass, you need to leave a book .”After Laozi heard that, Laozi was locked up in the room for a few days. A few days later, he handed Yin Xi a book that is said to be the Tao Te Ching. And then, Laozi rides off on a big blue bull.

Laozi 老子
Laozi 老子

A Good impact on the world

Laozi’s works and thoughts have become the precious wealth of the world-historical and cultural heritage. The influence of Laozi’s thought was not only unparalleled within Taoism, but also for reaching outside it.

Laozi’s thoughts have a wide and deep influence on the whole world.

As early as the 18th century, some Western countries had multi-lingual versions of Laozi. By the time of the 1940s and the 1950s, there were more than 60 translations of the Tao Te Ching in Europe.

Laozi’s ideas have already crossed national boundaries and become the common spiritual wealth of all mankind.

Laozi 老子
Laozi 老子

Tao Te Ching 道德经, I Change易经 and the analects of Confucius论语 are the three great books of China.

Laozi 老子
Tao Te Ching 道德经

Historical evaluation

Laozi’s greatest contribution is to go beyond heaven and earth, do not assume a ‘Tao’ .

Hu Shih胡适

The art of Oigo needs to be done by Fonken, and he will not do it if it is not convenient for him.老子之术,须自家占得十分稳便,方肯做;才有一毫于己不便,便不肯做。

Zhu Xi朱熹

The way of Laozi, nothingness, in response to change in inaction, it is difficult to understand the subtle words.老子所贵道,虚无,因应变化于无为,故著书辞称微妙难识。

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