China to Open More International Flights

Three domestic airlines have received quota allocation for new international flights from the Civil Aviation Administration, few days after proposal made to increase domestic and international passenger flights in an orderly manner at the executive meeting of the State Council held recently.

More additional shifts are expected to be gradually announced after negotiating and reaching an agreement with the foreign civil aviation authority.

Increased return flights + Relaxation of testing requirements for Inbound Passengers.

China Southern Airlines, Air China and Hainan Airlines have obtained the allocation of new international flight quotas from the Civil Aviation Administration.

Among them, China Southern Airlines has obtained new flight quotas to and from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkey, of which flights to the first two countries were temporarily suspended after the epidemic broke out in early 2020.

Air China has been allocated a quota of flights to and from Belarus and the United Arab Emirates, to which flights were reduced in September 2021.

Hainan Airlines has been granted an additional flight quota to and from Italy after Air China has resumed a flight to and from It.

The newly added international flight quota configuration includes routes that had been suspended after the epidemic, which means that it has broken through the flight pool from March 16 to 22, 2020, which means that the “Five Ones” policy has made further breakthroughs.

A number of domestic airline insiders revealed to reporters that they have indeed heard that the Civil Aviation Administration is preparing to increase more international flights to implement the decision at the recent State Council executive meeting.

At the executive meeting of the State Council, it was decided to implement 33 measures in six areas. Among them, for aviation, besides issuing 200 billion yuan of bonds, an additional 150 billion yuan of civil aviation emergency loans will be added to support the industry, and proposed to orderly increase domestic and international passenger flights, and formulate measures to facilitate personnel exchanges for foreign companies.

While international flights are expected to increase further, Chinese embassies in many countries have also recently relaxed the requirements for testing before heading for China.

The Chinese embassies in the United States, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Thailand, Bangladesh, Egypt and other countries have successively issued notices to relax the pre-departure testing requirements for people going to China.

The most obvious changes are that they no longer require any serum antibody testing, and have also cancelled the lung CT / X-ray examinations of people with a history of previous infection, some consular areas are changed to accept “double nucleic acid” within 48 hours before the trip.

There are averagely 4,500 flights everyday, among which China Southern Airlines has a 15.56% share, with 700 flights per day, followed by China Eastern Airlines with 518 flights per day, Air China, Sichuan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Hainan Airlines, China Express Airlines, Spring Airlines, and Shandong Airlines ranks the top ten of the allocated shares.

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