Admission of Hangzhou Normal University-A Great University which Produces Giants

Here we introduce the admission of Hangzhou Normal University, A Great University which Produces Giants.
Admission of Hangzhou Normal University-A Great University which Produces Giants

Here we introduce the admission of Hangzhou Normal University, A Great University which Produces Giants

Part 1: Admission of Hangzhou Normal University: A Brief Introduction of HZNU

Hangzhou Normal University (HZNU) started as Zhejiang Official Dual-Level Nomal School in 1908. It was renamed Zhejiang Provincial First Normal School in 1913. In the turbulent early 20th century, the School was open to new ideas and emerged as a pioneer of the developmentof democracy and modern science in China.

In 1978, Hangzhou Teachers College was formed on the basis of Hangzhou Normal School. At the turn of the 21st century a few small institutions were successively integrated into Hangzhou Teachers Cllege. 2007 marked the birth of the new Hangzhou Teachers College, officially today’s Hangzhou Normal University (HZNU).

With 24 schools, and 2 afillated hospitals, Hangzhou Normal University consists of three campuses, namely, Cangqian Campus, Xiasha Campus and Yuhuangshan Campus, covering a total area of bout 190 hecteres. It hes 2614 staff members and more than 31,000 ful-timestudents, including more than 24,000 undergraduates, around 6,000 graduate students, near 90 doctoral students and about 500 international students. With 13 of its disciplines in the top 1% of intemational ESl disciplines, HZNU is now among China’s top 100 by ESI ranking. Liberal arts and sciences are among the strong disciplines.

HZNU keeps a close eye on the Belt and Road Initiative and follows closely what is going on globall established with over 70 renowned universities around the world, confiming its belief that openness and inclusiveness should be the tone for international exchanges. It is among the first to be accredited for international education by China Education Associaton for International Exchange, co-runs a center for Chinese language education and cooperation in partnership with Middle Tennesse State University in the United States, a Joint Institute with Kharkiv National University in Ukraine and a Joint Program at Master Level with the University of Canberra in Australia.

Admission of Hangzhou Normal University-A Great University which Produces Giants

(The statistics are updated by lanuary 10, 2024)

Part 2: Admission of Hangzhou Normal University: Programs and Fees

Admission of Hangzhou Normal University-A Great University which Produces Giants

Bachelor Programs

SchoolProgramsDegreeDurationLanguageTuition Fee
School of EconomicsEconomics (International Digital Trade)Bachelor4 YearsEnglishRMB 20000/year
Alibaba Business SchoolInternational Business (Cross Border eCommerce)Bachelor4 YearsEnglishRMB 25000/year
Alibaba Business SchoolInternational Business (Cross Border eCommerce)Bachelor4 YearsChineseRMB 25000/year
School of Information Science and lecnnologyComputer Science & TechnologyBachelor4 YearsEnglishRMB 20000/year
School of NursingNursingBachelor4 YearsEnglishRMB 20000/year
Jing Hengyi School of EducationPreschool EducationBachelor4 YearsChineseRMB 18000/year
Jing Hengyi School of EducationPrimary EducationBachelor4 YearsChineseRMB 18000/year
Jing Hengyi School of EducationApplied PsychologyBachelor4 YearsChineseRMB 20000/year

Master Programs

SchoolProgramsDegreeDurationLanguageTuition Fee
School of International StudiesStudy of World Languages and Applied LinguisticsMaster of Arts3 YearsEnglishRMB 22800/year
School of International StudiesComparative Literature and Transcultural StudiesMaster of Arts3 YearsEnglishRMB 22800/year
School of International StudiesDiscourse and CommunicationMaster of Arts3 YearsEnglishRMB 22800/year
School of Information Science and TechnologyElectronic InformationMaster of Engeering2.5 YearsEnglishRMB 24800/year
School of Information Science and TechnologyCartography and Geographic Information systemMaster of Science3 YearsChineseRMB 24800/year
Alibaba Business SchoolInternational BusinessMaster of Management2 YearsChineseRMB 24800/year
Alibaba Business SchoolManagement Science and EngineeringMaster of Management2.5 YearsChineseRMB 24800/year
Jing Hengyi School of EducationPsychologyMPhil in Education3 YearsChineseRMB 22800/year
Jing Hengyi School of EducationComparative EducationMPhil in Education3 YearsChineseRMB 22800/year
Jing Hengyi School of EducationHigher EducationMPhil in Education3 YearsChineseRMB 22800/year
Jing Hengyi School of EducationPreschool EducationMPhil in Education3 YearsChineseRMB 22800/year
College of Material, Chemistry and Chemical EngineeringChemistryMaster of Science3 YearsChineseRMB 24800/year
College of Life and Environmental SciencesBiological ScienceMaster of Science3 YearsChineseRMB 24800/year
College of Life and Environmental SciencesEcologyMaster of Science3 YearsChineseRMB 24800/year
School of PharmacyPharmacyMaster of Science3 YearsChineseRMB 24800/year

Non-degree Programs

SchoolProgramsDegreeDurationLanguageTuition Fee
School of International EducationLong-term 
Chinese Language Program
Non-degree0.5 – 2 YearsChineseRMB 7500/semester RMB 15000/year
School of International EducationShort-term Chinese Language & Culture ProgranNon-degree2 weeks aboveChineseTo be designed

Fees Description

ItemsBachelor ProgramMaster ProgramNon-degree Program
Application Fee (Non-refundable)RMB 400RMB 400RMB 400
Insurance Fee (One-time payment)RMB 800/yearRMB 800/yearRMB 400/semester or RMB 800/year
Accommodation Fee (One-time payment)RMB 7000 to 14000/yearRMB 7000 to 14000/yearRMB 25/day
Charged by semester or year

Medical Insurance

It is stipulated by Ministry of Education of china that all international students should have medical insurance while they study in China.

Those with no valid insurance must buy insurance fro Chinese insurance companies before registration.


There are diferent types of accommodation facilities for international students on campus. There are individual bathrooms, publickitchens and laundry, as wel as cable TV, refrigerators, air conditioners, Wi-Fi service in all the rooms. Daily management and services arerun by professional staff.

The University Bank Account

Beneficiary: Hangzhou Normal University

Bank: Bank of Communications, Zhejiang Provincial Branch


Bank Address: No.1Juyuan Road, Hangzhou, China

Account No.:
3310 6595 0018 0004 82533 (for CNY)
3310 6595 0296 3000 00121 (for AUD)
3310 6595 0146 3000 00896 (for USD)
3310 6595 0386 3000 00290 (for EUR)

Part 4: Scholarship for lnternational Students

Admission of Hangzhou Normal University-A Great University which Produces Giants

Chinese Government Scholarship

It is granted by the Chinese govemment for international students who study in the institutions of higher education in China. There are 6types ofthe scholarship: underaraduates, graduate students, doctora students, students involving in Chinese language and culture studiesstudents involving in genera studies and advanced-level studies. Chinese Government Scholarship is classified into ful scholarship andpartial scholarship.

International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship

Set up by China’s Center For Language Education and Cooperaton and granted to international students from Confucius lnstitutes worldwidewho show excellence in their studies of Chinese language and culture. Applications can be made through the Confucius institutes of theapplicants’ home country.

Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship

Set up by Zhejiang Provincial Government and grated to international students who excel in their studies at the university.

Hangzhou Municipal Government Scholarship

Set up by Hangzhou Municipal Government and granted to international students who excel in their studies at the university

Hangzhou Normal University Scholarship

Set up by Hanazhou Normal University and granted to international students who excel in their studies at the university

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Part 5: Application requirements

Admission of Hangzhou Normal University-A Great University which Produces Giants

Basic Requirements:

Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens, aged 18 and above and in good health, holding valid passports andwilling to abide by China’s laws and the university’s rules and regulations and show due respect to China’ssocial and cultural customs.

Language Proficiency Requirement:

Bachelor’s Degree Program in Chinese: Score 210 or above, HSK Level 4;

Master’s Degree Program in Chinese: Score 180 or above, HSK Level 5;

Degree Program in English: English Language Proficiency evaluation mainly depends on interview.

Application Documents

Academic documents (in Chinese/English)

  1. Undergraduate Programs
    1.1 High school certificate;
    1.2 Official transcript for all the courses in senior high school;
  2. Graduate Programs
    2.1 Bachelor degree certificate;
    2.2 Official transcript for all the courses during Bachelor’s degree study;
    2.3 Two letters of recommendation from full professors or associate professors;
    Other documents (in Chinese/English)
  3. A photocopy of passport;
  4. Scanned file of 2-inch photo;
  5. Non-criminal Certificate;
  6. Foreigner’s Physical Examination Report; (Please attach Chest X-ray report and blood test reports)

Application Procedures

  1. Log in Online Application website:
  2. Register an account;
  3. Fill in application information correctly;
  4. Upload the required documents completely;
  5. Save and Submit;
  6. Check the application result (The admission process normally takes 10 business days);

Application Deadline

June 30th

Part 6: Contact Information

HZNU Website:

SIE Website:

Online Application:

Tel/Fax: 86-571-28865041

Email: [email protected] (General Issues), [email protected] (Degree Programs)

Add: NO.2318, Yuhangtang Rd, Yuhang District, 31121, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.China

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