Zhao Kuangyin 赵匡胤

Founder of the Song dynasty


Chinese Name: 赵匡胤

English Name: Zhao Kuangyin

Other Names: Emperor Taizu of Song宋太祖(Song Tai Zu)Zhao Xuanlang赵玄郎

Born: March 21, 927

Died: November 14, 976


Establish the Song Dynasty and end the war situation of Five Dynasties and Ten Countries建立宋朝,结束五代十国的战乱局面

Main Works:

Sing the rising sun咏初日

Zhao Kuangyin 赵匡胤
Zhao Kuangyin宋太祖赵匡胤

Brief Biography of Zhao Kuangyin

Zhao Kuangyin, the founder of the Song Dynasty, was a militarist, politician and strategist in the early Northern Song Dynasty.

On March 21, 927, Zhao Kuangyin was born in Jiamaying, Luoyang (now Dongguan, Jianhe District, Luoyang City, Henan Province)

In the early years of the later Han Dynasty, Zhao Kuangyin traveled everywhere and lived in a temple in Xiangyang. He was persuaded by an old monk who was proficient in mathematics, Heading north, in the first year of Qianyou (948), he joined the team of Guo Wei(郭威), the secret envoy of the later Han Dynasty, followed Guo Wei to denounce the rebellion and made many war achievements.

In the first year of Guangshun (951), Guo Wei became emperor and established the Later Zhou Dynasty(后周). Zhao Kuangyin served as deputy commander of Huazhou. In the third year of Guangshun (953), Zhao Kuangyin became an officer of Kaifeng Government(开封府).

Zhao Kuangyin 赵匡胤

In the first month of 960, Zhao Kuangyin launched the Chenqiao Mutiny陈桥兵变 and asked the emperor to announce his abdication to Zhao Kuangyin without fighting and bleeding. On the fourth day of the first month, Zhao Kuangyin officially ascended the throne of emperor in Kaifeng,At the age of 34. he established the country name of Song, which is historically known as the Song Dynasty or the Northern Song Dynasty.

During Zhao Kuangyin’s reign, according to the strategy of prime minister Zhao Pu “from the south to the north, from the easy to the difficult”, he successively destroyed the southern separatist regimes in Jingnan, Wuping, post Shu, Southern Han and Southern Tang, and completed the unification of most of the country. Through two “cups of wine to release the military power”, the military power of the generals of the forbidden army and local vassal towns was removed, the centralization of power was strengthened, and the situation of local saving and supporting soldiers since the middle of the Tang Dynasty was solved.

In 976, Zhao Kuangyin died at the age of 50. He reigned for 16 years and was buried in Yongchang mausoleum.

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