Yuan Longping 袁隆平

Father of hybrid rice


Chinese Name: 袁隆平

English Name: Yuan Longping

Born: September 7, 1930

Died: May 22, 2021


Pioneer of research and development of hybrid rice in China 中国研究与发展杂交水稻的开创者

Won the National Highest Science and Technology Award in 2000 于2000年度获得国家最高科学技术奖

Be elected as an academician of the CAE Member in 1995 于1995年当选为中国工程院院士

Main Works:

Collected Papers of Yuan Longping 袁隆平论文集

Breeding and Cultivation of Hybrid Rice 杂交水稻育种栽培学

Yuan Longping 袁隆平
Yuan Longping 袁隆平

Brief Biography of Yuan Longping

Yuan Longping, a famous agricultural scientist at home and abroad, the founder and leader of China’s hybrid rice cause, a close friend of the Communist Party of China, an outstanding representative of non-party personages, and a recipient of the “order of the Republic”, a former vice chairman of the CPPCC Hunan Province 湖南省, a former director of the National Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Research Center, and an academician of the CAE Member, is known as the “father of hybrid rice”.

Yuan Longping (September 7, 1930, to May 22, 2021), male, Han nationality, born in Beijing, is a native of De’an County 德安县, Jiujiang City 九江市, Jiangxi Province 江西省.

Yuan Longping 袁隆平
Academician Yuan Longping 袁隆平院士

Yuan Longping is committed to the research, application, and promotion of hybrid rice technology. He invented the “three line method” hybrid rice, successfully developed the “two line method” hybrid rice, and created a super hybrid rice technology system. He also proposed and implemented the “three species, three yields and four high-yield projects”, applied the technical achievements of super hybrid rice, and published 6 monographs in Chinese and English, and more than 60 papers.

Personal Life and Major Contributions

His great awards

He graduated from Southwest Agricultural College in 1953 and was elected as an academician of the CAE Member in 1995. In 1999, an asteroid discovered by the Schmidt CCD asteroid project team of the Beijing Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was named Yuan Longping star.

In 2000, he won the highest national science and technology award. In 2004, he won the wolf agricultural Award. In April 2006, he was elected as a foreign academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. In 2010, he received an honorary doctorate from the Macao University of science and technology.

Yuan Longping 袁隆平
Working in the rice field 在稻田中工作

In 2013, he won the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Fourth China Poverty Eradication Award, and in 2018, he was elected as a member of the first session of the China Invention Association. On September 8, 2018, he won the “Future Science Award” Life Science Award; On December 18, 2018, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council awarded Yuan Longping the title of reform pioneer, the medal of reform pioneer, and the pioneer of hybrid rice research. On November 28, 2020, he was elected as China’s economic news character 2020.

The death of a great man

At 13:07 on May 22, 2021, he died in Changsha 长沙, Hunan at the age of 91. Yuan Longping is the pioneer in the research and development of hybrid rice in China, and also the first scientist in the world to successfully use rice heterosis, known as the “father of hybrid rice”. Until the beginning of 2021, he also insisted on carrying out scientific research in Sanya Nanfan Base in Hainan 海南.

On the morning of November 15, 2021, his memorial meeting and the laying ceremony of his soul’s bones were held in the Tomb of Tang People’s Longevity Park in Changsha.

Yuan Longping 袁隆平
The statue of Yuan Longping 袁隆平塑像

On the morning of April 2, 2022, the statue of Academician Yuan Longping was inaugurated at the Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences to commemorate Academician Yuan Longping. Sanya plans to hold the unveiling ceremony of the bronze statue of Academician Yuan Longping at the Yuan Longping Memorial Park of Haitang District Rice National Park at 10:00 a.m. on May 22.

On May 20, 2022, the anniversary of the death of Academician Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice, was held at Hunan Agricultural University. Academician Yuan Longping’s wife Deng Ze and her son attended the commemoration. Deng Ze and Zou Xuexiao 邹学校, President of Hunan Agricultural University jointly unveiled the “Longping Building”.

On September 7, 2022, the first commemorative stamp of “Modern Chinese Scientist Yuan Longping” was issued.

Teaching Achievement

Yuan Longping was employed by the FAO as the chief consultant for the international development of hybrid rice. He went to the International Rice Institute 30 times to carry out cooperative research and technical exchanges, and more than 10 times to India, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and other countries to guide the development of hybrid rice. Since the 1980s, more than 50 international training courses on hybrid rice have been held at home and abroad, training about 2000 government officials and agricultural technology experts from more than 40 developing countries. The students are researchers Deng Huafeng 邓华凤 and Huang Peijin 黄培劲.

Yuan Longping 袁隆平
Farewell ceremony 遗体送别仪式

In May 1980, he went to the United States at the invitation of the United States to provide technical guidance on hybrid rice seed production. In September, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the International Rice Research Institute jointly held an international training course on hybrid rice technology at the Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Yuan Longping, as the lecturer, taught experts from more than 10 countries the main courses in hybrid rice. In September of the next year, the second consecutive session was held.

In October, he went to the Philippines International Rice Research Institute for technical guidance and cooperative research. In 2003, he directed doctoral students to conduct research on the introduction of genomic DNA of distant species into the rice and transferred a batch of foreign DNA into the rice.

The world will remember Yuan Longping for his contribution to food safety

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