Study in Yangtze University 4: YU outstanding graduate student – AKWAKWA HOPLA GABRIEL

Study in Yangtze University 4: YU outstanding graduate student – AKWAKWA HOPLA GABRIEL

YU outstanding graduate student – AKWAKWA HOPLA GABRIEL

Hi, today we introduce another YU outstanding graduate student: GABRIEL.

My name is AKWAKWA HOPLA GABRIEL from DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO (DR CONGO). I’ve been in China since Autumn 2018 and  done my master’s degree in microbiology in JiLin Agricultural University, China. Currently, I’m a PhD student majoring in Crop Science in School of Agriculture, Yangtze University. I’m lucky to have a very greatest chance and to have an expert in her field, Prof. XIAOYAN WANG, with whom I’ll be honored to conduct my research as a supervisor for better achievement.

Many people have asked me why I decided to continue  my doctoral study in China ? China is one of the top countries with the fast-growing technologies will enable me to contribute significantly in shaping our environmental practices for the betterment of our present and future generations also for the food security. Another reason is the best environmental and conditions YU with a wonderful and very equipped laboratory, qualified and an expert professional corpse in the crop sciences field, I received a warm welcome from teachers in School of Agriculture and School of International Education, especially my supervisor Prof. XIAOYAN WANG and my labmates, I’m so grateful about it.YU can help me to acquire advanced knowledge and skills that will help contribute to my scientist career advancement and my country’s development at large.

I’m so happy and very excited to be part of School of Agriculture at Yangtze University big family, I believe I’ll have a great and nice time during my study, my best wishes is the achieve brightly my studies, publish valuable and high impact factors papers for my future scientist career either in my country. Together we’re strong and we gonna built a great world and fight,  overcome the food shortage, have better food security, and finally to eradicate poverty by implementing better methods, practices, and techniques in proper and rationally agriculture by respecting and saving our environmental practices for the betterment of our present and future generations. I am very grateful to the Chinese government for the opportunity to make our dreams true through CSC program to developing countries, Long live the good Sino-African partnership, long live the Sino-Congolese partnership, I love Chinese people,  who are very enthusiastic, very mind open and with high sense of hospitality, I love Chinese culture, Chinese foods especially dumplings. I hope more and more international students will come to Yangtze University for your bright future.

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About Yangtze University:

YU is Chinese Government Scholarship university in China and students are welcome to study in our university. There are about 700 international students from 69 countries studying in YU. Students from more than 69 different countries are pursuing for bachelor’s degree programs, master’s degree programs, doctoral degree programs and Chinese language programs in Yangtze University now, including USA, Canada, France, Spain, Korea, Mexico, Bolivia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine,  Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia Pakistan, Nepal, Jordan, Chile, Papua New Guinea, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania, Namibia, Angola, Rwanda, Comoros, Benin, Niger, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Gabon, Kenya, Sudan, Benin, Liberia, Chad and son on. Students from all over the world are welcome to study in Yangtze University.

Yangtze University has 3 post-doctor stations, 15 PhD programs, 175 master’s programs and 102 undergraduate programs covering 11 disciplines including economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management and art. Its National Unique Programs are Resources exploration engineering, Prospecting technology and engineering, Petroleum engineering, Agriculture, Machine design manufacturing and automation, Chemical engineering and technology.

Yangtze University is the Pilot Institution of National Students Innovation Training Project, National Model Institution of Cooperative Education and Hubei Petroleum Postgraduate Innovation Base. Its mission focuses on helping students to learn innovative approaches and creative abilities to solve technical and scientific issues. YU international students have opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities, including student government, intramural sports and student clubs and organizations. The university’s dining hall offers halal food for Muslim students.    

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