Xidian University西安电子科技大学


Chinese Name: 西安电子科技大学

English Name: Xidian University

Abbreviation: 西电(Xi Dian),西军电;XDU

Established: 1931

Location: Xi’an

Website: https://en.xidian.www.cn/

Brief introduction of Xidian University

The school’s predecessor was the Radio School of the Central Military Commission, which was born in Ruijin, Jiangxi Province in 1931. It has gone through many historical periods, such as the radio communication school of the Central Military Commission, the Telecommunications Engineering College of the North China military region, the Engineering School of the Chinese people’s Revolutionary Military Commission, and the Communication Engineering College of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army. Moved to Xi’an in 1958.

In 1966, it was changed into a local institution and renamed northwest Telecommunication Engineering College; In 1988, it was renamed Xi’an University of Electronic Science and technology. The school has been subordinate to the Central Military Commission, the Commission of science and industry for national defense, the six machine department, the four machine department, the Ministry of electronic industry, the Ministry of machinery and electronics, and the Ministry of information industry. In 2000, it was transferred to the Ministry of education for management.

As of June 2022, the university has 18 colleges and 65 undergraduate majors, covering 8 university disciplines such as engineering, science, management, literature and economics.

Education Achivements and Rankings

As of March 2021, the university has two national “double first-class” key construction disciplines, two national first-class key disciplines (covering 6 second-class disciplines), one national second-class key discipline, 34 provincial and ministerial key disciplines, 14 first-class disciplines with doctoral degree authorization, 26 first-class disciplines with master’s degree authorization, with engineering doctoral degree authorization, 17 master’s degree authorization points, and 9 post doctoral research mobile stations.

As of March 2021, the school has created many firsts in the field of electronics and information technology in China, including the first meteorological radar, the first meteor trail communication system, the first programmable radar signal processor, the first millimeter wave communicator, and the first “plug wire telegraph interchanger”, the first “tower tube cavity oscillator”, the first “three coordinate phased array radar” in the history of communication equipment of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army, It has made important contributions to China’s informatization and national defense modernization.

As of 2021, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranked Xidian University 801th-900th in the world and 38th in China & the Asia-Pacific.

The U.S. News & World Report ranked Xidian University 729th in the world.

QS World University Rankings ranked Xidian University 801th-1000th in the world.

It has made fruitful achievements in cognitive radar, mobile communication, network information security, high-power microwave integrated devices, intelligent computing, electromechanical coupling of large antennas, etc. since 2012, the school has won 21 national science and technology awards.

Famous Alumni

In the past century, Xidian University has had a large number of outstanding alumni,Liu Chuanzhi 柳传志once served as the director of the Institute of computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lenovo holdings, one of the founders of Lenovo Group, and honorary professor of Xi’an University of Electronic Science and technology. Based on China’s local market, Liu Chuanzhi vigorously developed national brands and continued to reform and innovate. In 1984, he founded Lenovo company, winning the competition with international PC giants, driving the innovative development of national information technology enterprises, promoting the transformation of a series of scientific and technological achievements and the cultivation of management talents in many scientific and technological enterprises.

Li Mofang李默芳 has been the chief engineer of China Mobile Communications Corporation for a long time, and now he is the director of China Mobile Technology Advisory Committee. She is the only woman among the six top leadership members of China Mobile Communications Corporation and the technology leader of the world’s largest mobile operator with 780million users.

Graduated from northwest Telecommunication Engineering College (now Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology) in September 1969, he used to be the director and chief engineer of the wireless room of the transmission Institute of the Ministry of Posts and telecommunications, the chief engineer of the mobile communication bureau of the Ministry of Posts and telecommunications, and now he is a member of the Party group, the chief engineer and the Minister of the Technology Department of China Mobile Corporation, responsible for the technical research and management of the group, He was awarded the World Telecommunication Organization outstanding contribution award (GSM Award) for his outstanding contribution to the telecommunications industry.

Wang Zhonglin王中林 is a scientist with important academic influence in the field of international nanotechnology. His research is original, forward-looking and leading. His Chinese and English works have played a positive role in promoting the development of nanotechnology and education.

Xidian University

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