Wine Mad酒狂

Let’s get drunk in the troubled times of Wei and Jin Dynasties


Chinese Name: 酒狂

English Name: Jiu Kuang, Wine Mad

Composer: Ruan Ji阮籍

Wine Mad酒狂
Wine Mad -Jiu Kuang-酒狂

Wine Mad酒狂, Guqin music. It is said that it was written by Ruan Ji, one of the Seven Sages in the Bamboo Grove (竹林七贤)during the Three Kingdoms period. As for the background of this song, Ruan Ji, a scholar-official, felt deeply at odds with the times because of the fatuous and dark government at that time. In order to avoid disaster, he lived in seclusion in the mountains and forests, played the Guqin and sung poetry, drank and had fun, so as to forget his worries.

Story of Wine Mad

This song originated from the magic secret Manual of the Ming Dynasty (1425). Ruan Ji lived in the early Wei and Jin Dynasties and once served as an official of the imperial court. Politically, he had the original ambition to help the world, but after the death of Cao Rui, Emperor Wei Ming, there was unrest in the DPRK and the political situation was very dangerous, so he had to give up. Therefore, most of Ruan Ji’s poems are obscure and tortuous, and pour out their sadness through nature.

Wine Mad酒狂
Ruan Ji

Mr. Yao Bingyan, a Guqin player, arranged the score based on the magic secret score and with reference to the Xilu Tang Qin Tong, and processed the music into a rare 6 / 8 beat in guqin music. Because the weak beat often has heavy bass or long sound, it causes the instability of music and shows the look of people staggering after being drunk. At the same time, he does not focus on the expression of the surface madness, but through the description of the chaotic mood to vent the accumulated injustice in his heart. The music is implicit and profound.

Wine Mad酒狂
Yao Bingyan(Center)

A Version of Wine Mad

Wine Mad By Guqin Master Zhang Ziqian

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