Expat lawyer gives thumbs-up to Qianhai business environment since 2015

KAZAKHSTAN lawyer Kumbayeva Aigerim said she was deeply impressed by Qianhai business environment while she was explaining business registration policies to her foreign clients in 2017, adding that with the issuance of Qianhai’s new development plan, there is no doubt this will continue to improve.

Aigerim has been living in China for 10 years, and she started working in Shenzhen at the Sincere Qianhai Law Offices in 2015.

Expat lawyer gives thumbs-up to Qianhai business environment since 2015

“We like Qianhai business environment”

“We had two clients from Russia and Ukraine who came to our law offices for consultation on establishing their businesses in Qianhai. My Chinese colleagues and I worked on researching the policies and answering their inquiries in two languages. I found out that it’s faster and easier for businesses to register and get established in Qianhai than other places. In addition, there’s zero value added tax treatment for companies engaged in some specific industries. So, there are more opportunities and preferences for those industries in Qianhai,” she said.

Currently, Aigerim’s law firm is organizing all its staff to study the new Qianhai development plan.

“When I read the key points and highlights of this new plan, I think this is a great opportunity for cross-border legal services. As this new policy highlights collaboration with other countries, I think it will attract more foreign investors in the future, who might need some specialists who speak Chinese, English and other languages for legal professional services. And this will strengthen our ability to provide the services,” she added.

Aigerim is also a foreign mediator invited by both the Qianhai Cooperation Zone People’s Court and the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court.

“We always have foreign clients who come to Qianhai or Shenzhen to invest. So, we can be sort of a bridge between Qianhai and all of these countries because they may need someone who can speak both Chinese and English, and mediate in both languages, which will be more effective,” she noted.

Aigerim also mentioned that the plan envisages a new committee to ensure fair competition among all investors. 

“In case of some legal issues that need to be resolved, the best way is to go through mediation before court proceedings. I think that is the main goal to organize this committee, where professional mediators can help resolve disputes more effectively,” she said.

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